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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mile High Club

So I was forewarned by many to be prepared for the Mile High comments I was going to get with my sexy pilot costume. I only got one, and it was from a friend in fun. Unfortunately, there wasn't a huge group of hot guys to pick from. J got hit on though. Her face was painted and she was dressed up as Ziggy Stardust. (I know, you're jealous I have such cool friends.)

Anyway, this really weird dude actually comes up to her and hits on her, claiming to know her brother really well. She knew that was a lie since he called him by the wrong name! He had a hilarious line though... "you look like a girl I used to date, what was your name again?" But bless her heart she was nice. I told her if she'd just been a bitch he'd have left her alone!

So here's what happens when you live in a small town and you're running out of dating options. You start to look at people you aren't really interested in and think... I wonder what they would be like. There is this guy. Geeky little guy, super quiet, and not really all that attractive. Granted, he's not butt ugly, but still.

So a few weeks ago I got very, very wasted and mentioned to J that I wanted sex so bad, I'd even considered him. She looked at me wide-eyed and said, "You don't want that." I laughed, of course I didn't. She was right. Then the other night I'm watching him play guitar and I'm thinking... I don't know. Maybe he's and animal in the sack? I said as much to J, then she's thinking I have a crush. Honestly, the minute she suggested it, it was like cold water. I definitely didn't have a crush on this kid. The problem is I have just been going crazy! I'm re-considering people I've already dismissed simply because I'm soo tired of waiting to find someone better. It's bad I know.

Then last night, I talk to this guy I met online. Now, I'm not shallow. I swear I'm not. But It wasn't until after I had started a dialogue with this guy that I realized he was short.. like maybe my height? And that was if he didn't pad his height with a few inches like most guys. So I promised J I wouldn't let that affect me, and I kept talking to him. I decided to let him call me.

Oh. My. God. I will never get back that thirty minutes of my life. I didn't get to do very much talking. He was talking so fast, and it was obvious that he was nervous, and jittery. Which could have been cute, except he just kept rambling and rambling.

He talked about how much he made, he talked about politics, and then talked about how he thought they should legalize marijuana.

He also rambled on about a lot of things I had to tune out. I simply couldn't catch it all. He was talking so fast. So yeah, I think I've dismissed him before I met him. I have discerning taste. (Don't call me picky!) Besides I'm in conversation with another guy who uses proper grammar. Maybe that one will turn out better!

I have some product reviews I'm working on :) Looking forward to a weekend with my new playthings!

BTW did you catch me at Nanny's spot yesterday? I talked about the Bachelorette Party. Miss C is interviewing her today at Bad Girl Bloggers too! Go check her out!

Another side note, I changed my button, you like?


So switch it out for me, would you darlin's? I like this one better, and I actually bought the image so I don't have to worry whether or not 'free' meant 'free' because, well, I paid, haha. I worry about shit like that, what can I say?


Nanny said...

Love the new button, very nice.

Red Shoes said...

The women who have come to know me as a professor and all of that shiznit... and with whom I later had sex... were all surprised!! They said that they had no idea that who I was as a prof could transform into what I became later... ;o)

Just sayin'...


badsoutherngirl said...

Love the new button. Sorry I missed the story last week, NaNoWriMo has me tied in knots this month... LOL!