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Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's too much!

Imagine me dramatically throwing my hand against my forehead and fainting to the floor. Why? Because I am overwhelmed with everything I'm trying to do right now! I am super excited about all of the things I've gotten into. Reviews, Bad Girl Bloggers, running contests and hosting memes. Of course I've still got a full time job, full social life and this new boy too. I just had no idea how much I'd piled on here.

I"m not quitting or anything. I still want to do it all. But I'm going to have to work on my time management. Blogging is starting to be a part-time endeavor for me. I do enjoy it, it gives me an outlet for my writing and getting to know some of my new friends on here has been awesome! But ya know, the full-time gig pays the bills :-P

I've got a few product reviews to post over the next few days and as soon as Thanksgiving is over I'll start the new contest!

Speaking of contests, don't forget to vote! The poll is in the sidebar and the entries are HERE.

So just realize that I am shifting and changing things around some. I will probably not be doing Sexy Saturday Reads anymore. I'm not sure anyone really cared all that much anyway, and I just don't have time for it.

Also, if you keep up with Mondays with Missie there is going to be some fun shifting going on there too. Gina is going to step into the spotlight for a while so Missie can explore couple territory with Mike. So when you don't see Mondays with Missie this coming week, don't get your panties in a twist!


Just Jen said...

Sometimes you have to step back and take a look at things. If I don't get a post up one day, I don't stress about it. One thing that has been helping me, though, is getting a few days worth of posts ready and saved so they auto post. Good luck!

Ladii Aponte said...

lol Im the same way. I catch myself scheduling posts so i can get them up because i know I wont have enough time!

and i wont give up time with my loves for blogging but when he has play time and he doesnt need me i get online or when hes asleep! just make sure you dont leave!

Cant wait till the next contest!

Lucid Obsession said...

I love to schedule my posts! I can get stuff done in my free time and not worry about it. I also run several post series, but I do them when I can, since it's a lot to do and I do a TON of reviews. Don't stress yourself out over it :)

SB said...

i sooo agree with you. it is all just too much sometimes. that's why i dont commit to too much because i dont want to feel bad if it doesnt get done. good luck with your managing lol i think we are about due for a post about your new boy ;p