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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there?

When I look at the contest page there are so many comments promising stories, but I've only got one! Why?! I panicked last time and you all came through, so is that what is happening this time? Will I get like five entries today? You know I don't want to seem uncool and panic, but come on guys? I think maybe next time I'll offer gifts and searcys for people who enter in the first week, haha.


So give me your story already!!

In other news, thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Erotic Toys and Stories contest. My story won! I'm not going to pretend it was for any reason other than Nandi's solicitation of votes for me :) But I'm excited to have won something none the less!!

My second article on Eden Cafe went up today. It was another commentary on the men that seem to be overtaking the dating pool.

Have you guys heard of NaMoWriMo? I didn't know what it was until today. I wish I'd seen it earlier to try and get in on it. Though I have to say I guess I need the time to work on my already-in-progress work.
I wish I had more for you right now. I know this isn't much of a post. More like random thoughts collected to waste five minutes of your life. Sorry.... nah, I'm not really. Maybe I'll have something good for you later on... another Fairy Tale maybe? We'll see.


Boobies said...

I'm not at all surprised you won! You're writing is amazing!

Christy said...

I will try to do better. I haven't been commenting on too many lately. It's no excuse I know, but school has been kicking my butt. I am sorry.

Sexxxay said...

I love NaNoWriMo but I have never been able to finish 50k words in a month, EVER!