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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fuck You Friday and Stolen Cars

Alright guys it's time for Fuck You Friday! Brought to us by Boobies, Babies and A Blog, and My Mad Mind.

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Fuck the guy who stole my friend's car last night. You know the band I'm always writing about? Well the lead singer, and my best friend's brother, had his car stolen last night with a lot of really expensive stuff inside. I think he wins the 'who had the worst week' award.

Fuck my feet. Weird I know but the little bastards have been hurting bad the past couple of days and I haven't even been on them all that much.

Fuck paperwork. I'm soo behind. I wish I had two or three uninterrupted hours to clear my desk of the mountains of paperwork.

Fuck the crazy kid that wasted 30 minutes of my life on the phone the other night. Dude! Get off the pot and get some Aderol!

Alright, I'm done. Today is the last day for the Scandalous Fairy Tales Contest and I'm done begging. Did you people forget that there is a free Massager involved in this contest? I mean, we've got two entries, you're chances are pretty decent. So write something and link it the fuck up ok?! Ok :)

So, Just Jen has taken over Blog Stalk Friday. I imagine that perhaps BSF with CB will be changing to BSF with Jen?? Don't really know yet. But I'm linking up! Slut code: CB lovin'

That's right bitches there is a slut code, read the damn guidelines before you link up alright? Save everyone the trouble of bitching you out/ making fun of you... On second thought link-up. Let us get sick pleasure from your dumb asses ;)


Christy said...

I've never had a car stolen but I've had one broken into. NOT FUN! It's a serious violation of personal space.

Thanks for linking up with us and letting your fawks fly!

Just Jen said...

Thanks for linking up with me at BSF. I'm not sure how CB is going to change the button, but IMHO I want it to still have her name on it.

Hopefully, the word will get around that I'm hosting it, so it doesn't die.

♥ your face, bitch!

Ladii Aponte said...

Thought about writing One Lol based on My Halloween outfit Lol SNOW WHITE since the mr and his little perverted puertorican mind was all over me I was thinking of maybe switching Up snow WHites Story like you did with Rupunzels WHich i LOVED by the way... but your sory was awsome and well it intimidated me! Damn you and your awsome writing skills!

Boobies said...

Okay..getting a car stolen trumps all fawk yous for my week for sure..that really sucks!

I totally want to get in on the Scandalous Fairy Tales Contest..but after reading your FANTASTIC writing, I'd be embarrassed to submit anything!

I didn't know CB's blog stalk was still going on?? Where the hell have I been?