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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flashers! Week One

Bellani pushed her black rimmed glasses a little farther up her nose as she walked down the corridor. Her lit professor helped her get this appointment with the collector. Along with all he'd collected he'd gleaned knowledge of the period and she thought that someone who studies for pleasure would have more interesting information than the testbooks she'd studied.

She wanted to wow with her presentation, not merely pass. She was ready to get noticed within the department. She only had a year and a half left and if she wanted to get a TA position in grad school she needed to make herself desirable now.

She heard a noise behind her and turned to take in the middle-aged collector. He was younger than she expected, with a strong presence. He had a hard set to his jaw and his dark hair was lightly peppered with gray around the edges.

He wore black with a patterned vest and twirled wire-rimmed glasses in his hands. His skin was dark, the color coffee with milk. Bellani smiled, shifting her bag on her shoulder. A flush crept over her five foot frame and she took a few steps toward him. Her blonde hair fell across her face and she lifted a hand to bursh it away.

"Hello." He extended his large hand, enveloping her delicate fingers in his handshake. Bellanie could feel the heat in her cheeks.

"Thank you for seeing me." She smiled and followed him into the study. He motioned towards a large armchair near his desk. She sat and glanced around the room, taking in the antiques. The lighting was dim, and the lamp light shone against the cherry wooden furniture giving the room a red glow. On the wall centered behind his desk was a large painting, spotlighted from above. A pale winged woman hovering above a man whose skin was the color of baked clay. He was touching her, but he wasn't quite holding her.

"I'm not familiar with this painting." She gestured. When her gaze met his he was studying her face. "It's not a period painting. It's just one that I feel best represents."

Bellani waited for him to finish his sentence and then realized that he had. Best represented what? She wanted to ask.

Studying the painting again she noticed that while the woman was more delicate and pale in comparison to the man, she seemed to be in control of this erotic encounter. She felt her sex clench and moisture gather in response to the painting. She turned again to find the collector staring at her with a heated gaze.

Then she understood. She smiled and stood. Then motioned for him to have a seat.

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