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Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashers Week Two

She was exhausted. Lighting her cigarette she fell to the sofa. She settled in with her thoughts, accepting the inevitable. Her relationship with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome just wasn't what it used to be. In the beginning he used his status and wealth to take her to exciting places and they made love every chance they got. Now she was his arm candy for work functions and boring charity events. Sure, it was elegant, but not exactly exciting.

He talked about all of the exciting places he wanted to take her, and all of the exotic vacations he wanted to plan, but it had been eight months since they'd done anything exciting. Their sex life had dwindled to nearly nothing. After forcing smiles and meeting boring people they were both too tired. He'd expected her to go home with him tonight, but he'd been talking about how tired he was and she told him just to drop her off at home. He'd seemed surprised. Her small apartment was nothing compared to his grand home, but it was hers. She could be alone here. She could smoke here.

Taking another draw off her cigarette she trailed her hand down the skirt of her dress. It was made from such exquisite material. If she ended things with him she'd be giving up so many luxuries, but were the luxuries worth the routine that their lives had become? She put out the cigarette against the hardwood floor. When she cleaned it tomorrow it wouldn't be noticeable. He would have been disgusted by the action. She closed her eyes and rolled to face the back of the sofa. She'd come to terms with her decision. This adventure had run it's course. Tomorrow she would pack and gather all of the gifts he'd given her. It was time for a new name, a new town, and a new man.



The Invisible Seductress said...

Very good decision... Being freed is priceless... ;}

Nanny said...

Nice. Kinda makes me want to know more.

EnVii said...

you have an award on my post hun