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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexy Saturday Read

I know, I know. It's Sunday. But I finished reading it yesterday so it's still a Sexy Saturday Read. I want to give you a little background on how I came to pick this book this week. I found Shiloh Walker by mistake about a year ago. You see, I'm not normally big on paranormal romance. I just can't get into vampires and werewolves. I had this one anthology from Ellora's Cave, Doing it the Hard Way, and one of the stories was by Shiloh Walker. It was paranormal, but not in the cheesy way that the over saturated vampire industry is. (My opinion)

So when the release of Ms. Walker's First Book of Grimm coincided with The Scandalous Fairy Tale Contest, I thought it would be a good book to read. Not to mention that buying this book entered me in a drawing for a Nook. (Ya'll know I'd love a Nook) This blog post isn't going to help me win that though, I just wanted to write about it. 

The First Book of Grimm
(back cover)

Once upon a mission...

Candy Houses
Now that Greta is a Grimm- guardian angel and official paranormal ass-kicker- romance is hard to find. There's only one man who makes her heart race, a fact that scared her right out of his arms. But now she needs a hand.

The last woman Rip expected to see on this dangerous mission is the one who rejected his love. Faced with a danger neither of them saw coming, the question is which is the greater danger- the one threatening their lives, or their hearts?

No Prince Charming
With days spent trolling for demons and nights with a sometime liver, Elle thinks shes finally gotten over her so-called Prince Charming. But now, on the eve of her most dangerous mission, he's back- the man who broke her heart.

Michael jumped at the chance to become a Grimm, though he knew Elle would never forgive him. it looks like she's doing just fine without him, but he's ready to use every weapon in his not-so-charming arsenal to ave her, if necessary. Kill for her, live for her, dies for her...

Warning: Dark, sexy, a little bit scary- these twisted fairy tales are only for grownups and are best saved for bedtime.

Ok, so this book far exceeded my expectations. The idea is that Grimms are essentially guardian angels, keeping the world safe from demons that seek to possess and infiltrate society. The Grimms themselves are humans that have been more or less made immortal by choosing to become Grimms and protectors of the innocent. The stories of their lives prior to becoming Grimms have been turned into what we now refer to as Fairy Tales.

In the first story, Candy Houses we meet Greta and Rip. Greta, as in Hansel and Gretal, and Rip, as in Rip Van Winkle. Only there was no house made of gingerbread, and Hans was actually a sadistic asshole. Rip didn't sleep for years out of laziness though. He was hypnotized to keep him from taking revenge against a cheating wife and best friend. The two are assigned to work a case together where they most battle against a fellow Grimm who has lost sight of her purpose.

The second story, No Prince Charming, features Elle, Ren, and Michael. After hearing Elle's story of lost love with her sister's fiance, Prince Michael, it's hard to see how anyone spun such a  pretty story. Hundreds of years after Elle ran away from the man she'd loved because he was betrothed to her sister, Elle runs into Michael again. This time they are working together. Elle has been in a casual but hot sexual relationship with Ren, another Grimm. The three of them work together to defeat a group of succubi and inccubi demons that have infiltrated a sex club. Needless to say this story is hot. From the passionate reunion of Elle and Michael to the nights of fantasy between Elle and the two men who love her infinitely, the sex is hot.

Like I said, I usually don't like paranormal, but Shiloh Walker does a good job of staying on this side of cheesy, twisting the tales with paranormal elements and also with our reality. She does a great job drawing the reader in and making it easy to follow the inner workings of a world that we don't entirely understand. I really liked it, and I'm looking forward to the stories that are still coming out in this series. Tarnished Knight is out in ebook format now, and don't you know that if I win that nook it will be the first book I download :)

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys erotic romance. This book has actually convinced me to give paranormal a try. Though I don't have high hopes that I'll ever become a vampire lover.

You can find more of Shiloh Walker HERE. Click HERE for a listing of all her works and links for purchase.

Another reminder that I'm still waiting for some of your twisted erotic fairy tales! Enter the Scandalous Fairy Tale Contest for a chance to win a Mini Fairy Wand Massager and your own copy of Fairy Tale Lust, edited by Kristina Wright.

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