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Monday, October 18, 2010

Scandalous Fairy Tales

Remember the Scandalous Lipstick Shorts? Wasn't that fun!? Blossom got herself all kinds of goodies for winning that one, and I had fun running a contest, so guess what? I'm running another one!


That's right! I want your Scandalous and Twisted Fairy Tales! You can make up a new tale that we've never heard or give a sexy, naughty twist to one that we "think" we already know. I'm excited about the possibilities here. Giving credit where credit is due,\; while trying to think of a new theme, Nandi posted about her love of twisted Fairy Tales and it got my wheels spinning.

I'm going to give some rules though, because as I go out and about in blog world I see things that don't sit well with me, and since this is my blog and my contest, here they are.

1) NO rape fantasies.
2) NO humiliation. D/S is totally cool as long as both parties are willing participants. There will be no beating victims into submission.
3) NO "Golden Showers" or anything like that. I haven't seen it yet, but everyone else has it as a rule so I figure better safe than sorry.

That's really all I have there. I want people to write what appeals to them, but some things just make my skin crawl.

You want to know about prizes don't you? Well, *grins* get excited. Because I am giving away a Fairy Wand Mini Massager provided by my friends at edenfantasys and a copy of Fairy Tale Lust, edited by Kristina Wright, provided by me (cause I'm cool like that).

Check out Nandi's review HERE

So to enter the contest, post your entry to your blog, or e-mail it to me in a word document for anonymous entries, and post the button with your entry. Then link up the post (make sure to use the URL for your post and not your main blog) so that people can read all the entries when it's time to vote!

The contest will be open for entries now through November 5th at 11:59pm EST. 

Happy Writing!


The Bipolar Diva said...

Great idea! I need to get thinking!

Copyboy said...

I'll have to kick-start the erotic portion of my brain. Great contest idea!!!

Nanny said...

I meant to comment yesterday but got sidetrack. Great idea, glad I could help. As much as I want that massager, I probably won't enter this one, since I already have a copy of the book. I will read and vote though.

Sexxxay said...

I know you said "fairy tale" but can it be a short story or poem that's not necessarily categorized as a fairy tale?

Gucci Mama said...

I'm in! Such a fabulous idea!

Just Jen said...

Awesome idea! I will be emailing you my entry very soon!!

Nanny said...

Um Yeah I got Bored and horney (can't take care of it right now) and well I write when this happens so I figured I'd enter and maybe get the ball rolling so to speak.