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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scandalous Fairy Tales: Rapunzel

So per usual, even though I can't win my own contest, I have to write a story. Otherwise it wouldn't be much fun for me! :) I looked through several fairy tales and I will have you know that some of them are incredibly morbid! Have you ever heard of The Red Shoes? Oh my gosh! Or The Armless Maiden? I mean come on! What's the deal with cutting of body parts story tellers? While browsing I noticed that I might not have to do much twisting for my story. It turns out that Rapunzel was pretty scandalous! She had something going on up in that tower, because when the prince (at that point blind) found Rapunzel in the forest, she'd given birth to twins! So here's my sexy tale....

Rapunzel's Midnight Visitor

"Please let me cut my hair! It's so heavy!" Rapunzel complained to her mother. Why she had to stay cooped up in the dusty tower all the time was beyond her, but not being allowed to cut her hair? She had constant migraines, and the dim light didn't help. Her mother was tugging that brush through the knots, and not gently either.

"Would you stop complaining? You're hair is beautiful. Besides," she continued, "How would I climb up here if we cut your hair."

Rapunzel winced at a particularly tangled knot. Well here's an idea mother, maybe I could live in a house like normal people instead of being stuck up in this dismal tower all day. Rapunzel sighed. It was a pointless argument. She'd loved their little home in her childhood, lots of room to run and play, then she kissed the neighbor boy and her mother freaked out and locked her up here.

She didn't buy the story that the staircase had magically disappeared either. Her bitch of a mother probably took a hatchet to them when she left that first day. She'd love to refuse to let her mother climb up expect then she would starve to death. Unless she jumped out of the window which would also likely lead to a painful death, or at least leave her injured with no access to a doctor.

So she resigned herself to her fate and stayed quiet while her mother jerked the comb through her hair and prattled on about her day and all the gossip in town. She insisted on telling Rapunzel about all that she was missing. It was bad enough that she kept her locked up here and forced her to knit blankets and sweaters that she then sold in town, but she insisted on telling her all about the comings and goings of people she couldn't meet.

She nodded and smiled. She'd gone through a period of about a year that if she talked back her mother would only bring her foods she didn't like, no sweets, and no cheeses. It was easier to pretend to be polite for an hour or so a day than to go without decent food. When her mother finally left she went to her corner and laid back against the pillows near the window. It helped to relax her head against something.

She loved to read, but she only had two books that she'd managed to hide away when her mother packed her up to bring her here. One was a history book, and she could only read history so many times. She could likely teach history by this point. The other she saved for dusk and read by candlelight. She'd seen the book at the back of a playmate's mother's bookshelf when she was young, and the artwork, a man and a woman in an embrace, compelled her to take it.

Her mother would be disgraced if she knew that Rapunzel read that book over and over. She dreamed that one day she would get away from this place a meet a man like the one in her book. A passionate lover who would bring her pleasure, and never disparage her.

That was just a dream though. Closing her eyes she started singing. She'd had the same song in her head for ten years now. It was the last tune she'd heard before being locked away. The only music she heard now was the birds outside her window, and the crickets at night. If she was singing it kept her from thinking about how long she'd been here, and how long she'd likely stay here. She felt like she was going crazy sometimes.

The sun started to set and she heard something outside the window. She lifted herself onto her knees to look out. The glare from the sun made it hard to see, but she could make out a person down below, far to tall to be her mother. At first she was nervous, then realized that if she couldn't get down, they certainly couldn't get up.

Then she heard him, "Rapunzel?" He called out. She stepped away from the window. How did he know her name? She thought. Did her mother send him? She walked back to the window and looked out. She could see him a little better now. He didn't look like a threat. In fact he looked young, and quite handsome.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Micheal. May I come up?" He shielded his eyes from the sun.

"There are no stairs. What do you want?" Rapunzel's heart was racing. It had been so long since she'd seen anyone, much less a handsome man.

"I simply want to speak to you. Let down your hair." Rapunzel thought about his request, and decided that she didn't think he intended to harm her. She gathered up the mass of her tresses and lowered them down the tower, wrapping it around a large post to brace herself against the weight.

She was surprised to find that the young man was much quicker and lighter than her mother. When he got to the top he shifted his weight to the windowsill and didn't need her help to pull himself through the open window. When he stood before her he simply stared for a moment.

"You are gorgeous." He said smiling. Not sure how to respond Rapunzel murmured a soft thank you as she pulled her hair back inside the tower.

Once she'd pulled all of her hair inside she held it in her arms.

"Doesn't it get heavy?" He asked motioning towards the mass of her hair.

"Yes," she sighed, "but it's the only way in or out. Do you mind if we sit?' She motioned towards the pillows propped against the wall and he quickly agreed, helping her avoid sitting on her tresses.

"Thank you." She studied his face, certain that she was somehow being rude, but not finding the energy to care. Being locked inside all day could do that to you. He didn't seem to mind though, because his gaze studied her as well.

"How long have you been up here?" He asked. She lowered her face.

"Ten years or so. Mother said my birthday was last week. I was twenty-four." He didn't ask anymore questions, and she was grateful. They talked about the beautiful weather, their favorite seasons, and favorite childhood games. When it got very dark she let her hair down so he could climb down.

"Can I come see you again?" He asked.

"Please do." She smiled. he kissed her cheek and then climbed back down the side of the tower.

The next week went on like this. Rapunzel's days went by quicker knowing that her visits with Micheal would come. The second night he asked to kiss her. She of course said yes, always wanting to know the passionate kisses she found in the pages of her book. Each night he showed her more affection, and each night it was harder to let him go.

One evening Rapunzel waited by the window in anticipation, but Michael didn't come. She waited until dark, but there was still no sign of him. She was afraid that her mother might have discovered him, or worse that he was bored with her, and she cried herself to sleep.

Late in the night she awoke to a rustling outside, and someone calling out her name. She awoke confused but went to the window to see. Michael was below and he carried a sack on his back.

Rapunzel quickly gathered her hair and lowered it from the window. She braced against the wall and swiped at her smudged cheeks. When Michael came through the window he sat the sack on the floor and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply.

Rapunzel sighed and relaxed into his kiss. He broke away long enough to pull her hair back inside the tower. When he turned to face her again he noticed the tears that stained her cheeks.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" He asked. She shook her head, but he pressed her.

"I didn't think you were coming." She whispered.

He sighed and pulled her into his arms, raining kisses across her forehead. "Of course, I was. I just had to wait until I knew I wouldn't be seen." He lowered himself to sit on the ground and pulled her hand so that she would do the same. He pulled the knapsack onto his lap and showed her the ladder that he'd fashioned.

"I want you to leave with me Rapunzel. I want you to marry me and be my wife." She looked at him with wide eyes, knowing how upset her mother would be, but she didn't care.

"I will!" She flung her arms around his neck and clung to him. He kissed her fervently and brought them to lay against her pillows. He ran his hands across her bodice, and filled his hands with the weight of her breasts. She could feel the length of his member against her thigh, long and hard. She reached for him with a hesitant hand, longing to touch that part of him.

When her hand came to rest there, so lightly, Michael groaned. Rolling her onto her back and pinning her with his thigh, his mouth came down to press against her neck, lightly nipping at her skin with his teeth. She gasped and her hand pressed more tightly against his rigid shaft.

She arched her neck, offering better access. He gladly accepted and his mouth traveled across her throat and neck, and the lowered to taste the creamy swell of her breasts. Rapunzel was so overtaken with sensation that she didn't think to object, not that she wanted to.

Micheal's hand reached around to loosen the ties of her dress and it slid lower on her shoulders. Rapunzel brought her hands to rest against his chest, feeling the muscles taut beneath his shirt. His large hands cradled her face for a long deep kiss, and his mouth stayed on hers as his hands slid lower, pulling the fabric of her dress away, exposing her breasts to his touch.

Rapunzel moaned and arched her back, pressing herself more firmly against his touch. Michael growled into her mouth and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. Her thighs fell to either side of his waist, and her dress was down around her waist. He slid her dress farther down until it was no longer between them. Lifting himself slightly he pulled his shirt over his head.

Rapunzel reached for him again, but her took her hands in his, kissing them, before draping them around his neck. He kissed her lips as he adjusted her over him. He lined his shaft up against the cleft of her womanhood. he could feel the wetness pooling in her sex, just as it did when she read her book.

He settled his hands low on her behind and pulled her against him. She could feel him throbbing through the layers of material, and she was so wet. Michael was still kissing her lightly, teasing her lips with little bites. He gripped her ass and slid her against him. She moaned as she felt the pressure against her throbbing sweet spot.

Michael relazed his grip allowing her to slid back down, and then again he gripped her, pulling her up against him. This time her hips bucked and Rapunzel had the idea. Catching more of her own weight on her knees, she began to move against him instinctively, allowing herself to enjoy the sensations and the pleasure they gave her.

Michael's hands still firmly gripped her ass as she she rode him. She could feel herself growing tight, and the pleasure was almost a sharp pain. Michael groaned and whispered, "That's it, go ahead." She kept grinding against him until she felt it. A burst of pleasure that made her cry out. Her heart was racing and her sex spasmed and she grew even more wet, if that were possible. She continued to rub against him as the pleasure subsided and it felt sensitive.

Michael kissed her lips, then along her hairline, murmuring to her as one would a skitish horse. He rolled her onto her back and onto the masses of her hair. Kissing across her neck again, he lowered his mouth to her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth and suckled. Rapunzel jerked at the unexpected sensation. He flattened his tongue against her and then moved to her other breast, showering it with the same attention.

He covered her waist with his hands, she could feel the roughness in his fingertips, and shivered beneath him. He slid his hands to remove her bloomers. Panic filled her for a moment, but something that felt this good couldn't be wrong. She shifted, allowing him to pull them away, and watched as he untied his own pants and pulled them away.

She couldn't help but stare as his cock fell free of the britches. He was large, or at least she imagined he was. She'd never seen another man, but they couldn't all be this big, the gorgeous. She reached for him, wanted to touch him. He laid next to her.

"Go ahead," he whispered into her ear. She reached down and pressed a hand to his thigh. He mimicked her action, laying a hand high upon her thigh, so close to where she was still wet.

She brought her hand closer to cover his erection, and felt the blood pumping through him. His hand cupped her mound and she exhaled deep. As she tightened her grip of his member, he increased the pressure of his touch.

Rapunzel closed her eyes and allowed herself to stroke the smooth skin of his cock, and he slid a finger between the wet folds of her pussy. She tightened her grip as he coated his finger in her juices and probed at her opening. They lay their touching each other for what seemed like ages, and she could feel her body tightening with pleasure again.

Michael moved his hand and took hers away from him. He came over her again, bracing his weight on his elbows, kissing her as his cock nudged her opening. She arched her back as he pressed against her, entering her slightly. She moaned, her body trembling. Michael spoke in soft tones. "It's ok, I'll be gentle."

He rocked into her a little deeper, and then placed a hand between them, rubbing at the sweet little nub, causing Rapunzel to buck against him. Taking him deeper. Her lady lips hugged the head of his cock as she rocked against him, taking him a little at a time, until she met resistance. She bit her lip as she looked up at him. He nodded and covered her mouth in a kiss as he quickly pushed past the barrier. Her cry was lost in the kiss, and once he was completely inside of her she relaxed, concentrating on the sensation of being filled. His hands stroked her arms, and then covered her breasts, playing with her nipples. When she began to writhe beneath him, he slid slowly out, and once again pushed inside of her.

Rapunzel hummed with pleasure and Michael began a slow steady rhythm with his thrusts. Rapunzel braced her hands on his shoulders as he increased his speed. He was so hard inside of her and so long. She heard his grunt, and a curse. Her mouth fell open, thinking she'd done something wrong.

"No baby," He said, "You're so beautiful." He reached a hand between them and tweaked her clit, causing her to squeal. He pressed against her working a rhythm there that matched his thrusts. She felt the tension again, and braced herself for the explosion. She came on a cry and felt Michael twitch inside of her, filling her with warmth, with his seed. They thrashed against each other in pleasure until the waves of orgasm subsided. Rapunzel lay there, unable to catch her breath as Michael smoothed his hands against her hair.

When it was nearly daylight they unwound the ladder and found it to be too short. Planning to come back the next night with more ladder Michael climbed down her hair.

When her mother came the next day Rapunzel did not stupidly tell her mother of her sweet lover, but a woman knows. She smelled of sex and the glow of her cheeks gave her away. Her mother cut off her hair and sent her away. Then lying in wait for Michael she bound Rapunzel's hair and lowered it down to him. By the time Michael could see that it was not his lover who waited for him it was too late. She tossed him from the tower and he fell into the briers, losing his sight.

We know the story, after wandering many years Michael found his Rapunzel and the beautiful twins that resulted from the beautiful night in the tower. She wept for her lover and her tears healed him.

And they lived sexily ever after....

Now it's your turn. Write your own sexy story and link up on the Contest Page. The winner will receive a copy of Fairy Tale Lust and a Mini Fairy Wand Massager.


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