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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oooo, Witchy Woman...

Bad Girl Bloggers ButtonSo it's Wicked Wednesday and it's all about the witches! In the interest of variety, CB has asked everyone to post about their favorite wicked Witch. I loved Disney cartoons as a kid and my favorite wicked bitch to hate was The Queen. You know they never even gave that bitch a name? All those years she was 'the fairest in the land' and she was just 'the Queen' like any other matriarch. No wonder she was so pissed.

Then of course, my favorite Bad-Ass Witches would be these three! Now before any one goes bashing on Shannon Daughtery or Rose McGowan I loved them both! I always wished that they'd bring Shannon back for a guest appearance the way they did the mom and grandmother. Anyway! As much as I loved Shannon, pictures from the early seasons just aren't as sexy and bad-ass as later ones :)

Moving right along to the Naughty List! I'm not making a list this week. You can take my word that I've been sufficiently naughty though ;)

1. Have you ever walked in on a family member in a sexual moment?
Not a family member. J and I came home one day and the bitch and her brother had been going at it on the sofa. That's just what you want to see coming home from work, the frantic clothing scramble.
2. Have you ever lied to a significant other?
It's been a while but I'm pretty positive I did. White lies to keep him from being hurt or upset, but lies nonetheless.
3. Have you ever done the deed with your child (or someone else who was oblivious) in the same room?
Haha, not, not to this point. Though I did do several things that one weekend we went to the mountains with  T's family and they never noticed.
4. Have you ever not tipped a service person (IE manicurist, waiter, caddy, valet, stripper) for a really stupid reason? (IE Too broke to tip, didn't like how they said hello)
Actually yes. The last tattoo I got. He charged me a crazy amount of money and then was weird about how I could pay him. Couldn't leave the tip on the card? If you have a card machine, then I can leave a tip on the card. I didn't have cash, he didn't get a tip. Felt a little bad cause he did a good job, but oh well.
5. Have you ever used your womanly body parts to get you something, or get you out of something?
Hahaha, have you seen these boobs? Of course I have :)

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Guilty of Gossip said...

i loveeeee Charmed!

aims said...

the snow white queen! she's who i picked too!!

Nandi "Nanny" Berry said...

Didn't they do one w/ Rose and Shannon coulda swore I saw something. Anyway I picked the evil queen too.

Daisygirl said...

oh how could I forget charmed!!!

OH I use my body parts all the time to get what I want...I say why not!

Happy Hump Day Girl!

Crazy Brunette said...

Right??? Is Shannen not just the most fucking badass bitch of them all???

Fucking LOVE her!

JoAnna said...

Charmed is awesome...love it!!
New follower here
Happy Hump Day!