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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metallic Seduction

Trae sipped his $2.50 draft special as he watched the other patrons. He was sitting in the lobby bar at one of the nicest hotels in the area. His buddy Jax was working as waitstaff for a wedding so he thought he'd have a drink here while he waited on him. Then they'd hit up a sports bar and he'd crash on his couch. He would normally stay at home and drink his beer in front of the TV, but his roommate was having his girlfriend over and Trae would prefer not to listen through the walls like a perv while they pounded it out.

Trae lifted the beer to his lips and noticed a redhead come into the room and head straight for the bartender. She had a glint of determination in her eyes. At first Trae thought she was about to let him have it, but when she got to the bar she simply asked for a drink.

He watched as she shifted her weight to one foot and sat her wallet-sized zebra purse on the bar. She smoothed her hands down the front of her black dress, though it was too tight to have possibly shifted out of place. Her deep red curls fell over her bare shoulders and he followed the line of her back down to a nice round ass and long, long legs. She wore what had to be five inch heels that reflected the light.

When his gaze came back up he found that he'd been caught. She pursed her red lips in consideration and lifted an eyebrow. Usually quick on his feet Trae lifted a chin in acknowledgment.

"I was noticing your shoes." He lied, glancing down to catch another glimpse of the glittery metallic shoes with a red sole.

She walked toward him, drink in hand and took a bar stool next to him. "So you're gay?" she asked with a smirk.

He laughed and lifted his glass. "Good one, but no," he casually drank his beer before answering. "My sister has been going crazy about the expensive shoes with the red soles, this is the first time I've actually seen someone wearing them."

She lifted her foot to glance at her own shoes, giving Trae a nice view of her calf muscle as it flexed beneath her pale skin. She nodded, seeming to except his explanation, or perhaps just admiring his ability to lie.

"Special gift, for the sister of the bride." She said dryly before sipping the red wine she'd gotten from the bartender. He noted the large green stone she wore on her left hand. It was bold and looked expensive. Come to think of it, everything she wore looked expensive. Large sparkly stones fell from her earlobes in settings that looked as though they could be antiques. Equally sparkling bracelets were piled on her arm. If this was what the sister of the bride wore, he'd hate to see the bill for that wedding.

"Sister of the bride, huh? Must be a happy day." Trae commented. She didn't even turn to look at him, simply gave a half laugh as she nodded her head to one side. She took another sip of her wine before turning to face him again.

"I'm Mackenzie." she said.

"Trae." He answered extending a hand. She placed her manicured hand in his and her bangles clinked against one another as she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Trae. So what brings you here tonight?" She smiled. Trae noticed Jax walk in the double doors entering the bar, and swiftly turn around when he saw Trae talking with the gorgeous redhead.

"Waiting on you it seems." He smiled a lazy smile and again drank his beer. Mackenzie laughed.

"Now that was line." She sipped on her wine and grinned.


This character was lying though his teeth. He'd been checking out her ass and she knew it. Hell, he probably didn't even have a sister.

"So your big sister is married?" He asked. Mackenzie tried not to smile.

"Actually it's my baby sister. I'm the oldest of five, and the last single woman standing." She licked her lips before taking another sip of her wine. He was cute. A little rough around the edges maybe, but she didn't mind rough.

"Why is it," he asked, "that a gorgeous woman like yourself hasn't been snatched up yet?"

"It's a little known secret." Mackenzie acted as though she was looking around then cocked her head motioning for him to come closer. He leaned in and Mackenzie whispered in his ear. "Because sex with strangers is too good to give up."

Trae nodded and leaned back. He turned his beer up and swiftly finished the contents. Mackenzie was impressed that his eyes had not bulged out of his head, even though his head was starting to bulge in his pants.

He drained the contents of the glass and Mackenzie calmly sipped on her wine.

"So," Trae stammered, "Are you staying here? Or do you live around here?" Mackenzie laughed and took a final sip of her wine, leaving only a small amount in the glass. She stood and cocked her head.

"Let's go."


Trae usually prided himself on keeping his cool, but it was taking some effort not to trip over his own feet as he followed Mackenzie from the bar. Her heels clicked across the tiled floor of the lobby and he found himself watching her ass again as she walked in front of him.

She led him down a small hallway to the elevators. Pressing the button she propped a hip against the wall. her gaze studied him openly, so he made no effort to hide his own appraisal. She had perky breast that just filled out the top of her dress, and while she had fair skin, there were no obvious freckles.

She crossed her ankles and again his eyes were drawn to the sparkly heels that she wore. She straightened and he took a step toward her just as the elevator doors opened and people poured out into the hallway.

Once they'd all exited he followed her into the empty elevator. She pressed the button for the 12th floor and then backed him into the corner. She kissed him with a hand against his chest, and his hands found her round ass and settled against her there.

Trae was not a short man, but Mackenzie was a tall woman, and her five inch heels aligned her hips perfectly with his. He pulled her closer against him and let his hands roam over her backside as her tongue slid across his. The doors chimed that they had arrived on her floor and she stepped away, panting.

Trae took her hand and exited the elevator, his erection making it uncomfortable to walk. She fumbled with her small purse, pulling out a key card. Her room was the last on the hall, and Trae flattened a hand against her stomach pressing her back against his chest as she unlocked the door.

The door opened and the two hurried into the room, Mackenzie dropping her purse on the floor. Trae hauled her against him and trapped her bottom lip between his teeth as she worked at the buttons on his shirt. His hands slid down to the hem of her skirt, sliding beneath to cup the smooth flesh of her ass.

Trae groaned when he realized she wore no panties, and he slid a finger across her seam. Her body trembled and she gasped at the contact. Trae deepened their kiss as he slid his finger deeper, finding her hot and wet.

She finished with his buttons and slid the shirt down his arms, then dug her nails into his shoulders as he teased her clit. She reached for his pants and made quick work of his zipper. She could only slid them down so far because they were so close, but her hands raced over his body as he continued to work her clit.

Makenzie tensed, and he could feel her orgasm getting close. Trae pulled away and slid his hands farther up her body. Pulling her dress up over her head. Her breasts bounced free from the dress and Trae immediately dropped her dress to cover them with his hands. He was laving at her nipples with his tongue while she worked his pants and boxers down, freeing his cock to her grasp.

As soon as he was in her hands he knew he couldn't wait.


Mackenzie recognized the look on Trae's face. She stepped away and grabbed her purse from the floor. She fumbled for a condom as he stepped out of his pants and shoes. Placing it in his hand she braced herself against the desk. Her gaze fell to her shoes and she remembered what her sister had said when she picked them out. "Those look like 'fuck-me' heels."

She felt Trae's hands against her hips and she reached down to guide him to her aching pussy. His head nudged at her opening, and he rubbed himself against her slit, coating his cock in her juices. She arched back and he pushed inside of her.

"Ah," She moaned.  Pressing back farther onto his cock. Trae slid out and pressed into her again, farther this time, until he was buried to the hilt. Mackenzie moaned again, bucking her hips against him, and Trae began to work himself in and out of her, quickening the pace until he was furiously pounding into her pussy.

Mackenzie gripped the edge of the desk crying out at the pressure low in her belly. She looked up and saw his face in the mirror watching her. He was so close, and so was she. She reached down to press against her clit and that was all it took to send her flying over the edge. Every thrust of his cock rocked her against her hand and she screamed with her orgasm. She rode out the waves of it and felt his fingers dig deeper into her hips. He tensed up and she could feel the warmth as he spilled out into the condom.

She looked up and met his gaze in the mirror again. He smiled and bent over to drop a kiss her spine.

"I do love those metallic shoes." Trae said with a grin.

**Should have been J's to write, but at least she picked the shoes and the outfit ;) **

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