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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fuck You Friday and Halloween!!!

So it's Friday! Link up with Boobies or Christy for Fawk You Friday and let it all out!
Here we go!

Fuck Car Insurance. I didn't want to be in a wreck six months ago. I didn't ask the damn car to stop without warning so that everyone in it's wake would have to panic. So now not only do I have to pay more because the only thing I could finance was a newer model, but you've jacked me up again now that you've processed the paperwork! I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY. You're killing me!

Fuck the crazy dude on OKCupid last night. I was flirting! It was not an indicator that I was going to send someone I'VE NEVER MET nude pictures!!! And no, I don't want to drive an hour at 11pm on a work night and meet you so that we can 'make out'. Seriously?! Does this stuff generally work for you?

 Ok, that's all I've got this morning. I overslept and got to work late and my boss doesn't really expect me to work. Halloween is definitely a holiday in this office so I spent the first hour and half of my morning shooting the shit in her office talking about movies and costumes.

Which by the way, I made mine work. Found a cami and some tights and I think I'm going to be fine :)

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

***BTW you have until Tuesday to submit your Fairy Tales. Did you miss the prizes? Come on, you know you wanna!***


McKenzie said...

I definitely agree on telling car insurance to "fawk" off.. I swear every time I turn around mine has gone up for some stupid reason.

And, I hate oversleeping.

Mademoiselle Hautemess said...

Love it! I want to offer a pre-emptive FUCK YOU to all those girls who are going to dress slutty this weekend and take away attention from my AWESOME (but not revealing) costume.

Christy said...

Insurance in general is ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to go through that right now.

I'm glad you linked up today!

SB said...

dating sites are fucking hilarious!! the guys crack me up