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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

$100 for 100th post?

Have you checked out the Eden Ambassadors Program yet? You should. Edenfantasys is fast becoming my favorite go-to for all my pleasure shopping! I figured there was nothing more appropriate for my 100th post than trying to win a $100 gift card to Edenfantasys! I love vibrators, most of you may have picked up on that, but I especially love smooth streamlined vibrators like the Liv by Lelo. So does Jeanna.....

She turned on the computer and took a sip of her wine. Jason would be home soon. Her girlfriend Mia had given her a gift card for her birthday to one of her favorite adult toy shops, she had a wish list a mile long. She kept telling herself she needed to get something new. She had lingerie, cock rings, handcuffs, and all kinds of things on her wish list. She kept going back to the vibrators though. There was one on her list right now called the Liv. It was sleek, slightly curved, and looked absolutely perfect for her preferred method of play. She clicked on her wish list, but it wasn't there anymore.

That was odd. She could have sworn she bookmarked it the other day. She thought about using the gift card for that and paying the difference. Even though the idea of having some good handcuffs to use with Jason was exciting. He'd brought a pair home last month, but they were super cheap and broke as soon as she pulled against them. She scrolled down the list and noticed the furry cuffs were gone too. Before she had a chance to reselect the items she heard the front door. Jason walked around the corner in his khakis and uniform top. He worked for the phone company, and strange as it seemed all she ever wanted to do when she saw him in his work clothes was un-tuck his shirt and mess up his hair.

He smiled. "Hey, baby." He came over to the sofa and kissed her. "How has your birthday been so far?"

"Wonderful." Jeanna sat the computer aside and crawled up on her knees to get a better kiss. Jason had made breakfast for her this morning before work and promised that she'd get her real present tonight. She squeezed her thighs together remembering the text he'd sent her at lunchtime. I can't wait to make you come tonight. Jeanna loved dirty text messages, but Jason rarely jumped on board the way she wanted him to. The message was a nice surprise.

Jason toed off his shoes while she clung to his neck, then walked around the arm of the sofa to sit down and pull her into his lap.

"What were you looking at?" He nodded to the computer. Jeanna waved a hand.

"Mia gave me a gift card for my birthday. I was just looking to see how I might spend it." Jason grinned and pulled her face down for a slow deep kiss. When he pulled away Jeanna sighed, she could get used to this kind of treatment.

"Speaking of birthday presents," Jason started. "Do you want yours before or after dinner?" he winked and Jeanna could feel herself growing wet. She'd been wanting him all day.

"I think dinner can wait a little bit, don't you?" She grinned. Jason nodded and pulled her close for another kiss, his hands sliding down to cup her breasts. He slid her from his lap to the couch and laid beside her. She pulled his shirt-tail from his pants and ran her hands beneath his shirt, feeling his warm skin under her fingers. He deepened the kiss and she pressed herself against him. They stayed there, kissing and touching for a while before Jason moved to stand. Jeanna was surprised when he reached for her hand rather than begin to undress.

She went with him to the bedroom where he slowly removed her clothes, kissing every inch of skin as he exposed her. She closed her eyes and focused on his mouth on her body. Once she was completely naked she reached for his shirt, but he stopped her. Instead he swatted her ass and told her to hop on the bed while he got her present. Laughing she scrambled on top of the comforter and leaned back against the pillows.

Jason reappeared in the doorway with a box about the size of a toaster wrapped in silver paper. He climbed up on the bed and handed her the box.

"Happy Birthday." He whispered, handing her the package. She smiled and began to unwrap the box. It was a packing box with a plain white mailing label. Her eyes widened. She knew that label.

The box had been opened and re-taped, she opened it to find the missing items from her wish list. She felt that twinge in her lower belly and her breath caught in her throat. She looked up and saw Jason's eyes shining with excitement.

"It's already charged." He said. She reached in to pull out the vibe but Jason took the box from her and began to kiss her again, pushing her back into the pillows. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him closer, then heard the jingle of the cuffs. When he pulled back she just smiled, lifting her arms so that he could position her how he wanted.

He brought her arms above her head and cuffed her to the slats in the headboard. With her arms back her chest was offered up to him and he began to kiss her breasts, suckling her nipples. Then he moved his hand lower to slide between her folds.

"God, you're so wet." He moaned. Jeanna lifted her hips toward him and he slid down to press kisses across her belly. Reaching for the vibe he turned it on and slid it across her slit, coating it in her juices. She was wet, very wet, and aching for Jason. He circled her clit with the vibe and slid it along her seam, pressing the tip against her opening. She lifted her hips and felt the cuffs pull against her wrists.

Jason made light passes across her clit, teasing her, then again slid the tip to her opening. He pressed it inside, but held it lightly so that her bucking hips wouldn't allow her to take the toy all the way inside. She groaned.

"Jason, please." She begged. Her nipples, still wet where his mouth had been, pebbled against the cool air, and her body ached for orgasm.

"Shh." He whispered. He slid the vibrator inside of her, and rocked it so that the slight curve hit her g-spot, then brought it back again. He moved it inside of her, but never pulled it completely out. The vibrations were intense, her clit was beginning to ache for attention though and she couldn't move her hands. Her hips bucked and she begged again.

"Jason." he turned the vibrations down and slid farther down the bed, He spread her lips farther apart with one hand while working the vibe with the other, then he lowered his mouth over her pussy. Flicking his tongue out to catch her clit she jumped, the cuffs clinking against the headboard. He licked and kissed while moving the vibe inside of her, rocking it to press against her g-spot until she was on the brink. Her breathing was labored as she begged again.

"Jason, please. I can't wait any more." He turned the vibrations up and closed his mouth over her, sucking and tonguing her clit. The pressure sent her over the edge and a fierce orgasm took over her body. She grabbed the slats of the headboard as her body shook. She screamed his name, and even when the first waves passed he continued to suck until the pressure brought on another smaller orgasm. He lowered the vibrations but left the toy inside of her as she bucked against his face with the last ripples of pleasure.

She was trying to catch her breath as he slid the toy from her pussy. He kissed his way back up her body and grabbed the key for the cuffs. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her lips.

"That was the best birthday present ever." She said. He laughed and shifted against her. She could feel his erection pressing though his khakis. Smiling she kissed him again, rolling on top of him. She snatched the cuffs and hooked him to the headboard. She saw the surprise in his eyes then a smile covered his face.

"My turn." Jeanna winked.

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Sir Thomas said...

you know... sometime ask me about a church secret... you might like it...


D. Scandal said...

Because I feel like you all should know. My girl J sends me a msg yesterday to say she read this and her response was..."I hate she didn't get to finish her wine."

LMAO! Haha, I LOVE her!