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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexy Saturday Read

I know, I know. It's Sunday. But I finished reading it yesterday so it's still a Sexy Saturday Read. I want to give you a little background on how I came to pick this book this week. I found Shiloh Walker by mistake about a year ago. You see, I'm not normally big on paranormal romance. I just can't get into vampires and werewolves. I had this one anthology from Ellora's Cave, Doing it the Hard Way, and one of the stories was by Shiloh Walker. It was paranormal, but not in the cheesy way that the over saturated vampire industry is. (My opinion)

So when the release of Ms. Walker's First Book of Grimm coincided with The Scandalous Fairy Tale Contest, I thought it would be a good book to read. Not to mention that buying this book entered me in a drawing for a Nook. (Ya'll know I'd love a Nook) This blog post isn't going to help me win that though, I just wanted to write about it. 

The First Book of Grimm
(back cover)

Once upon a mission...

Candy Houses
Now that Greta is a Grimm- guardian angel and official paranormal ass-kicker- romance is hard to find. There's only one man who makes her heart race, a fact that scared her right out of his arms. But now she needs a hand.

The last woman Rip expected to see on this dangerous mission is the one who rejected his love. Faced with a danger neither of them saw coming, the question is which is the greater danger- the one threatening their lives, or their hearts?

No Prince Charming
With days spent trolling for demons and nights with a sometime liver, Elle thinks shes finally gotten over her so-called Prince Charming. But now, on the eve of her most dangerous mission, he's back- the man who broke her heart.

Michael jumped at the chance to become a Grimm, though he knew Elle would never forgive him. it looks like she's doing just fine without him, but he's ready to use every weapon in his not-so-charming arsenal to ave her, if necessary. Kill for her, live for her, dies for her...

Warning: Dark, sexy, a little bit scary- these twisted fairy tales are only for grownups and are best saved for bedtime.

Ok, so this book far exceeded my expectations. The idea is that Grimms are essentially guardian angels, keeping the world safe from demons that seek to possess and infiltrate society. The Grimms themselves are humans that have been more or less made immortal by choosing to become Grimms and protectors of the innocent. The stories of their lives prior to becoming Grimms have been turned into what we now refer to as Fairy Tales.

In the first story, Candy Houses we meet Greta and Rip. Greta, as in Hansel and Gretal, and Rip, as in Rip Van Winkle. Only there was no house made of gingerbread, and Hans was actually a sadistic asshole. Rip didn't sleep for years out of laziness though. He was hypnotized to keep him from taking revenge against a cheating wife and best friend. The two are assigned to work a case together where they most battle against a fellow Grimm who has lost sight of her purpose.

The second story, No Prince Charming, features Elle, Ren, and Michael. After hearing Elle's story of lost love with her sister's fiance, Prince Michael, it's hard to see how anyone spun such a  pretty story. Hundreds of years after Elle ran away from the man she'd loved because he was betrothed to her sister, Elle runs into Michael again. This time they are working together. Elle has been in a casual but hot sexual relationship with Ren, another Grimm. The three of them work together to defeat a group of succubi and inccubi demons that have infiltrated a sex club. Needless to say this story is hot. From the passionate reunion of Elle and Michael to the nights of fantasy between Elle and the two men who love her infinitely, the sex is hot.

Like I said, I usually don't like paranormal, but Shiloh Walker does a good job of staying on this side of cheesy, twisting the tales with paranormal elements and also with our reality. She does a great job drawing the reader in and making it easy to follow the inner workings of a world that we don't entirely understand. I really liked it, and I'm looking forward to the stories that are still coming out in this series. Tarnished Knight is out in ebook format now, and don't you know that if I win that nook it will be the first book I download :)

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys erotic romance. This book has actually convinced me to give paranormal a try. Though I don't have high hopes that I'll ever become a vampire lover.

You can find more of Shiloh Walker HERE. Click HERE for a listing of all her works and links for purchase.

Another reminder that I'm still waiting for some of your twisted erotic fairy tales! Enter the Scandalous Fairy Tale Contest for a chance to win a Mini Fairy Wand Massager and your own copy of Fairy Tale Lust, edited by Kristina Wright.

Friday, October 29, 2010

E-Lust #21

Photo courtesy of Evocative Abyss

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~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

D/s Without the D/s? - This is one of those situations in a real time D/s relationship where much of the “fun” aspects of the D/s needs to be stuffed in the closet for a bit. And for us, it’s not a great time to be either a masochist or a sadist. We can deal with that.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Yes, Jelly Sex Toys Can be Dangerous - Even if a jelly rubber toy says “phthalate-free”, it still can contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin reactions in some people. These toys are still non-porous and can harbor dirt and bacteria because they cannot be sanitized.

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

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See also: Pleasurists #101 and #100 for all your sex toy review needs.

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Fuck You Friday and Halloween!!!

So it's Friday! Link up with Boobies or Christy for Fawk You Friday and let it all out!
Here we go!

Fuck Car Insurance. I didn't want to be in a wreck six months ago. I didn't ask the damn car to stop without warning so that everyone in it's wake would have to panic. So now not only do I have to pay more because the only thing I could finance was a newer model, but you've jacked me up again now that you've processed the paperwork! I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY. You're killing me!

Fuck the crazy dude on OKCupid last night. I was flirting! It was not an indicator that I was going to send someone I'VE NEVER MET nude pictures!!! And no, I don't want to drive an hour at 11pm on a work night and meet you so that we can 'make out'. Seriously?! Does this stuff generally work for you?

 Ok, that's all I've got this morning. I overslept and got to work late and my boss doesn't really expect me to work. Halloween is definitely a holiday in this office so I spent the first hour and half of my morning shooting the shit in her office talking about movies and costumes.

Which by the way, I made mine work. Found a cami and some tights and I think I'm going to be fine :)

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

***BTW you have until Tuesday to submit your Fairy Tales. Did you miss the prizes? Come on, you know you wanna!***

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm such a slut...

So I ran home yesterday to get my costume that came in the mail. I was soo excited. I got it out, put it on, and thought, "Damn I'm hot!" Then I realized I was supposed to wear this in public. I have no help taking pics and I could not get a decent mirror angle without the bright light reflection. But here are my boobs, falling out of the top.
Too bad I don't know the code for a click thru, that would be a good HNT cover dontcha think?

Then there is the length. Perfect for the bedroom, cause the skirt wouldn't be in the way at all! Seriously if I walk at all you can see my lady lips (cause it isn't the kind of dress you'd wear panties with)!

Anyway, the solution? Black pants and a low-cut cami, probably. Definitely the cami because I'm not going to a place where I'd be comfortable with all that boob. I may look for dark tights tonight, but if I don't find what I want I already have black pants. The idea would still be there, and no one would be gawking. Maybe I'll get a chance to use it in the bedroom sometime.... *sigh*

Here's hoping!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One Crazy Brunette Chick
So I had to think long and hard to figure out if I ever got busted for anything good. I mentioned sneaking out the window when I was 12, and my roommate walking in to find me straddling T in college, but those aren't that bad. I think the problem is that I don't try to hide things, so I don't really get busted. I also don't have kids to walk in on me, or anything like that. I've lied when I've called in sick before but lucky for me I've never got caught when it mattered.

I'm acting like it's a problem that I've never gotten caught! I should count myself lucky! I did think of something to tell you about though. I wasn't doing anything wrong really, but when I was a senior in high school, I was on a trip with the youth group. You know those youth group trips ;) Anyway. My roommates had gone downstairs to meet everyone else and I was running behind, per usual. So I was the only one in the hotel room. I was walking around in my matching bra and underwear and I went to get something out of my suitcase... next to the sliding door.

It didn't phase me until I was there, that even though we were about four floors up, the curtain was open, and the hotel had an L-shape so my balcony faced balconys just around the corner on the same hall... where all the guys were staying.

They hadn't gone downstairs yet either, and before I knew it I was on display for not just the little 6th grader who saw me and ran in to tell the rest of the guys, but by all of the guys in out youth group who'd rushed out on the balcony. This of course included T, C, and M,  among others.

So even though I didn't really do anything wrong, I definitely got caught with my pants down, so to speak. What's your busted story? Hop on over to BGB and link up!

Miss C is out of pocket this week with some family struggles. Drop by and show her your love and keep her in your thoughts. I don't know if someone is going to host the Naughty List this week, but I'll make one anyway.

1) I had to rush around hiding sex toy packaging this weekend since the sisters were here. One of them got into my sex toy drawer and left it open? What the hell? Couldn't you shut it when you realized what was in there? No need to leave the drawer open for the world to see! (Problem solved with a sex toy box that came in the mail this weekend.)

2) I'm currently working on an excuse not to drive foru hours round trip to my sisters competition this weekend. I just don't want to go. I want to sit at home with my Halloween movies and take-out.

3) I really want to call in sick today because I don't want to do this education that got pushed off on me for this afternoon. I won't, so technically it's not Naughty List material, but man. I really don't want to do this thing.

*** Oh man oh man, Nanny wants us to tell about our first time. Geez! Alright, here it is!***

So, I was older by the time I actually lost my V-card. The guy was the brother of a friend and honestly, we'd fooled around so much by the time I decided I was through waiting. It wasn't a monumental moment or anything. We weren't in a real relationship because he didn't live around here, but he was in town visiting family and he came over to hang out. We fooled around on the sofa until my sister came home, then we talked to her for a few minutes before going up to my room. I hear a lot of people say that no one truly enjoys their first time, but I disagree. It was a night for the books. I had about four orgasms that night and probably two the next morning. I was sore, but it was a good sore. I wasn't in pain, and the screaming wasn't the kind you complain about ;) He actually asked me if I lied about being a virgin?! I was like, really? Why would I lie about that? Anyway. He spent the night and was really sweet when he left the next morning. The on again off again visits lasted a little while before I found out things I didn't want to know and decided it was time to end that fling. That was my first time. Hope my girl C doesn't decide to read today ;)

Ok guys! Check out the Hostesses, hopefully The Naughty List will go out today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you want these prizes!

Erotic fairy tales inspired by the ever-popular genre written by various authors.An electric discreet massager built-in control pad.
So I know as much as you do how bad you want these awesome prizes. I mentioned a while back that I joined the EdenFantasys Ambassador Program. They send you free sex toys each month and in return you write a blog post linking back to them. So I dropped the program administrator, Jenn, an e-mail to see if she had suggestions as to how I could cut costs for these contests. I love your stories, but I'm so far away from being made of money.

Anyway, I get a free product each month in exchange for linking them in a testimonial so she sent me my own Mini Fairy Wand Massager to tell you about and EdenFantasys will provide the one for the winner! Isn't that awesome?! So as I also mentioned, I wanted you to have a copy of Fairy Tale Lust, edited by Kristina Wright, so I used gift cards I got from submitting an article to EdenCafe to get a copy for myself as well as the winner.

Warning! This toy has some serious vibes!! It is so strong, even on it's lowest setting. It is strong enough to honestly work simply as a massager, and those of you who need the strong vibes to get off will love this. It was almost too strong for me to use for clit stimulation. (I mean, I did. And I got off, but for general use...) So I'm going to look into the attachments. They have attachment kits for each size wand and I want to try the Femini attachment.

I'm still working through the tales in Fairy Tale Lust, but so far my favorite has been Elle and the Shoemaker by Louisa Harte. It's a very hot, very sexy version of The Elves and the Shoemaker. All of them have been great though. That one is just my favorite so far.

So once again, I'm reminding you to enter the contest! I'm excited about all the response I've got and I'm expecting posted entries to start pouring in soon :) Can't wait to read your Scandalous Fairy Tales!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Monday, October 25, 2010

What are you doing for Halloween?

You know what I want to do? Well, we'll start with what I am doing.. I'm wearing a super sexy pilot outfit, going to a local bar and restuarant to see the boys play and trying like hell to get laid. I'm not holding my breath on that one. So that will by my fun Friday night! It's going to be nice.... now Saturday?

Saturday I want to rent some awesome movies. I want to rent Practical Magic, The Craft, and Witches of Eastwick. I also want a bottle of Menage' and my favorite Italian take out for dinner. Sound Boring? Maybe, maybe it is.... but it's what I want. I mean, if there were a man that wanted to join me and then take my drunken ass to bed for some hot sweaty sex, I'd love that too. The first part of the night is definitely what I can have and therefore, what I will do.
Link up to the CONTEST bitches ;) Look for the prize package review on Thursday!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Estrogen, Small Towns, and Halloween

I always participate in Fuck You Friday with Jana and Christy, but not this week. I just don't have much anger in me. I've been a little pessimistic this week, but no one has really incurred my wrath so to speak. But you should check them out and link up with the things you need to get off your chest!

As for me? I'm floating into the weekend. My house is going to be full of estrogen as three of my four sisters pile in for the weekend. It should be a fun time and I haven't gotten to spend any real time with my favorite in more than a month. Yes I said favorite, they are my sisters, not my children. Besides, I'm the oldest and she's second. It was just us for a while and we're the only two that lived in the same house all of our growing up years.

So it's going to be a small town weekend. High School Football tonight, running around 'visiting' tomorrow, then I'm cooking tomorrow night. (Don't worry, it isn't from scratch.) So we should have fun times, and I hope to get some downtime Sunday.

For those of you who pay attention the Sexy Saturday Read will be a Sexy Sunday Read this weekend, and I'm excited about the book :) I actually picked up a new release this week and because it's in the Fairy Tale vein it seems appropriate to blog about it right now.

Speaking of Fairy Tales I'm ready to see some links go up! I'm not panicked this time. Last time around 2 of the 3 entries came in the last day or so, but I'm still ready to start reading them :)

Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE. Want to see what I came up with? Click HERE.

I bought a Halloween Costume :) Like it?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I want to win!

You know what I want? I want to win a giveaway! At least once a day my twitter profile floods with roughly five contest tweets, but right now there are some seriously awesome giveaways going on! I want extra entires so I'm blogging about them!

First there is the Pleasurists Giveaway! They are celebrating the 100th edition by giving away 17 prizes! II'm putting my name in the pot for two with this blog post. The first one is the LELO Siri! I've had my eye on that toy for the longest time. The second is the $100 Fascinations Gift Card. I'd likely use it to buy a LELO Siri :)

The second is a giveaway being hosted by Jenn at Sleeping in the Wet Spot. She's giving away a $30 gift card to Playful Threads. They have a fun collection of lingerie even available in plus sizes.

So check them out, enter if you must ;) Show your love for these great sites!

Scandalous Fairy Tales: Rapunzel

So per usual, even though I can't win my own contest, I have to write a story. Otherwise it wouldn't be much fun for me! :) I looked through several fairy tales and I will have you know that some of them are incredibly morbid! Have you ever heard of The Red Shoes? Oh my gosh! Or The Armless Maiden? I mean come on! What's the deal with cutting of body parts story tellers? While browsing I noticed that I might not have to do much twisting for my story. It turns out that Rapunzel was pretty scandalous! She had something going on up in that tower, because when the prince (at that point blind) found Rapunzel in the forest, she'd given birth to twins! So here's my sexy tale....

Rapunzel's Midnight Visitor

"Please let me cut my hair! It's so heavy!" Rapunzel complained to her mother. Why she had to stay cooped up in the dusty tower all the time was beyond her, but not being allowed to cut her hair? She had constant migraines, and the dim light didn't help. Her mother was tugging that brush through the knots, and not gently either.

"Would you stop complaining? You're hair is beautiful. Besides," she continued, "How would I climb up here if we cut your hair."

Rapunzel winced at a particularly tangled knot. Well here's an idea mother, maybe I could live in a house like normal people instead of being stuck up in this dismal tower all day. Rapunzel sighed. It was a pointless argument. She'd loved their little home in her childhood, lots of room to run and play, then she kissed the neighbor boy and her mother freaked out and locked her up here.

She didn't buy the story that the staircase had magically disappeared either. Her bitch of a mother probably took a hatchet to them when she left that first day. She'd love to refuse to let her mother climb up expect then she would starve to death. Unless she jumped out of the window which would also likely lead to a painful death, or at least leave her injured with no access to a doctor.

So she resigned herself to her fate and stayed quiet while her mother jerked the comb through her hair and prattled on about her day and all the gossip in town. She insisted on telling Rapunzel about all that she was missing. It was bad enough that she kept her locked up here and forced her to knit blankets and sweaters that she then sold in town, but she insisted on telling her all about the comings and goings of people she couldn't meet.

She nodded and smiled. She'd gone through a period of about a year that if she talked back her mother would only bring her foods she didn't like, no sweets, and no cheeses. It was easier to pretend to be polite for an hour or so a day than to go without decent food. When her mother finally left she went to her corner and laid back against the pillows near the window. It helped to relax her head against something.

She loved to read, but she only had two books that she'd managed to hide away when her mother packed her up to bring her here. One was a history book, and she could only read history so many times. She could likely teach history by this point. The other she saved for dusk and read by candlelight. She'd seen the book at the back of a playmate's mother's bookshelf when she was young, and the artwork, a man and a woman in an embrace, compelled her to take it.

Her mother would be disgraced if she knew that Rapunzel read that book over and over. She dreamed that one day she would get away from this place a meet a man like the one in her book. A passionate lover who would bring her pleasure, and never disparage her.

That was just a dream though. Closing her eyes she started singing. She'd had the same song in her head for ten years now. It was the last tune she'd heard before being locked away. The only music she heard now was the birds outside her window, and the crickets at night. If she was singing it kept her from thinking about how long she'd been here, and how long she'd likely stay here. She felt like she was going crazy sometimes.

The sun started to set and she heard something outside the window. She lifted herself onto her knees to look out. The glare from the sun made it hard to see, but she could make out a person down below, far to tall to be her mother. At first she was nervous, then realized that if she couldn't get down, they certainly couldn't get up.

Then she heard him, "Rapunzel?" He called out. She stepped away from the window. How did he know her name? She thought. Did her mother send him? She walked back to the window and looked out. She could see him a little better now. He didn't look like a threat. In fact he looked young, and quite handsome.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Micheal. May I come up?" He shielded his eyes from the sun.

"There are no stairs. What do you want?" Rapunzel's heart was racing. It had been so long since she'd seen anyone, much less a handsome man.

"I simply want to speak to you. Let down your hair." Rapunzel thought about his request, and decided that she didn't think he intended to harm her. She gathered up the mass of her tresses and lowered them down the tower, wrapping it around a large post to brace herself against the weight.

She was surprised to find that the young man was much quicker and lighter than her mother. When he got to the top he shifted his weight to the windowsill and didn't need her help to pull himself through the open window. When he stood before her he simply stared for a moment.

"You are gorgeous." He said smiling. Not sure how to respond Rapunzel murmured a soft thank you as she pulled her hair back inside the tower.

Once she'd pulled all of her hair inside she held it in her arms.

"Doesn't it get heavy?" He asked motioning towards the mass of her hair.

"Yes," she sighed, "but it's the only way in or out. Do you mind if we sit?' She motioned towards the pillows propped against the wall and he quickly agreed, helping her avoid sitting on her tresses.

"Thank you." She studied his face, certain that she was somehow being rude, but not finding the energy to care. Being locked inside all day could do that to you. He didn't seem to mind though, because his gaze studied her as well.

"How long have you been up here?" He asked. She lowered her face.

"Ten years or so. Mother said my birthday was last week. I was twenty-four." He didn't ask anymore questions, and she was grateful. They talked about the beautiful weather, their favorite seasons, and favorite childhood games. When it got very dark she let her hair down so he could climb down.

"Can I come see you again?" He asked.

"Please do." She smiled. he kissed her cheek and then climbed back down the side of the tower.

The next week went on like this. Rapunzel's days went by quicker knowing that her visits with Micheal would come. The second night he asked to kiss her. She of course said yes, always wanting to know the passionate kisses she found in the pages of her book. Each night he showed her more affection, and each night it was harder to let him go.

One evening Rapunzel waited by the window in anticipation, but Michael didn't come. She waited until dark, but there was still no sign of him. She was afraid that her mother might have discovered him, or worse that he was bored with her, and she cried herself to sleep.

Late in the night she awoke to a rustling outside, and someone calling out her name. She awoke confused but went to the window to see. Michael was below and he carried a sack on his back.

Rapunzel quickly gathered her hair and lowered it from the window. She braced against the wall and swiped at her smudged cheeks. When Michael came through the window he sat the sack on the floor and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply.

Rapunzel sighed and relaxed into his kiss. He broke away long enough to pull her hair back inside the tower. When he turned to face her again he noticed the tears that stained her cheeks.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" He asked. She shook her head, but he pressed her.

"I didn't think you were coming." She whispered.

He sighed and pulled her into his arms, raining kisses across her forehead. "Of course, I was. I just had to wait until I knew I wouldn't be seen." He lowered himself to sit on the ground and pulled her hand so that she would do the same. He pulled the knapsack onto his lap and showed her the ladder that he'd fashioned.

"I want you to leave with me Rapunzel. I want you to marry me and be my wife." She looked at him with wide eyes, knowing how upset her mother would be, but she didn't care.

"I will!" She flung her arms around his neck and clung to him. He kissed her fervently and brought them to lay against her pillows. He ran his hands across her bodice, and filled his hands with the weight of her breasts. She could feel the length of his member against her thigh, long and hard. She reached for him with a hesitant hand, longing to touch that part of him.

When her hand came to rest there, so lightly, Michael groaned. Rolling her onto her back and pinning her with his thigh, his mouth came down to press against her neck, lightly nipping at her skin with his teeth. She gasped and her hand pressed more tightly against his rigid shaft.

She arched her neck, offering better access. He gladly accepted and his mouth traveled across her throat and neck, and the lowered to taste the creamy swell of her breasts. Rapunzel was so overtaken with sensation that she didn't think to object, not that she wanted to.

Micheal's hand reached around to loosen the ties of her dress and it slid lower on her shoulders. Rapunzel brought her hands to rest against his chest, feeling the muscles taut beneath his shirt. His large hands cradled her face for a long deep kiss, and his mouth stayed on hers as his hands slid lower, pulling the fabric of her dress away, exposing her breasts to his touch.

Rapunzel moaned and arched her back, pressing herself more firmly against his touch. Michael growled into her mouth and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. Her thighs fell to either side of his waist, and her dress was down around her waist. He slid her dress farther down until it was no longer between them. Lifting himself slightly he pulled his shirt over his head.

Rapunzel reached for him again, but her took her hands in his, kissing them, before draping them around his neck. He kissed her lips as he adjusted her over him. He lined his shaft up against the cleft of her womanhood. he could feel the wetness pooling in her sex, just as it did when she read her book.

He settled his hands low on her behind and pulled her against him. She could feel him throbbing through the layers of material, and she was so wet. Michael was still kissing her lightly, teasing her lips with little bites. He gripped her ass and slid her against him. She moaned as she felt the pressure against her throbbing sweet spot.

Michael relazed his grip allowing her to slid back down, and then again he gripped her, pulling her up against him. This time her hips bucked and Rapunzel had the idea. Catching more of her own weight on her knees, she began to move against him instinctively, allowing herself to enjoy the sensations and the pleasure they gave her.

Michael's hands still firmly gripped her ass as she she rode him. She could feel herself growing tight, and the pleasure was almost a sharp pain. Michael groaned and whispered, "That's it, go ahead." She kept grinding against him until she felt it. A burst of pleasure that made her cry out. Her heart was racing and her sex spasmed and she grew even more wet, if that were possible. She continued to rub against him as the pleasure subsided and it felt sensitive.

Michael kissed her lips, then along her hairline, murmuring to her as one would a skitish horse. He rolled her onto her back and onto the masses of her hair. Kissing across her neck again, he lowered his mouth to her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth and suckled. Rapunzel jerked at the unexpected sensation. He flattened his tongue against her and then moved to her other breast, showering it with the same attention.

He covered her waist with his hands, she could feel the roughness in his fingertips, and shivered beneath him. He slid his hands to remove her bloomers. Panic filled her for a moment, but something that felt this good couldn't be wrong. She shifted, allowing him to pull them away, and watched as he untied his own pants and pulled them away.

She couldn't help but stare as his cock fell free of the britches. He was large, or at least she imagined he was. She'd never seen another man, but they couldn't all be this big, the gorgeous. She reached for him, wanted to touch him. He laid next to her.

"Go ahead," he whispered into her ear. She reached down and pressed a hand to his thigh. He mimicked her action, laying a hand high upon her thigh, so close to where she was still wet.

She brought her hand closer to cover his erection, and felt the blood pumping through him. His hand cupped her mound and she exhaled deep. As she tightened her grip of his member, he increased the pressure of his touch.

Rapunzel closed her eyes and allowed herself to stroke the smooth skin of his cock, and he slid a finger between the wet folds of her pussy. She tightened her grip as he coated his finger in her juices and probed at her opening. They lay their touching each other for what seemed like ages, and she could feel her body tightening with pleasure again.

Michael moved his hand and took hers away from him. He came over her again, bracing his weight on his elbows, kissing her as his cock nudged her opening. She arched her back as he pressed against her, entering her slightly. She moaned, her body trembling. Michael spoke in soft tones. "It's ok, I'll be gentle."

He rocked into her a little deeper, and then placed a hand between them, rubbing at the sweet little nub, causing Rapunzel to buck against him. Taking him deeper. Her lady lips hugged the head of his cock as she rocked against him, taking him a little at a time, until she met resistance. She bit her lip as she looked up at him. He nodded and covered her mouth in a kiss as he quickly pushed past the barrier. Her cry was lost in the kiss, and once he was completely inside of her she relaxed, concentrating on the sensation of being filled. His hands stroked her arms, and then covered her breasts, playing with her nipples. When she began to writhe beneath him, he slid slowly out, and once again pushed inside of her.

Rapunzel hummed with pleasure and Michael began a slow steady rhythm with his thrusts. Rapunzel braced her hands on his shoulders as he increased his speed. He was so hard inside of her and so long. She heard his grunt, and a curse. Her mouth fell open, thinking she'd done something wrong.

"No baby," He said, "You're so beautiful." He reached a hand between them and tweaked her clit, causing her to squeal. He pressed against her working a rhythm there that matched his thrusts. She felt the tension again, and braced herself for the explosion. She came on a cry and felt Michael twitch inside of her, filling her with warmth, with his seed. They thrashed against each other in pleasure until the waves of orgasm subsided. Rapunzel lay there, unable to catch her breath as Michael smoothed his hands against her hair.

When it was nearly daylight they unwound the ladder and found it to be too short. Planning to come back the next night with more ladder Michael climbed down her hair.

When her mother came the next day Rapunzel did not stupidly tell her mother of her sweet lover, but a woman knows. She smelled of sex and the glow of her cheeks gave her away. Her mother cut off her hair and sent her away. Then lying in wait for Michael she bound Rapunzel's hair and lowered it down to him. By the time Michael could see that it was not his lover who waited for him it was too late. She tossed him from the tower and he fell into the briers, losing his sight.

We know the story, after wandering many years Michael found his Rapunzel and the beautiful twins that resulted from the beautiful night in the tower. She wept for her lover and her tears healed him.

And they lived sexily ever after....

Now it's your turn. Write your own sexy story and link up on the Contest Page. The winner will receive a copy of Fairy Tale Lust and a Mini Fairy Wand Massager.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To clarify.... no one died

One Crazy Brunette ChickSaying goodbye to CB is not a fun thing to do, but we must. She didn't die or anything. It's actually a good thing! CB has decided to devote her time to being Ashley; Mom, Daughter, Sister, and Wife. I'm excited for her. I think it's obvious that it's what she wants and I'm glad that thousands of adoring "blog fans" didn't stop her.

So for Wicked Wednesday this week we've been charged to share our favorite CB memory. I can honestly say that it wasn't until recently that I felt like I got to know her really, I just read all the hilarious shit on her blog and laughed until I cried.

Lately though blog comments turned into exchanged e-mails and I got a better glimpse of her personality, and honestly, she was just a really cool girl! So here's to CB, she will be greatly missed! If you haven't checked her out, you should really go see what you were missing before she decides to send her blog into oblivion. Though I kind of hope she doesn't ;)

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Moving on to a happy note, as I'm sure she would prefer, It's also Naughty List Wednesday!

So I got fussed at for not making a list last week, so here it is.

1) I have a new cyber-sex friend, and he is very good ;)

2) I booked a sex toy party for me and J to host. Not naughty in and of itself, but I'm counting on it leading in that direction.

That's all I've got today, brain can't think.

And this weeks 5 questions:
1. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
2. Worst break up ever?
3. Ever been on a blind date? Explain.
4. Ever sent a sexy text message and had it gone to the wrong person?
5. An excuse you have used to get out of sex.

1. 22
2. T
3. Yes, High School. Dude was a douche.
4. Nope, thank god!
5. Haven't done that yet.

Check out the Hostesses and link up!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No-Contact Sex

You want to know what is so great about phone sex or cyber sex? In his mind I look like this.....

When I really probably have on no make-up, didn't shave my legs, and am wearing an old faded t-shirt. I don't have to look sexy for myself!

Seriously though, I will agree that it is a poor substitute for a warm body. When there is no (safe) warm body to be found, however, it is in fact a substitute. I was browsing around today and I saw THIS article on the Liberator Blog about Phone Sex. I'll be honest, I will probably try it out. Most guys that I've tried this with are clumsy and can't get into it. I can understand if words aren't your thing or if it's new, they don't know where to start.

I had a guy who made cyber-sex and ongoing education. You might remember C that I've mentioned before. He started priming me in high school and we continued into college. He eventually got me on the phone, and while he certainly was not perfect, he had a better idea than anyone else I've tried it with in the past.

Now as far as cyber-sex goes I've had some pretty incredible experiences as recently as last week. I'm not one to divulge without someone's permission, (unless I'm pissed) but it was pretty incredible.

Here are the things that I've noticed make no-contact sex more enjoyable.

1) Don't focus on your flaws when describing yourself, and keep it short and simple. If you are talking to someone that you have a repore with they may want to know what you look like, but for "verbal" sex, what you're wearing... or not wearing... is more important.

2) Cyber sex, or phone sex, is like writing a book. Saying, "I want to fuck you" isn't enough, and -please god- saying "I'm fucking you right now," is definitely a turn-off (for me anyway). You're telling a story more-or-less. You have to describe what your "character" is doing, and thinking. You're writing it together too, so rather than tell your partner what their character is doing, you tell them what you want, and let them tell you what they are doing. That's the best way I can think to describe it. This give you all kinds of options. You can "write" a quickie, or you can let your story go on for hours, with foreplay and numerous positions.

3) Keep it light-hearted. Unless you know the person on the other end, DO NOT confess your undying love! After a minute or two, a joking 'was it good for you?' or 'I need a cigarette.' is a good way to go. Don't let yourself take it too seriously.

4) Don't hang up the damn phone when you come. C used to do that and it pissed me off so bad! He'd finish first (every time) then hang up and leave me to handle myself. Granted, I was close so it wasn't too bad, but the text I got later that said, "wow, that was great" didn't mean a whole hell of a lot to me. Come to think of it, why did I ever think he would be any better in bed? I guess I dodged a bullet there.

These are the things I've learned. I'd love to know if any of you have thoughts or points on the topic. Advice, maybe?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Scandalous Fairy Tales

Remember the Scandalous Lipstick Shorts? Wasn't that fun!? Blossom got herself all kinds of goodies for winning that one, and I had fun running a contest, so guess what? I'm running another one!


That's right! I want your Scandalous and Twisted Fairy Tales! You can make up a new tale that we've never heard or give a sexy, naughty twist to one that we "think" we already know. I'm excited about the possibilities here. Giving credit where credit is due,\; while trying to think of a new theme, Nandi posted about her love of twisted Fairy Tales and it got my wheels spinning.

I'm going to give some rules though, because as I go out and about in blog world I see things that don't sit well with me, and since this is my blog and my contest, here they are.

1) NO rape fantasies.
2) NO humiliation. D/S is totally cool as long as both parties are willing participants. There will be no beating victims into submission.
3) NO "Golden Showers" or anything like that. I haven't seen it yet, but everyone else has it as a rule so I figure better safe than sorry.

That's really all I have there. I want people to write what appeals to them, but some things just make my skin crawl.

You want to know about prizes don't you? Well, *grins* get excited. Because I am giving away a Fairy Wand Mini Massager provided by my friends at edenfantasys and a copy of Fairy Tale Lust, edited by Kristina Wright, provided by me (cause I'm cool like that).

Check out Nandi's review HERE

So to enter the contest, post your entry to your blog, or e-mail it to me in a word document for anonymous entries, and post the button with your entry. Then link up the post (make sure to use the URL for your post and not your main blog) so that people can read all the entries when it's time to vote!

The contest will be open for entries now through November 5th at 11:59pm EST. 

Happy Writing!

Check it out! I'm a guest!

So I've done my first official toy review as a guest reviewer for Jenn over at Sleeping in the Wet Spot! Go check it out!

Sleeping in the Wet Spot Button

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting Affiliated!

I decided I wanted in on all the goodies too! I've got a blog, I've got opinions, let's make some money! I've signed up for the Babeland Affliate Reviews Program! It's a great deal, you should check it out HERE.

Now if you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard of Babeland, they have some seriously excellent adult toys, but that isn't all. They also have erotica, DVDs, and other sensual aids. You should really check the company out if you haven't already. If you have a blog you should really consider joining their affiliate program.

So check it out! I'm looking forward to getting some reviews done :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sexy Saturday Read

Here I am trying my hand at another book review. Instead of running straight through my Sarah McCarty Collection (I mean, I'd hate for ya'll to get bored), I thought I'd pick a book by Megan Hart, the other Erotica author that takes up a lot of space on my bookshelf. I was going to talk about the first book for hers I ever read, but then I picked up my favorite to re-read last week, so I'm talking about that one instead.

Dirty (Back Cover)

This is what happened...

I met him at the candy store.
He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back. This was not a children's candy store, mind you- this was the kind of place you went to buy expensive imported chocolate truffles for your boss's wife because you felt guilty for having sex with him when you were both at a conference in Milwaukee.
Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I've been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears. Sometimes I went home with them anyway, just because it felt good to want and be wanted, even if it was mostly fake.

The problem with wanting is that it's like pouring water into a vase full of stones. It fills you up before you know it, leaving no room for anything else. i don't apologize for who I am or what I've done in- or out- of bed. I have my job, my house and my life, and for a long time I haven't wanted anything else.

Until Dan. Until Now.

My journey into erotica began with anthologies, and Megan Hart was the first author of whom I read an entire novel. I'm always fascinated at the way she can take what I often hear referred to as a 'slice of life' work, and keep it interesting. She develops very strong characters complete with baggage, history, and quirks. Rather than find these aspects annoying or cumbersome, however, it only adds to the enthrallment with her stories.

Elle Kavanaugh is an account manager that has settled into a routine of work, renovating her house, and avoiding her mother. When we meet her, she meets Dan Stewart. Although, he remains nameless for a time, because upon first meeting and having a drink, they don't exchange names. Through a chain of events they run into one another again, and Dan begins to pursue Elle.

Elle isn't interested in a dating though. Her words to Dan are, "it's not what I do." Starting with a hot scene in a public bar, Dan tries to work his way under Elle's skin and into her life with one hot night after another. At one point the two even bring in the irresistible Jack for a night of hot fun. (I think Megan has a thing for him, he's been in three of her novels that I've read, and I doubt that is all.) Elle's issues with her mother and a lot of history that she prefers to leave in the past begin to creep up on her. Her self-made walls begin to soften as she finds herself wanting something with Dan that she's never wanted with another man. She is afraid though, of opening up about her past and telling him her secrets. The reason she refuses to visit her father, why her mother seemingly despises her, her brother's reason's for moving away and never visiting.

Dirty is a great read. With hot sex and lots of tension it is a definite page turner, but the story of Elle and Dan is so complex that it is more substantial then just good sex.

I would definitely recommend Dirty to anyone looking for a book with real-life issues to go along with some really hot sex.

You can find more of Megan Hart HERE. She has several books published by Harlequin's Spice label and can be purchased at Amazon, eharlequin, and Barnes and Noble along with I'm sure many others that are not in my area.

I purchased this book of my own accord and no one requested that I provide this review. Everything included above are my views and opinions and were not influenced by any other sources.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So much to do, so little time...

Ok, so I'd love to put together an eloquent post today, but I have so much work to do! I've got this Bachelorette Party Saturday so I took tomorrow off to get ready for that, and I have a ton of work I need to finish up TODAY!

I want to give you all a heads up, I plan on hosting another short story contest! Look for details on Monday. I know several people told me after the fact that they'd meant/wanted/forgot to enter. I will be certain that doesn't happen this time :) I'm playing with a few themed ideas, but if you have a burning desire to see something specific leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail I'll toss it in the idea basket!

That's all for now my friends! Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oooo, Witchy Woman...

Bad Girl Bloggers ButtonSo it's Wicked Wednesday and it's all about the witches! In the interest of variety, CB has asked everyone to post about their favorite wicked Witch. I loved Disney cartoons as a kid and my favorite wicked bitch to hate was The Queen. You know they never even gave that bitch a name? All those years she was 'the fairest in the land' and she was just 'the Queen' like any other matriarch. No wonder she was so pissed.

Then of course, my favorite Bad-Ass Witches would be these three! Now before any one goes bashing on Shannon Daughtery or Rose McGowan I loved them both! I always wished that they'd bring Shannon back for a guest appearance the way they did the mom and grandmother. Anyway! As much as I loved Shannon, pictures from the early seasons just aren't as sexy and bad-ass as later ones :)

Moving right along to the Naughty List! I'm not making a list this week. You can take my word that I've been sufficiently naughty though ;)

1. Have you ever walked in on a family member in a sexual moment?
Not a family member. J and I came home one day and the bitch and her brother had been going at it on the sofa. That's just what you want to see coming home from work, the frantic clothing scramble.
2. Have you ever lied to a significant other?
It's been a while but I'm pretty positive I did. White lies to keep him from being hurt or upset, but lies nonetheless.
3. Have you ever done the deed with your child (or someone else who was oblivious) in the same room?
Haha, not, not to this point. Though I did do several things that one weekend we went to the mountains with  T's family and they never noticed.
4. Have you ever not tipped a service person (IE manicurist, waiter, caddy, valet, stripper) for a really stupid reason? (IE Too broke to tip, didn't like how they said hello)
Actually yes. The last tattoo I got. He charged me a crazy amount of money and then was weird about how I could pay him. Couldn't leave the tip on the card? If you have a card machine, then I can leave a tip on the card. I didn't have cash, he didn't get a tip. Felt a little bad cause he did a good job, but oh well.
5. Have you ever used your womanly body parts to get you something, or get you out of something?
Hahaha, have you seen these boobs? Of course I have :)

 Check out the Hostesses and link up!!!

Pleasure Party!

Getting in on Nicole's Pleasure Party! Day 1!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

69 baby!

So as of today I have 69 followers! It just felt appropriate to talk about the sex position at this point. If you don't want to talk about sex right now, just leave. Of course you're here, so I'm assuming you came to talk about sex.

You can find definitions for the sex position known as 69 on wikipedia if you were born yesterday, but the point is simultaneous oral sex. Which sounds great right?

I have a problem with this position. You see.... I really like sex. I absolutely LOVE oral sex. I am also very vocal when I enjoy something. (Try being around when I eat chocolate cake. It can make people blush.) So if he is good at what he's doing, I'm going to have trouble focusing on what I'm doing. I don't like to do anything half-way either.

I mean, if you focus on your pleasure then it's hard to focus on giving pleasure. Am I right? I mean this is a much talked about position. I personally am a huge fan of both giving and receiving oral, but I do find that there are some quality issues when trying to do both. I mean, maybe if I gave him a hand job while he was focused down there? Then I don't have to worry about keeping quiet or the whole, how am I breathing issue...

I want your opinions! Don't be shy, tell me what you think!

And the Winner is....

The winner of the Scandalous Lipstick Shorts is Blossom with her entry Violet Shine!!!

Congratulations Blossom, I'll be e-mailing you soon to get an address where you want your prizes sent! I'm still a slacker and never got a picture made. But isn't the internet grand?

You are getting a lipstick vibe, a collection of naughty letters to Penthouse magazine, some oral pleasing lip gloss and some other pretty lip stuff!

Keep your eyes open for a new contest in the next few weeks!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sexy Saturday Read

So, I've mentioned several times at this point that I love to read, and my yummy smutty bookshelf has gotten quite full over the past few years with books that (if I haven't already) I will undoubtedly re-read. I love these books, and I decided that a simple 'My Bookshelf'' page wasn't enough. I'm going to try my hand at book reviewing and I'm going to start with some that I already own.

Last weekend the newest book in Sarah McCarty's Hell's Eight series came out and I picked up my copy on Friday. Saturday afternoon I piled up on the pillows in my bed and read it straight through! But we can't start with book four. No, that wouldn't work. So we're going to go back the the first book in the Hell's Eight series, Caine's Reckoning.

Back Cover
Caine Allen is a hardened Texas Ranger, definitely not the marying kind. But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town, the preacher calls in a favor. One Caine's honor won't let him refuse.
From the moment he beds Desi, Caine knows turmoil will follow. Desi might have the face of a temptress, but she also has a will of iron and while she needs his protection, she's determined that no man will control her again. They establish an uneasy bond, but it isn't enought for Caine. He wants all Desi has to offer. he wants her screams, her moans, her demands... everything. Yet there's still a bounty on Desi's head, and keeping her sexually satisfied is proving easier than keeping her alive.

This is NOT your grandmother's wetern romance. Filled with hot encounters and sexual tension, the book doesn't rely only on sex to ensure it's success. The characters are so richly developed, and the heroine is fiercely determined to do things her way. She may be a rescued woman, but she certainly does not come across as a demure damsel.

Early in the book we learn that Hell's Eight are a group of eight men who were orphaned as children and grew-up together almost as outcasts. Their goal in life was to find revenge against those who killed their families and in turn they earned quite the reputation as outlaws. Their reputation grew to the point that rather than pursue them and likely die, loval government offered them positions as Texas Rangers, protecting the territory and riding out to seek justice.

Caine Allen is the percieved leader of this group of men. He pushes everyone to be sucessful not only in their work as Rangers but also raising horses on the Hell's Eight ranch. When Caine and two other members of Hell's Eight are dispatched to rescue four women who've been kinapped, we meet Desi Blake. Upon being rescued from her kidnappers Desi makes it clear that she has no desire to return to her town. When Caine insists upon it, she actually tries to run away into Comanche territory.

During their return to town it becomes clear that the other rescued women have quite the opinion of Desi. It becomes very clear later exactly why that is. Desi, a grown woman, has a 'guardian' and his plans for her don't sit well with Caine. He has a quick physical reaction to her, not only sexually, but also emotionally, wanting to protect her. Before he can take Desi and get out of town, the local priest calls on him to make an honest woman of her, so that the same fate will not find her again.

Desi is fiesty, and full of determination when it comes to trying to escape, but it becomes more and more clear that the abuse she has suffered has left its share of scars, both physcially and mentally. She has a twin sister who was also taken into captivity a year ago, and while Desi was sold to the highest bidder, her sister Ari was left behind.

Caine tries to be what Desi needs, but has a hard time figuring out how to make her happy.

I don't want to spoil the book, so I'll just say that both characters have stuborness about them that eventually leads to an interesting and passionate resolution for their personal relationship.

After reading this book I couldn't wait to read the next to see what would happen with the next hunky Ranger, and if the men of Hell's Eight would be able to find and resuce Desi's sister.

I highly recommend this book to any one who enjoys Erotic Romance, and every other book in the Hell's Eight series for that matter, but I'll get to those later on.

You can find more of Sarah McCarty HERE, she has several other series that I will have to check out since the next Hell's Eight isn't due out until 2012 (so sad!). The Hell's Eight Series is published by Harlequin's Spice label and can be purchased at Amazon, eharlequin, and Barnes and Noble along with I'm sure many others that are not in my area.

I purchased this book of my own accord (liked the cover) and no one requested that I provide this review. Everything included above are my views and opinions and were not influenced by any other sources.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fuck You Friday!

So thanks to Boobies and Christy, we all have an outlet every week to vent out our anger. I for one appreciate the 'blog-accepted' outlet, because none of us want to bitch out every day about mundane shit. But on Fridays? Totally acceptable! So here I go!

BWS tips button

Fuck not having great plans for debauchery this weekend! I have a whole house to myself for once, and not a single plan for getting into trouble. How did that happen? Oh well... hot baths here I come!

Fuck facebook. I'm so tired of people's righteous anger over shit that doesn't even matter. Facebook is a place for social networking, didn't your mama teach you that political debates don't constitute friendly conversation? I just want to see pictures of my friend's bachelorette party, not read your shit about why you're right and the rest of the world is wrong! Find a breathing human being that gives a damn- de-friend!

Fuck all these people crowding my people. Example, I went to visit my mama last night, because she asked, and damn if her friends weren't there and I couldn't even talk to the woman. Another example? J's needy friend that has taken up, 1,2,3 days in a row now. Didn't I mention I had a free weekend bitch? Why are you entitled to my friend anyway? (A bit of a selfish rant I know, but you'll get over it.)

Fuck not having money to burn. So many things on my 'want' list right now, but I just can't justify spending the money yet.

I guess that's it for the week. I'm kinda where I was last week. Being angry takes effort and I've reached a point of just wanting people to chill.

Bad Girl Bloggers ButtonGo check out CB for BSF! She wants ideas for how to spice up the Blog Stalk, you creative folks help come up with something!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metallic Seduction

Trae sipped his $2.50 draft special as he watched the other patrons. He was sitting in the lobby bar at one of the nicest hotels in the area. His buddy Jax was working as waitstaff for a wedding so he thought he'd have a drink here while he waited on him. Then they'd hit up a sports bar and he'd crash on his couch. He would normally stay at home and drink his beer in front of the TV, but his roommate was having his girlfriend over and Trae would prefer not to listen through the walls like a perv while they pounded it out.

Trae lifted the beer to his lips and noticed a redhead come into the room and head straight for the bartender. She had a glint of determination in her eyes. At first Trae thought she was about to let him have it, but when she got to the bar she simply asked for a drink.

He watched as she shifted her weight to one foot and sat her wallet-sized zebra purse on the bar. She smoothed her hands down the front of her black dress, though it was too tight to have possibly shifted out of place. Her deep red curls fell over her bare shoulders and he followed the line of her back down to a nice round ass and long, long legs. She wore what had to be five inch heels that reflected the light.

When his gaze came back up he found that he'd been caught. She pursed her red lips in consideration and lifted an eyebrow. Usually quick on his feet Trae lifted a chin in acknowledgment.

"I was noticing your shoes." He lied, glancing down to catch another glimpse of the glittery metallic shoes with a red sole.

She walked toward him, drink in hand and took a bar stool next to him. "So you're gay?" she asked with a smirk.

He laughed and lifted his glass. "Good one, but no," he casually drank his beer before answering. "My sister has been going crazy about the expensive shoes with the red soles, this is the first time I've actually seen someone wearing them."

She lifted her foot to glance at her own shoes, giving Trae a nice view of her calf muscle as it flexed beneath her pale skin. She nodded, seeming to except his explanation, or perhaps just admiring his ability to lie.

"Special gift, for the sister of the bride." She said dryly before sipping the red wine she'd gotten from the bartender. He noted the large green stone she wore on her left hand. It was bold and looked expensive. Come to think of it, everything she wore looked expensive. Large sparkly stones fell from her earlobes in settings that looked as though they could be antiques. Equally sparkling bracelets were piled on her arm. If this was what the sister of the bride wore, he'd hate to see the bill for that wedding.

"Sister of the bride, huh? Must be a happy day." Trae commented. She didn't even turn to look at him, simply gave a half laugh as she nodded her head to one side. She took another sip of her wine before turning to face him again.

"I'm Mackenzie." she said.

"Trae." He answered extending a hand. She placed her manicured hand in his and her bangles clinked against one another as she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Trae. So what brings you here tonight?" She smiled. Trae noticed Jax walk in the double doors entering the bar, and swiftly turn around when he saw Trae talking with the gorgeous redhead.

"Waiting on you it seems." He smiled a lazy smile and again drank his beer. Mackenzie laughed.

"Now that was line." She sipped on her wine and grinned.


This character was lying though his teeth. He'd been checking out her ass and she knew it. Hell, he probably didn't even have a sister.

"So your big sister is married?" He asked. Mackenzie tried not to smile.

"Actually it's my baby sister. I'm the oldest of five, and the last single woman standing." She licked her lips before taking another sip of her wine. He was cute. A little rough around the edges maybe, but she didn't mind rough.

"Why is it," he asked, "that a gorgeous woman like yourself hasn't been snatched up yet?"

"It's a little known secret." Mackenzie acted as though she was looking around then cocked her head motioning for him to come closer. He leaned in and Mackenzie whispered in his ear. "Because sex with strangers is too good to give up."

Trae nodded and leaned back. He turned his beer up and swiftly finished the contents. Mackenzie was impressed that his eyes had not bulged out of his head, even though his head was starting to bulge in his pants.

He drained the contents of the glass and Mackenzie calmly sipped on her wine.

"So," Trae stammered, "Are you staying here? Or do you live around here?" Mackenzie laughed and took a final sip of her wine, leaving only a small amount in the glass. She stood and cocked her head.

"Let's go."


Trae usually prided himself on keeping his cool, but it was taking some effort not to trip over his own feet as he followed Mackenzie from the bar. Her heels clicked across the tiled floor of the lobby and he found himself watching her ass again as she walked in front of him.

She led him down a small hallway to the elevators. Pressing the button she propped a hip against the wall. her gaze studied him openly, so he made no effort to hide his own appraisal. She had perky breast that just filled out the top of her dress, and while she had fair skin, there were no obvious freckles.

She crossed her ankles and again his eyes were drawn to the sparkly heels that she wore. She straightened and he took a step toward her just as the elevator doors opened and people poured out into the hallway.

Once they'd all exited he followed her into the empty elevator. She pressed the button for the 12th floor and then backed him into the corner. She kissed him with a hand against his chest, and his hands found her round ass and settled against her there.

Trae was not a short man, but Mackenzie was a tall woman, and her five inch heels aligned her hips perfectly with his. He pulled her closer against him and let his hands roam over her backside as her tongue slid across his. The doors chimed that they had arrived on her floor and she stepped away, panting.

Trae took her hand and exited the elevator, his erection making it uncomfortable to walk. She fumbled with her small purse, pulling out a key card. Her room was the last on the hall, and Trae flattened a hand against her stomach pressing her back against his chest as she unlocked the door.

The door opened and the two hurried into the room, Mackenzie dropping her purse on the floor. Trae hauled her against him and trapped her bottom lip between his teeth as she worked at the buttons on his shirt. His hands slid down to the hem of her skirt, sliding beneath to cup the smooth flesh of her ass.

Trae groaned when he realized she wore no panties, and he slid a finger across her seam. Her body trembled and she gasped at the contact. Trae deepened their kiss as he slid his finger deeper, finding her hot and wet.

She finished with his buttons and slid the shirt down his arms, then dug her nails into his shoulders as he teased her clit. She reached for his pants and made quick work of his zipper. She could only slid them down so far because they were so close, but her hands raced over his body as he continued to work her clit.

Makenzie tensed, and he could feel her orgasm getting close. Trae pulled away and slid his hands farther up her body. Pulling her dress up over her head. Her breasts bounced free from the dress and Trae immediately dropped her dress to cover them with his hands. He was laving at her nipples with his tongue while she worked his pants and boxers down, freeing his cock to her grasp.

As soon as he was in her hands he knew he couldn't wait.


Mackenzie recognized the look on Trae's face. She stepped away and grabbed her purse from the floor. She fumbled for a condom as he stepped out of his pants and shoes. Placing it in his hand she braced herself against the desk. Her gaze fell to her shoes and she remembered what her sister had said when she picked them out. "Those look like 'fuck-me' heels."

She felt Trae's hands against her hips and she reached down to guide him to her aching pussy. His head nudged at her opening, and he rubbed himself against her slit, coating his cock in her juices. She arched back and he pushed inside of her.

"Ah," She moaned.  Pressing back farther onto his cock. Trae slid out and pressed into her again, farther this time, until he was buried to the hilt. Mackenzie moaned again, bucking her hips against him, and Trae began to work himself in and out of her, quickening the pace until he was furiously pounding into her pussy.

Mackenzie gripped the edge of the desk crying out at the pressure low in her belly. She looked up and saw his face in the mirror watching her. He was so close, and so was she. She reached down to press against her clit and that was all it took to send her flying over the edge. Every thrust of his cock rocked her against her hand and she screamed with her orgasm. She rode out the waves of it and felt his fingers dig deeper into her hips. He tensed up and she could feel the warmth as he spilled out into the condom.

She looked up and met his gaze in the mirror again. He smiled and bent over to drop a kiss her spine.

"I do love those metallic shoes." Trae said with a grin.

**Should have been J's to write, but at least she picked the shoes and the outfit ;) **

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