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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who can afford to be beautiful?

Have you ever paid attention to the price tag on beauty these days? I'm not even talking about plastic surgery, I'm talking about basic up-keep. It's expensive to stay 'beautiful' these days. I mean, Most of us don't roll out of bed looking like a celebrity, it takes some effort to look good.

In college they tell you that the average college grad makes $30-40,000 a year. Um *hand raised* excuse me? You lied! Around here as far as I can tell the average college grad with a basic four-year degree will be lucky to start around $28,000 a year, about $1750 take home. Assume living expenses run around $700-$800 a month. Have a roommate? Ok, make it $500. Car Payment, Student Loans for that Degree, then there's the credit card debt from college because you thought that plastic money was free, add about $500-600 in some type of debt. We drive to work, no public transportation in the sticks, so you have gas money. If you're single, you eat out more often than not. You do something other than work all day? Ok add about $50 or so for that hobby. All work, no play? Then that $50 is for your therapist. Some of us have both on occassion.

The average single girl college grad around here probably has about $200-$300 a month in spending money. this includes, clothes, concerts, night-outs, and- of course- beauty treatments.

I'm a southern girl and, cancer or not, we like to be bronzed. Tanning around here (and it's small town prices, so yours are probably higher) will run you at least $35 a month.

We also like our nails. We'd prefer fake nails, meaning $40-50 for the initial set and $20-30 every three weeks for about three months, then we start over. But for the sake of argument, let's say we could live with a basic mani/pedi and only every other week. Consider that we get our eyebrows waxed while we're there and we've reached $80 a month, easily. That doesn't include tip.

Then you have the salon. Now I'm a brunette, so for quite some time my natural color suited me just fine. Until now. Now, my 26 year old too-young-for-this self is getting gray. It ain't a little bit, and it ain't pretty. So let's say that you go to the salon every six weeks for a cut and color. We aren't going to pretend that you go home with a wet head to save $10 either. Over the course of a year, that averages out to about $40 a month, and once again, doesn't include tip.

How about waxing? Because these days everyone seems to be paying for that too. Around here a typical bikini wax will run you about $30. They generally suggest every 2-3 weeks. For the sake of argument we'll go with 3 weeks and over the course of a year that will cost you right at $45 a month.

Do you see where this train is going? Imaginary woman here is up to $200 a month in Small Town, South Carolina and we haven't even thrown in extras. I mean throw an extra $5 in there for a Cosmo Magazine cause otherwise she's going to forget something!

If our girl here is over weight add $30 for Weight Watchers and $35 for the gym membership. Wanna figure out how much it will cost to keep her wardrobe up to date? I don't.

I wait until the last minute to cut my hair. My hair dresser sees me about three times a year, and my hair color comes in a box. I don't have fake nails and basic mani/pedis are an occasional treat. I hate razor burn, but I get it, cause paying to get waxed isn't an option for me. Tanning bed? Forget about it! I definitely can't afford it anymore, even though I love laying in the heat for a cat nap! I spend as much time outside as I can in the summer and I've always figured if a guy was lucky enough to see my tan lines, he'd best be smart enough to keep his mouth shut about them.

Just a thought, we pay a lot to keep ourselves 'kept-up' as my grandmother would say.


aims said...

OMG you ain't kidding!! i've been complaining for YEARS the work it takes to be a pretty girl... not even a perfect one... just pretty... and socially acceptable!! lmao!! it costs a damn fortune!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

sigh...it only gets worse...add 14 years like me---oye---I'm going to go cry now.

smile-a new mascara will make me feel ALL better!!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

It's criminal what this maintenance costs. I tried teaching my husband to color my hair, didn't work the first time and he won't try again. And to help with my bikini wax - we never seem to finish.
There is a skin & nail care school I go to sometimes for services. Most of the students already have trained in Europe, but have to go through it again to get licensed here. Prices are dirt cheap.

JP blogger of Body By Burlesque and Memoirs of a Misanthrope