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Friday, September 17, 2010


One Crazy Brunette Chick

Thank God, it is FINALLY Friday!

This Fucking week has been way too long! I hope you have your clicky fingers ready cause I'm about to give you a shit ton of links that you absolutely HAVE to check out if you haven't already.

So it's been a long ass week. My girl J went on a vacation with her man, great for her! But without my partner in crime to break up the monotony of my day with lunch and gossiping over yahoo chat, the beginning of the week seemed to drag on for an eternity!!

There's also the fact that 'tonight's gonna be a good night' :) The band's playing a gig, and I'm ready to get my drink on :) Not to mention I've run out of things for the naughty list, AND I've got to come up with something fabulous to talk about with these bitches!!

Bad Girl Bloggers Button

If you haven't checked out the Bad Girl Bloggers yet you simply must do it! Not yet bitches, I'm not finished talking! Anyway, not only do I have Naughty List Wednesday to worry about, now I have Wicked Wednesday to prepare for, and I'm running out of stuff to tell you all!

I'm hoping this will help :)

I bought myself a present from badideatshirts.com last week. I so love this shirt! It's in my car to wear to the show tonight and with a little bit of luck, someone will finally get the hint. We shall see. I'm going out tonight, and I am definitely looking for trouble!

I got an award too :) *blush* I love awards :) I'll post about it a little later, gotta figure out who I'm giving it to.

Ok, now for....

BWS tips button

Fuck you high hopes! I seriously clung to you this week and now I'm not moving after all! Damnitalltohell!

Fuck you little twit who acted like my mama was some criminal or something! Just because she knows that you are an incapable mother and would like nothing more than to see you disappear so your child can have some quality of life, doesn't mean she isn't a great woman who is more than capable of dealing with kids. *Hell, look how well I turned out!*

Fuck you spoiled brat who puts all my friend's in a bad mood with the mere mention of your name. I might be done with you, but they have no option! Why can't you just disappear, or maybe keep your damn face hole shut sometimes!

Fuck you road work! As if that damn highway weren't bad enough, now you've gone and made it nearly unbearable. If you're going to fix something, fix it already!!

And fuck bug bites! I've yet to actually lay eyes on whatever pest is in my car that keeps putting little welts on my body, but every time I go anywhere there is a new bite on my normally smooth and beautiful flesh. It takes away from the Naked Lap Dance I'm planning, so seriously, go away!

Ok guys! Go check out CB and Boobies for all the Friday fun, and show a little love!

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Christy said...

The bugs have been particularly bad this year I know. And moms who think they know better than you usually end up with the worst kids ever. I've seen that too.

Thanks for joining our Fawk You Friday today!