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Thursday, September 9, 2010


The brick wall was warm against her back, and the imperfections scratched at her skin as he pressed her back against them. The music poured out of the gymnasium, and from where they stood behind the hedges she could hear voices of people coming and going.

His mouth covered hers as his hands moved beneath her dress. One hand on her thigh, the other on her breast, the hem of the dress was around her waist and she could feel the breeze against her silk panties. She slid her hands farther up his back, her nails marking his shoulder blades. He changed the angle of the kiss, his tongue tangled up with hers. She moaned as his hand on her thigh moved to cup her mound through the black silk panties.

She was so wet. She'd been hoping for this for months, and here they were. His fingers slid beneath the elastic band to test the moisture between her folds. She squirmed against the wall and he groaned. He worked against the tight little nub and she brought her trembling hands to work at the buttons of his shirt. Once she had her hands on his skin she knew this couldn't be enough.

"Bry," She gasped, reaching for his zipper. He stopped her, covering her hands with one of his. His other hand slid from her pussy and he stepped back, taking her hand.

"Let's go." She grabbed her clutch from the ground and went with him. He pulled her along behind him, his shirtfront gaping and pins falling out of her once polished up-twist. She followed him around the building to the old field house. He bypassed the main door and went around to the side entrance. Letting go of her hand he pulled one of the pins that had fallen loose around her face.

She laughed and he just flashed her a grin. That grin had always been her undoing. It was crazy to think that even after fifteen years he still had the same effect on her. He grabbed the handle and pulled up, sticking the pin through a gap beneath the knob. The door gave way and he pulled her around him, closing them both in darkness.

He pulled her dress over her head before she knew what was happening and his mouth was on hers again. His hands explored her curves while she frantically worked at his zipper, sliding his pants down his legs.

He walked them a few steps down the hall and slid into a side room. She was so distracted by his hands on her body, she didn't notice the trainer's table in the corner of the room. He walked her backwards until her butt bumped against it.

He hooked her panties, sliding them down her legs. Then, staying on his knees, he began to lick and tease her folds. She braced her hands on the table behind her and moaned in appreciation. He'd always been so good at this.

His hands cradled her ass as he licked and sucked at her clit. Laine hovered on edge of release as she pressed her hips against his face. She was about to come when he backed off, kissing a trail back up her body.

She whimpered and he laughed. Closing his mouth on her neck he worked to remove her bra. She reached to cup him through his boxers, already hard. She wanted him inside of her so bad, she needed it. She pushed at the elastic waist band and they pooled at his feet. Stroking him, hearing his breath catch, she felt seventeen again.

He pulled her bra away and shed the shirt that hung loosely from his shoulders before lifting her onto the table. He laid her back and crawled up over her. He covered her body with his and found her pert nipple with his teeth.

She cried out and bucked against him, reaching for him. She guided him to her entrance and he entered her with one swift thrust. She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation of his cock filling her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her hips, trying to take more of him.

Bracing on his elbows he began to pump in and out of her. She ran her hands all over him, retracing every line of him, remembering. He thrust in and out, harder, filling her more completely with every stroke. She watched his face, and knew when he was close. Reaching between them she pressed down on her clit, so that his cock stroked her with every pass.

It was enough to push her over the edge. Her hips shot up against him and he cried out with his own climax. Her pussy muscles clenched against him, and she felt the warmth of his cum inside of her.

He kissed her hard, her body limp from orgasm. She'd forgotten what this could feel like, this satisfied feeling he gave her.

"We should get back to the reunion before someone misses us." He sighed reluctantly.

Neither of them moved. She could feel the cold metal of his ring where his hand laid against her stomach. So much she wanted to tell him, so many mistakes.

She got up and dressed, leaving him with a kiss. Once outside she couldn't stop the tears. Her phone buzzed in her clutch and she saw her 15 year old son's name flash on the caller ID.

Smiling she answered, " Hey Brian."


marvimarti.com said...

WOW...thinking I need to dial up my favorite hot stud for an afternoon, office booty call after that!

Max said...

You've convinced me to attend my next high school reunion! Very hot writing, thanks. :-)