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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Naughty List Wednesday!

Ok, Rules are.... list 3 Naughty things you've done, visit the Hostesses and Link-Up!

1) I fooled around with my ex once in a hotel room while his mom was sleeping in the other bed.

2) I cyber-stalk my ex's ex. Like really, I check her 'wall' everyday. I really just want to know when the divorce is final, but it's her fault right? I mean, she should privacy protect don't you think?

3) I blog, and read blogs when I should be doing work... like right now :)


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Aimee said...

gotta love number 1 !! i've done it too!!! and i'm pretty sure #2 is what facebook was made for.. so yeah she has it coming, stalk away!!! :) lol who the hell EVER wants to get paid to WORK?! when you can get paid to do everything but?! awesome!

marvimarti.com said...

OH I love it! And yes if she wanted privacy there are settings for that! :)

McKenzie said...

Your number 1 made me laugh and it brought back memories hahaha! Number 2.. Well she has it coming =] she could set her profile more private, but she chose not to! I am ALWAYS putting things off to blog and read blogs haha.

-MissC* said...

I cyber stalk an ex too.
And I once had sex with my hubs while sharing a tent with his parents. LOL!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

ha ha. Thanks for following my blog, not sure I would have found yours on my own. And now I may take part in confessions. Can't say I did any of those myself. I'm a goody two shoes... okay I couldn't hold back my laugh too long. But I tried.