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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lipstick: Old Flame

Well with all this talk of lipstick I thought I'd kill some time in the cosmetic section before choir last night. I actually did need some new lipstick, ironically, so I thought I'd scope out some names. the funny thing was, it was so obvious what age ranges each brand targeted. Covergirl and Loreal had very tame names, sounded and looked like colors my grandmothers would wear. Rimmel and Maybelline had a few risque names, I'm pretty sure that's where I found J's Metallic Seduction, and I actually bought a new one called Old Flame. I really like it, actually.
I noticed a few not so noticeable brands though that seemed to use the names not only for the colors but the lines. One line was called 'Visibly Wet'. Wow, and people say that advertising sex to women doesn't work. I did find a few names though. There was Ravish Me Red, Seductively Nude, On the Prowl (Which I almost bought) Nearly There (maybe I just have a dirty mind, but come on).

Which made me really curious. I've been wondering why more people haven't entered my little contest, and I've decided to extend it. I'm going to run it through October 3rd for entries and put the poll up on the 4th. It doesn't have to be graphic or raunchy, just a little scandalous ;) So come on guys, you know you want to :)

I can't win, but I wanted to get in on the fun. So in honor of my new lipstick, and in honor of the fact that my ex's divorce will be final today, I give you....

Old Flame

A lot of time had passed. Who knows if I'd have ever bothered coming back here if my sister hadn't insisted upon it. It's Homecoming, and she is in the court, so of course she wanted her big sister here. I looked up several friends online, trying to find someone who would want to go with me, but it seems that everyone else married their high school sweetheart and moved away with their 2.5 kids and dog.

I'm not bitter, really I'm not. I had some of the best times of my life senior year, but I'd had lots of fun since then. I certainly learned a lot about myself, what I like, what I don't like. Who I really am. Of course, therapy has taught me that who I am really hasn't changed, I simply accept it now. When I was younger I tried to hide the things that made me different, and I wanted to simply blend in.

Hundreds of dollars later and coming back here still creates a desire to blend in. I wore blue jeans and a casual black t-shirt. My flip-flops and purse were standard, none of my big statement pieces tonight. I'd sit on the 30 yard line and watch the first half of the game, watch my sister walk around like a beauty queen, hopefully see her get crowned, and then I would be free to go.

Even though I barely know anyone here anymore, the fact that we're winning 36 to 7 with only a minute left in the first half makes me proud. I actually love football. I'm clapping, but not showing the same excitement I'd show at home on my sofa watching my college team win like this. Like I said, I want to blend in.

You come and sit next to me. I noticed a man sitting down, but I kept my eyes on the field. Amazing how being here puts me back in the mindset of that shy young girl. The buzzer sounds and everyone cheers as the players run off the field for half-time. That's when you said my name.

My stomach clenched because I knew that voice, almost as well as I knew my own. I tried hard not to let the shock make it's way to my face, turning to smile, and say hey. You beamed that contagious smile, and raked your gaze over me.

"Wow. How long has it been?" You ask, palms lifted. You reach to hug me instinctively, realizing the potential awkwardness only when it's too late. You give me a light squeeze and pull away, your voice losing some of it's excitement.

"How have you been?" You ask. I smile and nod.

"Pretty good. How about you?" Nodding you agree.

"So what brings you out here tonight?" I tell you about my sister, and point her out on the opposite side of the field. We talk and I study your face. You're still so handsome. Broad shoulders, blue eyes, thick dark hair. You smile and tell me about your job, your daughter, your family. I nod, listening. I've missed you. I'm not sure I realized just how much until I saw you again, but I did. Talking to you now, almost feels like coming home.

They begin to announce the homecoming court and I watch the field. Waving when my sister finds me in the stands. I remember being her age. A senior in high school, dating the boy I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with. I can feel those nostalgic tears welling up in my eyes and I blink quickly, clearing them away. I'm more myself now, and I realize that you still see that girl I was eight years ago.

I turn to you and smile. "Do you remember being that young?" I ask. You looked at me then, grinning.

"All the time." I laughed at your response, and this time I know that my smile reached my eyes. If you look too close you're going to see that I miss you, you're going to see that I still want you. I don't care. I glance back to the field while the announce they queen. It isn't my sister. She didn't even place, but she does look beautiful. The court clears the field for the marching band and I turn towards you again.

"You know, I hadn't really planned on staying for the rest of the game." You nod, and your gaze falls on my wrist. You smile, brushing a finger across my small tattoo.

"Got over your fear of needles I see." You look back up, and I'm smiling. This just feels right.

"I got over my fear of a lot of things."

Your eyes grow wide, contemplating my meaning. You were my first love, but you weren't my first. I'd been so nervous then, so afraid of being judged. You nod towards the field.

"Are you going to speak to your sister before you leave?" Looking down to where the court stood on the side of the field taking pictures I shook my head.

"I'll send her a text message to tell her how beautiful she is. She's with her friends, I don't want to interrupt that." When I look back to you, you're studying me, as though I hold some answer to an unspoken question.

"Let me walk you to your car then." You stand and move up to the next bleacher, extending your hand so that I can follow. I take it, and once again, time slips away and it just feels right. You didn't hold my hand to the car, that would've been cheesy, but you did place your hand on my back as we worked our way through the crowds milling about the stadium. Once we'd gotten out of the gate and the crowds cleared you cleared your throat.

"So, are you seeing anyone?" You're a big strong guy, you always have been, and the way you timidly ask the question makes me stand a little straighter, smile a little wider. It's powerful to think that you're nervous with me.

"No." I answer. I don't even ask you, because I know you wouldn't have asked if you were. When we get to my car I turn to face you. I don't even bother with keys yet. You're looking at me like you did eight years ago, and all I want is to feel you pressed against me.

"Well," you stutter. It's cute. But as I'd mentioned before. I've gotten over a lot of my fears, including rejection. I take a step toward you and place a soft kiss on your lips. Hesitating, giving you a chance to act.

You don't disappoint me. Your arm comes around my waist, pulling me close to you and you kiss me again. wrapping my arms around your neck I get lost in this feeling of belonging. This is so familiar, and yet so new. You're kissing me with heat I hadn't yet known in high school. I relish the feel of your tongue against mine, and my body sways against yours. This intensity scared me then. It was part of the reason we didn't last, but now. Now, I break the kiss and offer you my neck, which you greedily lick and bite.

I moan, and you're the first to realize that we are still in a public parking lot with high school students roaming about. You pull away, looking to me to tell you what to do.

"Follow me home?" I ask. You simply nod, kissing me again. I fish out my keys as you cross the parking lot to that same white pick-up truck. It makes me smile that you drive the same car. You obviously haven't wrecked as many as I have.

I hop in and wait for you at the stop sign. My house is only five minutes away. I worry for a minute that this could easily be a one night stand, and I may let myself get hurt again. I quickly dismiss the thought. Over the years I've routinely wished that you had been my first. That my memory of the person who holds a place in my heart by default could have been you.

I want to be with you. I feel myself growing wet just thinking about it. When we pull into my little driveway I hurry to unlock the door. By the time I've gotten the deadbolt you're behind me with your hands on my waist. Slipping into the house I slide effortlessly into your arms, as though there's no where else that I should be.

You kiss me, this time slower. You pull me closer, changing the angle of the kiss and I whimper, surprising myself. You groan and hold me even tighter. I walk us towards the sofa and tug at your shirt, pulling you down to the cushions with me.

Laying me back, you shift your weight on the sofa. Taking your time, kissing me slowly. You stroke your hands along my body, in no hurry to remove my clothes. Feeling your hands on me takes my breath away. We lay there kissing and stroking, until my body is wound as tight as a coil, and I have to feel your skin against mine.

Sliding my hands beneath your shirt I bring it over your head, then reach to remove my own. You kiss my breasts where they swell over the cups of my bra, sliding your hands around to unhook the clasp at my back. With my breasts free and uncovered, you begin to kiss every inch of them, slowly, as though it were a ritual of worship.

I'm writhing beneath you, aching to feel you inside of me, and yet I don't want to rush your lazy exploration of my body. You unbutton my jeans and slide them away, kissing a path down my stomach and rolling away my panties. For a moment you simply stare at my naked body. It is so clear watching you that you aren't seeing my imperfections, if anything you are appreciating them.

You shift on the sofa, again kissing a trail down to my bikini line, licking and nibbling in a circle around the insides of my thighs, and low on my belly. Closer and closer you circle in to that sweet ache. When your tongue slips between my folds I gasp at the contact, and I can hear your audible sigh before you hold me open with one hand and begin to kiss and lick at my tight little nub. You moan against me and the vibrations make me tremor. Your hot breath against my center has me straining for release.

"Please." I whisper. You oblige, covering me with your mouth, sucking me while sliding first one, and then two fingers into my tight channel. My orgasm hits me so strong I cry out and my hips buck up off of the sofa. You cradle my hips as I ride out the first wave, and continue to gently suck, bringing a second wave of pleasure over me. When the intensity subsides, I wam so sensitive, your breath against me makes me flinch.

Kissing your way back up to my mouth, I can taste my wetness on your lips. You cover me with your weight and we sink deeper into the pillows. I an feel your erection pressing against my thigh and I reach down to cup you in my hand.

You moan as I lift my mouth to whisper in your ear. "My turn." Adjusting our positions, I quickly remove your jeans and boxers. Your erection is impressive, one of the things that had me so nervous eight years ago was the size of you. Still possibly one of the largest I've personally seen. My mouth waters to taste you.

Kneeling beside the sofa I lick your shaft from base to tip. Hearing your sharp intake of breath, I smile. I take you into my mouth as far as I can, but you're so long. Wrapping a hand around you I begin to slide up and down, bobbing over your lap. With my other hand I trace circles around your boys, feeling them draw tightly against you.

I slow down, again licking your length, and teasing your tip with my tongue. I begin to suck  and lick at your tip like a lollipop, tasting you, wanting more. I begin to cover you again with my mouth. Your wind your hand in my hair, not forcing me down on you, but massaging my scalp, squeezing a little harder when I find that soft little spot beneath your tip. I begin to suck you harder, and I can feel you tensing in my hand, your hand pressing harder against my skull.

"Baby," you try to warn me, but it isn't necessary. You explode in my mouth and I suck you harder, drinking every drop. Your cock spasms in my mouth and I continue to lick and suck as the spasms subside. Once you're spent I run my hands up your flat stomach. My pussy has flooded with juices again and I'd love nothing more than to take you inside of me, but you need a minute. I lay beside you on the sofa and you wrap your arms around me, tucking me in close.

I nuzzle and your neck, pressing soft kisses beneath your jaw. You tilt your head down to meet my mouth, kissing me soundly, your hand stroking up and down my back.

Your breathing returns to normal and I shift, standing beside the sofa. You watch me, smiling.

"I didn't realize how much I missed you." You say. It really does feel like coming home, being here with you. I want you to stay forever, but I can deal with all of that tomorrow. I take your hand, willing you to come with me. You follow me down the hall to my bedroom, where you lay me against the pillows and make love to me for the first time, and the second, and the third.


GoodWill said...

WOW. That was hot to read, and as usual, I'm regretting reading that at work!

dating diva said...

damn girl this is HOT