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Friday, September 24, 2010

Jump on in the handbasket...

One Crazy Brunette Chick
It's Blog Stalk Friday Fuckers! Go check out CB this week. The bitch actually put on her make-up so that the world could hear her voice. Link up your happy asses, if your blogs don't suck ass.

And of course head on over to see Boobies and link-up for Fuck you Friday!

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Fuck plans. I love my sister, but the bottle of wine and bubble bath didn't happen last night, because just as I pulled out my favorite Megan Hart book to re-read in the tub, in bounds a perky little blonde just waiting to spend time with me. Love her, love her, love her. Wanted a damn bath and some fucking wine though.

Fuck being understanding! I love my friends, I want them to be happy! But damnitalltohell if the guy I've lusted over for years hasn't fallen for my friend while I've watched and "encouraged" the damn situation.

Fuck disposable cock rings that are found by grandmothers who kindly take out your trash. Yeah, how about that? Of course it wasn't my grandmother, it was J's, ya'll know I haven't gotten lucky lately.

Fuck M. Seriously, fuck the bastard sideways. Prick doesn't know what the hell it means to man up!

Fuck you, if you haven't entered the Lipstick Contest yet. Yep, I said it. You were expecting it though weren't you. Truth is, as much as I get off enjoy writing smut for you all to read, I like to actually read some myself every now and then. And you know a word slut like me has read close to everything out there that's free, and I'm working my way through the books I'm forced to pay for.

So come one, return the favor and write a damn entry for the contest. I mean, how painful could it be to write a little entry. Nanny did it, and she fucking rocked it! You can too. And I expect you to, that's why I extended the contest, so put on your big girl panties and write the scandalous stories that I know are in you!

Ok, so there you have it. All the ranting and raving for this week. I'm kinda excited that I'm only 7 people away from 69 followers :) I'm planning something kinda fun when I get there :)

Enjoy your weekends bitches!


Christy said...

When the kids were little, my favorite "me" time was in the tub with great music and the lights off. It was heaven.

Sir Thomas said...

*grins* I'll put your sexy ass in a basket alter and we can play sit and spin...

but for now bitch get out there and play with the childern...