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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I need to feel the weight of a man on top of me!

You ever say something that someone thinks is clever, but you're sure you didn't come up with it? So you think and think and think about where you first heard it, because it's going to bug you if they figure it out before you do.

Well, I figured it out, thanks to Angela, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite people here in blog world. It was Carrie Bradshaw who said it.

Said what? Oh yeah, sorry!

So I was talking with J earlier today and I mentioned that I was surfing the dating sites. I mentioned it because I once again found someone we knew on there and it settled the question of 'is he still with?' that we'd been asking lately.

Anyway, yeah, so she was kinda like, 'oh, so you're going back to them?' I was pretty disappointed with the last guy I met on there. He was like a piece that just wouldn't fit. So I told her that yeah I was, but what I'd really like would be to find some hot guy out in a bar and have some hot stranger sex.

She laughed and we both acknowledged that I probably wouldn't ever really do that. But I really want some good sex, and no dramatic aftertaste.

There reaches a point, where the sex toys just aren't cutting it anymore. They take the edge off, but only for a day or so. "I can't kiss my damn self. I just want to feel the weight of a man on top of me."

That was when the warning bells went off. Where had I heard that before, I'm not that original. So Angela's post made me think and I looked it up.

Carrie Bradshaw Season 5, Episode 7. I was going to find a clip, but you know how that can go. You can watch the whole episode if you want, but the conversational context was male prostitutes.

Which, is where we are. Not male prostitutes. Even if I could find one around here, I couldn't afford it.

All that to say.... I'm horny.... basically.


Sir Thomas said...

runs to the front of the line knocking the common joes to the crib.....


dating diva said...

"But I really want some good sex, and no dramatic aftertaste."

amen sister