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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get a Grip!

I was talking to a co-worker this morning and I decided to write a self-help book titled: Get a Grip! I'm gonna tell you a story about a grown-ass woman who inappropriately vents and makes herself look pathetic.
Last week I had the misfortune opportunity to talk with the woman sleeping with my father my dad's girlfriend while he wasn't around. She starts to tell me that she thinks he wants to break up with her.

I'm thinking, really? (kinda excited)

Then she tells me he's been mean to her.

Huh? My dad isn't really a mean guy. He'd pretty much known for letting women do whatever they damn well please. So I asked what exactly he'd said to her.

"It's not what he said so much as it's the way he says it, like I'm stupid or something."

*crickets* Again, I ask exactly what he said. So she tells me, and guess what? She was being stupid.

So I suggest that if he's hurting her feelings maybe she should sleep at her own damn house one night take a day or so and spend time with a girlfriend or something.

"Why? Has he said something to you? Does he think I'm around too much?"

By this point I'm thinking 'What the hell, woman?'

"Um, no. But if he's being mean and it bothers you, maybe you should just take some space."

She began to cry. Not sniffle, not tear up, sob like a child.

So at this point my inner voice is screaming, 'What the FUCK!? Why is this happening to me?'

She began to tell me that everyone had someone, and she'd be so lonely at her house alone. She doesn't ask for much, only that he not cheat on her, and she isn't up his butt or anything, she only sees him for a few hours every night.

I nearly flipped my shit! First off, if you are compelled to spend the night with him every single night even when he's being bitchy, you are in fact up his ass. Secondly, there are people all over the world who can spend multiple nights on end alone without falling apart (myself included) and she is sobbing at the thought of ONE fucking night alone?!? WHAT. THE. HELL.

So this entire conversation was wrong on so many levels. For starters, why the hell is she talking to her boyfriend's daughter about her relationship issues? Then there is the blatant admission of her severe co-dependency issues, she clearly needs therapy.

Am I wrong? I'd love to meet someone and have a relationship again, but the idea of being that inter-meshed with another person in nearly inconceivable to me. I'd think it would drive me crazy. I plan to always have friends, and occasionally do things by myself. Is that not normal?

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