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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silence? Really?

So, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. I was even more miserable than the day before. After the nurse gagged me with the strep test I nearly threw up all over her. It was what I figured, basically a cold mixed with some allergies.

The NP gave me some pretty strong stuff to help with the the symptoms. Then told me I needed to rest my voice for a few days. I agreed, but she kept going. "Don't even whisper, you need pencil and paper for the next couple of days unless you want full-blown laryngitis."

NO talking for TWO days?!?!

She wrote me out of work, partly because the meds are so strong and partly because I have to talk to clients at work.

So I am at home with limited access to your blogs, sad, and even those I can view I can't comment. So yeah, this is crummy.

Plenty of anger for "fuck you, Friday" though, haha.

See you guys tomorrow.


Just A. Girl said...

Hmm. I dunno... I think silence can be sexy.

Hope you feel better soon.

-MissC* said...

Gives you plenty of time to come up with some new naughty stories though!

Domestic Minx said...

Just rest and relax, sorry you're sick.

Red Shoes said...

Suck it up and don't talk for a few days... you don't want those consequences... I failed to heed a doctor's advice on this... and wound up having surgery on my vocal cords... not good...

Take care of yourself..


The Invisible Seductress said...

feel better soon!!!!!!!