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Friday, August 6, 2010


Square peg, round hole.

Date 4, and still nothing. I know you all don't know what I look like, because hell you don't even know my name, but I'm cute, and certainly nothing to sneeze at!

Throw in there that I'm horny as hell and I thought most guys would jump on board here.

I looked at this kid and said, "This is the fourth time we've hung out and you haven't made a move yet." I gave him a sexy little smile and he still twiddled his thumbs! Was that or was that not an invitation?! He wants a relationship but he wants to take it slow. So where does that leave us?

Friends. I told him to relax and just hang out with my friends. He had fun, they liked him, maybe we'll find him a good girl who wants to take it slow.... that girl ain't me.

Oh yeah? The funny? We went to a movie and T's little brother was three rows ahead of us in the theater! What a freakin' cosmic joke at this point!

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The Invisible Seductress said...

Oh to have your life.... You minx you!!!!