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Sunday, August 1, 2010


So talking to a friend the other night, and we stumbled upon the topic of rules. My rules specifically.

Growing up, I had a lot of rules. A good little Southern Baptist follows her rules closely, finding all the loop holes, and I was no exception. My distaste for the rules eventually led me to switch denominations and churches for a congregation that was much less judgmental and hypocritical, but I digress.

These days, I'm down to two rules. There are of course things that I don't do simply because I don't want to, for example drugs. My rules though, are for those things that I want to do, but know that if I'm going to be responsible I need to maintain some control.

Rule #1: I don't take naked/semi-naked pictures of myself and send them to people with whom I have not previously had sexual encounters with.

I did this once, and things ended badly, I was lucky they didn't end up all over the social networking pages. It would have been embarrassing for me, but those family members who are clergy? It would have been really bad for them.

The loop hole? (Cause every good rule has a loop hole) When a man is lucky enough to be with me, he can take all the pictures he wants, and I'll take a few of my own ;)

Rule #2: I don't sleep with men the first time I meet them.

This rule may soon be retired. For a long time I was only meeting friends of friends or friends of family, and I didn't want to get a reputation. Now a days I could care less about the reputation, but I don't trust most men.

There is also the anticipation. Unless I've had some kind of internet relationship with someone, the flirting, the banter, the foreplay, this is half the fun ;) So I like to wait for a little bit, to draw that part out some.

As I said though. That rule may be soon retired. ;)

Do you guys have rules for yourself? To keep you in check?


rachel-xx said...

Hey there, Southern Girl. I was raised Southern Baptist as well. I do love them "loopholes".

Sir Thomas said...

your rule one is good...

but never say never is the best thing to do.... NO RULES... thats does not mean you have to do it... just dont make it a rule, for they are meant to be broken....