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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Shoot IV

Part Four

The bra hit the floor and he was frozen to the spot. Suddenly remembering his job he snapped a few more pictures, but his eye was trained on her full breasts. the sunlight and curtains casting shadows on the valley between them.

She gave him a wicked grin, again running her hands across her belly, and then snaking lower.

Her fingers hooked the sides of her bikini panties and she bent forward sliding them down her thighs and over her calves. She took her time, and he watched her breasts fall away from her body as she stepped out of them, tossing them toward her jeans.

He carelessly snapped another picture of the beautiful woman standing naked in front of him. Trying hard to maintain himself he cleared his throat.

"If you move to the bed, " he gave a ragged breath, "We can start to work with the sheet."

A flash of disappointment came across her face and she stepped toward the bed. His eyes drifted down her backside to the small tattoo on her hip. A Joshua tree? He glanced up to see that she'd seen him staring and her smile was back.

She reached for the comforter, stretching herself across the bed rather than stepping around to remove the bedding. He watched the muscles in her legs as she stretched, glanced at her rounded ass as he caught a glimpse of the peach fuzz covering her pussy.

He was already growing hard, but now it was damn near painful. He sat the camera by the window and took two long steps toward her and she straightened to face him.

"I'm going to need some help with this one too." She whispered.

Silently cursing himself he pulled her up against him and covered her mouth with his. her mouth opened beneath his and she moaned. Her arms came around his neck, pulling herself closer against him, her breasts pressed against his chest.

Both of his hands on her warm luscious ass he pulled her against his groin and she squirmed in his arms, trying to make contact.

He took a step forward knocking her back onto the bed. He kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed beside her, again finding and claiming her mouth. His hands massaging her breasts. She slid her hands over his chest and shoulders. He wasn't sure he could take it.

He pinned her hands beside her and tasted her erect nipple, pulling it between his teeth and suckling. She arched against him and came up for air, moving to the other one, just as pink and luscious. She was whimpering beneath him, lifting her hips to his, but gaining no release. He reached between them, finding her opening hot and wet.

She gasped and clutched his shoulder with her now free hand. He teased and stroked her pearled clit as she squirmed and strained against him. He had to have a taste.

He licked and nibbled a trail down toward that heat between her thighs. She was so hot, straining against him like this. He licked the inside of each thigh before making a pass over her seam. She cried out, bucking against his face.

He smiled and made another pass, this time over her clit. The little sounds of pleasure she made cause his cock to grow impossibly harder, straining against his jeans.

He continued to lick and taste, and she was so wet. Her juices were pouring from her sweet little honeypot and he licked and sucked, not getting enough of her taste. He slid a finger inside of her channel, and then another, feeling her muscles tighten he took her clit between his lips and began to swirl his tongue over and around it, until she cried out in release. Her body worked up and down over his fingers, milking him, that sweetness pouring from her body. When her orgasm had subsided he kissed his way back up her body. He claimed her mouth again, he taste still on his tongue.

She sighed and gave a little laugh, "Your turn."

She pushed him onto his back and straddled his thighs. Quickly reaching into his jeans he grabbed his wallet and tossed it on the bed beside them. She glanced at the folded leather and smiled.

"What a good little boyscout." She teased.

Lowering the zipper on his jeans she was careful not to hurt him. She slid her hand beneath the heavy fabric and pulled them away from his body, deftly hooking his socks in the process, saving him the awkward feeling of being naked but his socks. He ripped his t-shirt off as she took his cock into her palm, stroking the length of it.

"I'm not going to last." He struggled to even speak. She smiled and circled a hand around his balls tugging them lightly away from his member. Lowering her head to kiss the tip of his erect penis, she lightly circled her tongue around him.

It felt so good, but he'd been ready to explode when she first took of her bra. Reaching for the wallet he fumbled for the condom and stilled her hands with his own.

"I want to make this count if it's all the same to you." He said.

Smiling she took the condom and rolled it down his shaft. She raised herself over him and guided him to her center, then lowered herself on top of him.

So hot and tight. Her wet center fisted around him. He felt her curls press against him as she came down taking every inch of him inside of her. He grabbed her hips and lifted her only to plunge into her again.

She moaned and he rolled her over then pulled out and encouraged her up onto her knees. She faced the bed post and grabbed hold. He found her wet pussy and plunged in again, filling her. He felt her squeeze around him and knew she'd come again too.

He held her hips, gripping that curious little tattoo, and pushed in and out. Using the headboard for leverage, she pressed her ass back against him. The pace was fast and frantic. He felt himself tighten and even as she reached for her clit his hand covered hers. He came into her one last time, hard, before he spilled. His hand over hers, pressing against that sweet nub, she cried out with a second climax.

She went limp beneath him, he slid out of her and she lowered onto the bed. He disposed of the condom and quickly wrapped himself around her back. The music was still playing, though it was an afterthought. He chuckled against her hair and she began to laugh too.

"What?" She asked.

He shrugged and pulled her closer. "I'm thinking I can't wait to get you in that uniform."


-MissC* said...

I wanted to share a blog with you that I think you might enjoy!
It's pretty hot! Thought you might enjoy it!

GoodWill said...

Awesome. Love your writing, and how each part made you want to keep reading.

The Invisible Seductress said...



-MissC* said...

What a crescendo of an ending. I feel as though I have been rode hard and put away wet! Thanks so much!
Theanticipation that came with the build up of the story was wonderful. I love how you didn't go into too many details about the room around them, just enough to give the reader an idea and yet picture it for themselves. The characters were portrayed wonderfully, with a glimpse into both of their minds. I loved your word usage as well. When I read a story like this I don't like a lot of raucnhy language.
The pure passion and sexual heat was obvious but not overwheleming. I think you did an amzing job, and I can't wait to read whatever you write next! Thanks so much!

Max said...

Fantastic story. Nice writing, very erotic. Thanks!