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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Shoot III

Part Three

I'm not drunk enough for this
, she thought.

The volume of the music jumped up several notches then he reappeared. She was feeling that clutch of desire low in her belly. She only prayed she didn't become obviously wet before this thing was over.

He smiled as he worked with the lens on his camera. She tried to channel the temptress crooning through the speakers, but her heart was racing. She took another sip of wine, wishing she could feel the effects more quickly.

"Dance for me." he said. She laughed again. She swayed her hips a little, feeling awkward in the big empty room.

"Ok," he lowered the camera and walked to her, taking the wine glass from her hand and setting it on the hardwood a few feet away. "Close your eyes."

She closed her eyes, determined to get through this. Then she heard his voice whispering in her ear.

"Imagine you're in a private club." he stood right behind her. "You're here with a man, a man who is everything you're looking for in a lover." She shivered, and he placed his hands on her shoulders, "Keep dancing."

Sighing, she began to sway again. Her hips brushed against him and she stiffened, but he ran his hands down her arms and she began to move again.

"Imagine you're wearing a sleek black dress, thigh high stocking, and strappy three inch heels." She chuckled and she could almost hear the smile in his voice as he said it. She did as she was told imagining herself dressed that way, and found herself dancing more boldly to the music.

"Good," he whispered. At her back he began to dance with her, sliding his hands up her arms and over her shoulder blades. When the song changed it was a slower more sultry number with latin undertones.

The movement changed and he whispered again.

"Now," she could feel his lips graze her ear, "He's going to take you home, and you're going to dance for him."

Her eyes were still closed but she felt him as he pulled away.

She reached for the button of her shirt, stepping out of her shoes. She continued to sway as she took one button at a time. She could hear the shutter of the camera as he snapped away. The first click was harsh, and her eyes flew open at the sound. He lowered the camera to wink at her, and she smiled.

She continued to dance for him while she removed her shirt. Rolling her hips as she unsnapped her jeans. Shimmying out of the denim she let it pool at her feet and stepped out of them, still dancing.

Se reached for her wine and continued to dance around the room while he snapped away. She felt free, and this sexy man was helping her get there. While she sipped from the wine glass her fingers played across her belly, and her hips circled as she twirled closer to the window.

She drained the glass and placed it beside the bed, going back to the window. She looked through the sheer curtains and he continued to snap away. She was remembering the heat of his body against her back while she danced, and suddenly she was hoping this might become very unprofessional.

With a boldness she didn't know she had, she turned to face him again. Reaching for her bra strap she slowly lowered it down her arm, past her elbow, and the the other. Then she reached behind her for the clasp and smiled. He'd stopped snapping.


-MissC* said...

WOW! I was reading with breathless anticipation! Such a great cliff hanging! Have to get to the next one!
I'm glad I didn't have to wait all weekend to hear the ending!

Max said...

I'd have stopped snapping too.... Oh, the anticipation!