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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Shoot II

Part Two

He saw the flash of panic that flickered across her face with his question. He knew what she was thinking, because he was thinking it too. She wanted him.

He hadn't missed the way her eyes locked on his mouth, or the racing pulse at her neck. She was breathing long slow breaths, and so was he.

He'd been attracted to some of his clients before, sure. Afterall, who wouldn't enjoy taking pictures of scantily dressed women for a living? But the gut punch when he'd opened the door hadn't been expected. Her demeanor was so repressed, her sexuality subtle, but strong.

Her brown hair hung just past her shoulder blades, and she'd used a curling iron to give it some volume. Her make-up was subtle, all but her eyes. She wore a pale shadow over her lids that shimmered, and the liner was brown, not black, so while it had opened up her eyes, it wasn't stark and forced. She had long eyelashes that were very real, with just enough mascara to darken them. There was no tarantula effect that he saw on most of the highly made up women who came in for a shoot.

She wore jeans and a simple blue button up top, but he was certain that beneath the average clothes was a spectacular figure clad in black lingerie. Her nails were short, but freshly painted. Crimson. That added to the fact that these pictures would be 'for herself', indicated that she was a siren, without anyone to sing to.

Reed brought himself back to the job and went to the short fridge in the corner to grab her a bottle of water. He walked it back over and she smiled when she took it.

"I don't suppose there's something stronger in here? I'm starting to question if I've got the nerve." She gave a nervous laugh and twisted the to from the bottle, drinking like she'd been dying of thirst.

He smiled and told her to sit tight. He made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of red and two wine glasses. He was a beer guy himself, but wine was classier. When he got back to the room she'd walked over to the window. When he came in she turned to face him, and it nearly took his breath away. The lighting on her skin against the sheer curtains was amazing. He was wishing for his camera and almost told her to stay put, but she was already walking forward to claim her drink.

"So, how many glasses until you get out of those clothes?" He teased.

She laughed, but not a high pitch nervous laugh like he'd expected. It was low and sexy. she looked up with a sparkle in her eye, even if she was still blushing.

"If you'd like me to strip, you just need to ask."

Reed felt the breath rush out of him. He coughed. Taking the opportunity to leave the room he went for his look books, so she could pick some poses and outfits. Outfits mainly consisted of accessories, but had a few robes and gowns that fit a range of sizes if she wanted something like that.

There was also the costume options. A few standards, french maid, cheerleader, police officer. He wasn't sure she'd be one to go for that, but hey, who knew.

When he came back she'd settled on the loveseat with her wine.

"Do you have any music?" She asked. "It's really quite in here."

"Sure." He handed her the album while he went to the stereo in the hallway. "You want mood music or radio?" He called out.

"Mood music?" She asked and he jumped. She'd followed to the door thumbing through the album. "What does that consist of?" She grinned at one of the pictures, though he couldn't see from there which one.

"Well," he cleared his throat, "I've got some sassy mixes, think Pussycat Dolls and Christina Aguilera. Then there's the more playful mixes, like Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Finally we've got Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, if you're looking for something slow and sensual." He gave her a wink and she laughed.

"Go with the first one." She smiled and turned back into the room. He chuckled and pulled the first mix from the case and turned the volume up to mid-way.

She laid the album on the bed, holding her wine glass in one hand and marking a few pages with the other. He slid beside her and saw she picked three styles that he hadn't expected. The first, was sexy and seductive, working with a sheet rather than a costume. The second was playful; barefoot, bra and panties, in front of the huge windows. It was the third one though that really surprised him. She'd picked a police shot, but not the costume. This shot was a woman in an open uniform top, cuffs and a dress hat. It was very hot. That shot had actually been sold to a woman's magazine to accompany an article about spicing up the bedroom.

He nodded in agreement and refilled her glass.

"Ever done a strip tease before?" He asked. He wasn't surprised when she stiffened and looked at him with apprehensive eyes.

"No." She said simply.

"Well, you're going to get undressed anyway. Let me grab the camera and we'll see if I can help you relax."


-MissC* said...

I love how you took the second part from his point of view. It really helps you feel comfortable in the scene. Their flirting is light hearted enough that it's believeable. And once again you have painted the imagery really well without getting bogged down in too many details. LOVING IT!

Max said...

Nice writing, you're pulling me in.... :-) On to part 3.