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Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Shoot I

Part One

It had been a long time since anyone made her feel sexy, and she was tired of waiting. Her girlfriend Tonya had had some pictures made for her soon-to-be husband and the photographer had done a phenomenal job. Some of the pictures were so seductive, it was hard to believe she wasn't honestly in the throes of passion. Her eyes were heavy and her lips were swollen.

When Kat saw the pictures she knew that this was what she needed. She'd saved up her latte money for the past two months, and taken a little out of her savings to book the shoot. She didn't have a stash of lingerie, afterall there hadn't been anyone to wear it for in almost two years.

When she'd called to schedule the appointment she asked what she needed to buy.

"Nothing, if you have a single bra and panty set, preferably in black, I can help with the rest."

She'd sighed a breath of relief at the time. She wasn't sure she could afford the shoot and a shopping spree.

Now that she was here she was nervous. She lifted a hand to knock on the door of the studio loft. The building was old, but charming. There was no sign for the photographer's studio. He had ads in the phonebook and such, but he primarily worked by word of mouth according to Tonya.

She rapped quickly on the door and took a step back, smoothing out her shirt-front. She was so unsure. She'd worn the prettiest underwear set she had, but she'd tucked another away in her purse just in case.

She could hear the clatter of a lock being turned and the door opened inward. She was surprised at the man who answered the door. Somehow she'd expected a clean-cut urban-type metro-sexual with black thick-rimmed glasses. The man who stood in front of her smiled, and reminded her of a slightly shorter, and slightly less-muscled Hugh Jackman.

"Hi, I'm Reed." He introduced himself and extended a hand. She took it and he led her through the doorway.

"Kat." She answered. Suddenly she realized she'd be next to naked with this man, and given his blatant masculinity, she wasn't altogether sure she'd properly prepared for it.

"Nice to meet you, Kat." He released her and and relocked the door. "You smell nice, is that your shampoo?" She gave a nervous laugh and nodded.

"Thank you."

He nodded, "It's nice. Not too strong the way perfume can be. It suits you." Kat was sure she was blushing, she'd never taken compliments well. A result of receiving so few in her last relationship she was sure.

"So what do you need me to do?" She asked. She was resisting the urge to pick at her freshly manicured nails. She was task-oriented, she needed a task.

"Just relax," ha laughed. "Come here."

She followed him down a narrow hallway with a bathroom on one side and two bedrooms on the other. She caught a glimpse at the furniture in the first room as she walked by. It was very Elizabethan. She recognized the bed frame as the one she'd seen in Tonya's pictures.

The second room, the one he motioned her into, housed a much more dramatic set of furniture. The king sized bed was framed with wrought iron, and a black framed mirror took up and entire wall. The tall windows allowed natural light to be filtered in through sheer black curtains. the bedding was crimson, and on the far wall there was a modern style loveseat covered in white.

She didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until her gaze landed back on Reed. She exhaled slowly, suddenly wondering what she'd gotten herself into.

Reed walked over to her and slid her purse from her shoulder. She looked up to see what he was doing, but her gaze didn't make it past his mouth. He had a strong jaw covered with a couple days worth of scruff. He struggled to maintain even breath.

He stepped back, taking her purse and setting it next to the door. She brought her eyes up to meet his and he smiled. It was a smug, sexy smile, like he knew what she was thinking. She tried not to blush, but felt the color warm her cheeks.

"So," he started, leading her over to sit on the edge of the bed. "Talk to me about what you want."

Oh god, she thought, what am I doing?


Domestic Minx said...

Yummy words!

GoodWill said...

Very intriguing! I was going to read the first one now and get to the rest later...but I might not be able to wait to see where it goes!!!

-MissC* said...

I loved this! Just catching up on the weekend posts I missed. This is so clean and yet seductive. I love how well you describe everything, I feel as though I am there, but yet you don't get lost in an over abundance of detials. It's really well done! Can't wait to read the rest!

Max said...

Nice start. Moving on to part two....