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Monday, August 2, 2010


It was one of those days. She needed it the way a drug addict needs a fix. It had been too long and her body was desperate. She knew he'd be here.

She found him chatting with a cute little brunette, but she was young, and with a lot of friends. She wouldn't be leaving with him. Slipping into the bathroom she touched up her face and adjusted the cleavage. The sparkly teardrop necklace cradled between her breasts drew the eye exactly where she wanted it to go.

She left the restroom to seek him out at the bar. Wedging herself between him and another cutie who was far too young for her, she ordered a drink. She took a step back to let him notice her. She could sense his attention on her. He placed a hand on the small of her back, as she tries not to grin too wide.

"Hey girl, what are you doing here?" He wrapped his arm around her for a half hug and she took her drink from the bartender.

"Oh, you know" she hugged him back and sipped the drink, "Just looking for trouble." Winking, she rubbed his back. He raised his eyebrows in question.

"What kind of trouble you lookin' for?" He asked.

With a light laugh, hoping it didn't give her away, she responded. "Your favorite kind, cowboy."

It had never been a secret that he was a ladies man, but he'd never hit on anyone in their small group of friends. His eyes lowered to her pendant.

Leaning in close he whispered, "Nice necklace." He traced the chain down to where the pendant hung, the backs of his hands brushing her breasts. Working hard to control her breathing she lifted her drink for another sip.

He dropped his hand and lowered his gaze to the hem of her dress, which hit mid-thigh and left little to the imagination. She continued with her drink, then sat the glass on the bar, empty.

He glanced at the glass and back to her face. "You aren't playing tonight, are you?" His eyes twinkled and she winked.

"Not yet."

There was a small dance floor, but it was already filled with people. She took the half-empty beer bottle from his hand and placed it on the bar, pulling him with her into the crowd.

The song's beat and provocative lyrics added fuel to her already raging libido and she began to dance with her back to him, his hands coming around to rest on her hips as he followed her lead.

The beat shifted into a new song, slightly slower and even more provocative. He placed a hand low on her belly and pulled her back against him. The curves of her ass rubbing against his groin with every sway of her hips.

He swung her around to face him and she was pulled astride his strong thigh. She continued to dance against him, sliding down his thigh as she did. He hooked her waist with his arm and pulled her flush against him so that his face was in her tousled hair.

"Was this the kind of trouble you were looking for?" he asked.

"That depends," she replied, reaching between them to cup his growing erection, "are we leaving yet?"

He muttered a curse and laughed. He took her hand and pulled her from the dance floor. When they stepped out of the club the cold night air slapped her face and stole her breath. He shrugged out of his brown leather jacket and wrapped it around her as he shuffled her to his truck.

Once inside he pulled her close to plant a hard kiss on her mouth and slid a hand into the V of her dress. His fingers found her pebbled nipples and he moaned. Quickly pulling away to put the car in gear.

He didn't live far, and they were in his driveway in minutes. He killed the engine and reached for her, but she shimmied out of reach and climbed out the door. She was heading for the front door with him hot on her heels.

When she reached the door and went to turn toward him, he pressed her against the cold heavy door with his body tightly against her back. He worked with the double locks with one hand, while the other played at her hip, and his mouth trailed little bites over her shoulders.

Once the door was unlocked and gave way beneath her, he spun her around into the foyer and slammed the door behind them. Her hand were buried in his hair as kissed her neck and slid his hands up her thighs, beneath the hem of her dress.

In a swift move he'd pulled it over her head and thrown it to the floor. She was in her bra and heels and he'd just discovered she wore no panties.

She reached for his shirt front and pulled it over his head while he pushed her towards the sofa. The backs of her calves hit and she fell into the plush cushion. He knelt before her and she reached for his pants.

He stopped her with a kiss and pressed her back into the cushions. He reached around to release the snap of her bra and pulled it away, lowering his mouth to one pert nipple and suckling there, pulling moans and sighs from her, before moving to the other nipple. Her hands were in his hair, and gripping his shoulders as his hand cupped her mound, feeling her heat.

He parted her folds with a finger and found her slick and ready. Sliding first one, then two fingers inside of her, he lightly bit a line down her stomach until he came to the apex of her thighs, where his hands teased and played.

Her breath caught and she closed her eyes. This was what she needed.

His mouth covered her sex and he licked and toyed with her folds, avoiding the sweet nub that would be the key to releasing her pleasure. He continued to tease her, and nips at the insides of her thighs even as she whimpered, begging for more.

She wound her fingers in his hair and pulled him towards her center and he complied, flattening is tongue firmly against her and licking directly over her clit. She cried out and he began to suck and kiss the little nub until she went flying over the peak, screaming his name, and gasping for breath.

He shucked his jeans while she caught her breath and covered himself with a condom from his pocket. He looked down at her sated body, limp with pleasure, in nothing but her heels. His cock throbbed and he cradled her, shifting until she lay across the couch and he covered her body. He kissed her as she reached for his cock. She stroked him and he pulsed in her hand.

Roughly, he pulled her hand away and pinned it above her head. He found her center, still wet and slick with her juices and slid into her. He filled her completely, and quickly withdrew only to slam into her again.

She cried out, both in pleasure and pain. His hands came to find her hips and he anchored her there as he continued to pound in and out of her at an intense pace. Even with the glimpse of pain in his thrusts, she raised her hips to meet him. She could feel the wave of pleasure building and her hands gripped his wrists, her nails leaving little half-moons on his skin.

He groaned and increased his speed. She was so close, she just wanted one more, before he....

He slid one hand over to cover her clit with his thumb and she exploded with her second orgasm as he came, buried inside of her. He tried to shift his weight to the back of the sofa, hooking an arm around her waist to keep her from falling to the floor.

They laid there in a sheen of sweat and sex, trying to catch their breaths.

She hoped he'd gotten over this sleeping with friends thing, cause she was definitely going to need that again.


Sir Thomas said...

Slightly slower and even more provocative, I do love going here.

just discovered you wore no panties, *sighs* I would have found that out much sooner….

I can see this so clearly....

marjorie said...

what great story and beautifully developed...I stumbled on your blog somehow, laughed at your bio...recovered baptist? Can you do anything with me devout Mormon, Jim (hopelessly devoted to his wifey?) maybe not.. :)