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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Naughty List #2

Week #2, For those of you who weren't around last week, for this Meme you have to list 3 Naughty Things you've done and link up. It can be Naughty things you've done in the past, present, last week, yesterday, or an hour ago.

1) So I jerked my boyfriend off in the backseat in high school.... his dad was driving.
What? We covered up with a blanket ;)

2) I'm a tease. Not always, but often. I'll have phone sex, cyber sex, or dirty text with guys that I know will never get in my pants because it's a welcome distraction from the life that people around me see.

3) I suppose I could repeat #3 from last week since it's a recurring event, but in the spirit of variety, I edit and proofread my manuscript when I'm waiting for choir to start on Wednesday night.... Wonder what would happen if anyone dared looked over my shoulder ;)

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Crazy Brunette said...

Bitch those were fucking awesome!

I'm such a fucking tease too! I love it!!!One of the few pleasures I indulge on a regular basis!!

~J said...

You are one wild chick....and I LOOOVE it!

Meghan said...

good stuff...I have to ask from your tweets what you do for a living...sounds like what I do!

Just A. Girl said...

Hmm... teasing... maybe that is something I need to try. I need a distraction. :)