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Monday, August 16, 2010

A little bit of everything....

Ok my little whores, I'm sick and bitchy this morning. Before I disappeared for the weekend I set up a little installment story for you guys. Photo Shoot I, II, III, and IV. Now, I didn't get a whole lot of feedback and generally I wouldn't care, but since I'm working on a book over here ya'll are making me nervous.

Was it just low traffic because it was the weekend? (I'm guilty of that.)
Was it too difficult to follow the installment because you're lazy? (guilty here, too.)
Or do I suck when I try to do more than quick and dirty sex....(this is my fear, eek!)

Normally I would simply write another hot and heavy piece, someone would tell me they love it and I would feel better. But I'm sick and tired this morning, and I simply don't have it in me.

I'm fishing. Compliments or criticism are both welcome, I'm basically fishing for feedback.

I generally only fish for compliments a few times a year and next month is my birthday so prepare yourselves for a fishing trip then too ;)

In other news, I think B might have finally figured out that texting me every night is not going to get him anywhere. I wasn't trying to hurt his feelings, but he was sending text messages every single night, and none of them were dirty!

I'm a child of the computer age and texting can be pretty damn convenient most of the time, but if you just want to chat, I'd like to hear a voice. I can only say, 'you should call me' so many times.

After saying twice, and once in writing, that we were just going to be friends, he still sends me text messages every night, asking what I'm doing. Now maybe it's just me, but if you're looking for a date you should give a few days notice, not text me everyday when you get off work to see if I'm available or not.

I refuse to be one of those girls who waits by the phone. I'm a social person and I generally have plans, and if I don't, it's usually because I need to be at home for one reason or another, last night I was running my little sister around.

Anyway, like I said I'm bitchy this morning. It makes me angry that he is so inept at the whole dating thing. I'm not overly old-fashioned, but there are a few things I do expect. I thought I'd make a little list :)

1) I expect to be asked out on an actual date. Make a plan and ask me if I'd like to go. Do not continue to ask me what I would like to do. Have balls, make a decision.

2) I expect to know whether or not you are interested in me. I don't like to guess. If we've been out more than once and I've let you pay, you can assume that I'm open to dating. So please, show me that you're interested. Give me a little kiss, tell me how good I look, touch me every now and then. If moving fast isn't your thing, I'm not asking you to sleep with me right away, but maybe you could at least put your arm across the back of my chair so I know you aren't scared of me!

3) I do expect you to be an adult and use your words. I'm not one for having that 'where is this going' talk real early, but if you are the one to bring it up, you need to be prepared to say what you want to say. Hem-hawing around and twiddling your damn thumbs is not going to impress me.

4) Finally, I do expect you to pay for a little while. I'm not someone who thinks a guy always pays. If you're strapped for cash then plan a night in with a movie, you already own, that I haven't seen. Honestly, a date is a date no matter what you spend. But for God's sake, don't let me pay for myself when we are with my friends the third time we hang out! If you want to impress me, you need to impress them. I go out of my way not to be an expensive date. I don't get snacks at movies. I always drink water, unless you're offering alcohol. When you give a choice between 2 places, I'll go with the less expensive one. I'm not trying to bleed your wallet, but you need to step up and pay for a little while.

5) Walk me to my damn car! Enough said here?

I don't feel that this is an over powering list of expectations. I simply expect a man to be a man. I'm not looking for a wimpy guy that I can push around, I'm looking for a guy who will stand up to me when I get a little crazy. I want someone with a personality as strong as mine.

I'm just incredibly disappointed that every guy I seem to attract has all the charisma of a wet noodle.

Sick, tired, and bitchy... that's me.


GoodWill said...

I don't think your expectations are too much at all...in fact, the last one should be a deal breaker IMO. We (guys in general) should be doing that one regardless of whether we are dating or friendly...but it's so easy to do and so important.

And I'd guess the lack of feedback was the slow weekend. I know personally, I'm a Monday-Friday blogger...so once I leave work on Friday, my computer doesn't turn on until Monday morning (and sometimes later).

The Invisible Seductress said...

wet noodles can be fun (she says trying to comfort you but knowing it's not true)

You'll get yours in the end!! Buwahahaha wait..Ok I'll just leave it that way, I feel naughty today,,,,winks

GLNO said...

I got minimal feedback this weekend when I asked for input so I agree with Goodwill in that I don't think as many people surf the blogs over the weekend. I love your stories but am always a fan of the quick and dirty quick ones.

As far as the guy - your expectations are NOT too much. Hold firm sweetie!