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Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Morning....

I can hear the creek bubbling below us. The rain last night must have really flooded it because we can't usually here it this far up. It's relaxing, and my body is already mush from a night of lovemaking with you.

I wish I could see you more often, but your job keeps you away so much. Even today is bittersweet because I know that tomorrow you'll be gone again. When I woke this morning I reached for you, and the sheets were still warm, but you weren't there.

I could hear your footsteps in the kitchen, making coffee and glancing at the paper. I slid out here to check the temperature. This time of year it fluctuates so wildly, the only accurate gauge is to simply walk outside.

It's muggy, because of the rain, but even this early it's warm. It's likely to be a hot, humid day. I'm wearing your over sized t-shirt and nothing else, but that's the beauty of living so far out of the city. There are no neighbors behind us, so I can come out onto the balcony without worrying about being seen.

Knowing that you'll find me when the coffee is ready, I settle down into one of the metal rockers and close my eyes. The moisture from the chair seeps through the cotton shirt. I listen to the birds and the creek below. It is so peaceful. I could fall asleep out here, just like this.

The sliding door opens behind me and I don't have to look to know that it is you. You kiss my forehead and place a mug between my hands. I let out a satisfied hum and you prop against the railing.

"It really is beautiful out here." You comment. Normally I would segue way into a conversation where I try to convince you to move out here with me, but not today. It would be pointless, and there isn't enough time this visit to mar it with anything unpleasant.

I let my gaze float over you, taking you in just like this. You're in your boxers and no shirt. You're hair is ruffled and your necklaces graze the line of hair across your chest. The St. Christopher's Medallion I bought you last year, and your father's USMC pendant your mother gave you.

Smiling, I lift my foot to trace your calf muscle. I watch as a grin tugs at the corners of your mouth, but you don't turn to face me. I sip my coffee, and then set it on the small tiled table beside the chair.

Standing, I walk to the rail beside you, looking out into the woods, towards the sounds of the creek. I stand close to you. So close that your arm is flush against mine, and the thin mist of the foggy morning hugs us both, making your skin glisten. I want to taste you, but you've made it a game, by refusing to acknowledge me.

I lift my elbows to the railing, bringing the hem of your shirt off of the backs of my thighs to brush my bare ass. I can feel the cool morning air as it breezes across my pussy and I shiver.

I hear you swallow. Your gaze hasn't moved. You haven't actually seen my bared sex, but you know it's there. I wonder if you can smell my arousal, or if you simply see me in your mind, the way I was the night before, laid across the bed, legs open, waiting for you.

I watch the muscles of your forearm as they flex and relax. You want to touch me. I can sense it. I know it as well as I know myself. I glance to the front of your boxers and see that it won't be much longer before you give in.

I brush my hair back over my shoulder, exposing my neck to you, and I lean a little farther over the railing, the hem of my shirt inching higher as I do. Inhaling deeply I close my eyes.

"Don't you love the way it smells after a big rain?" I ask. You still aren't looking, but you are imaging the rise of my breasts as I breath in, and the feel of my soft skin. There is such obvious tenting in your boxers, I'm beginning to wonder what I will have to do to make you take me, but then you move.

I feel your chest against my back and I sigh. Your erection jutting into my ass, your hands sliding up my thighs lifting the shirt higher as you move. Your strong hands grip and release my hips, a kind of massage, relaxing me, and yet bringing the tension in my sex to a fine point.

You run your hands up my side and along my arms, covering my hands and making me grip the railing. A chill runs through me and I shiver against you.

You groan, tightening your grip on my hands and pressing against my back. I tilt my head to the side, offering you my neck and you take it. I feel the wet heat of your mouth covering me, coming down to bite my shoulder as your hands slid beneath my shirt to cup my breasts.

My breathing is heavy and I press my ass back, beckoning your cock, still hiding behind your boxers. You slide your hands back down my torso, and grip my hips with your strong hands, pulling me back against you.

I'm wet, thinking about having you inside of me again, and I can feel the hot moisture pooling behind my folds. You slide one hand farther, entering my slit with your index fingers, testing my slick opening.

I writhe against your fingers, sliding that slick nub against your rough skin, and again I shudder.

Our heavy breathing has joined the sound of the creek and the birds. You hold me against you still, playing me with your fingers, my ass grinding against your erection. Your fingers wrap around my clit and you give a little tug.

I inhale through my teeth, the sharp sound causing you to grip my hip harder. Not daring to break the silence I bite my lip. Your subtle command to grip the railing stays with me, and I tighten my grip, not daring to move.

Your fingers continue their play, winding me up like a toy. I can feel the orgasm building inside of me, but I want to feel you in me again. I shimmy my hips from your grasp and thrust my ass back against you, arching my back.

Without words, you understand and quickly shed your boxers. You grip me again as you thrust into my tight channel, slick with passion and want.

Entering me to the hilt you push me forward, my breasts pressed against the backs of my hands where I'm gripping the railing, bracing against your thrusts.

The slap of your flesh against mine as you pound in and out of me joins our frantic breathing and the sounds of the creek below. The rushing in my ears sounds more like a waterfall though, as my pleasure builds with each thrust. I can feel you tightening and I know you're close.

I whimper, wanting to join you when you fall over the edge of your pleasure, and you know. Your fingers slip below to press that sweet spot, just between my clit and my opening and I break. With one last powerful thrust I feel you cum inside of me and I cover your hand with my own as I cry out in orgasm. Pressing your fingers more tightly against me, I ride out the waves of pleasure and you relax against me.

Pulling out of me you step-back to sit in the rocker and pull me into your lap. My thighs now weak from my orgasm I curl up against you, and seek your mouth with my own.

I kiss you, hoping that the tears on my face blend with the sweat of the humidity. This moment is so perfect, with the sounds of the morning, and the sweet smell of our love-making.

I'm so happy. Yet I know that tomorrow you will leave me, and go home to her.


~J said...


Girl..you have a real way with words..when are you gonna get this published??

Max said...

Beautiful and *so* erotic. Wow....

Red Shoes said...

Wow... what a LAST sentence!!!!!!!!

That turned this story 180 degrees!!!!!