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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Claim me...

I want you to take me. I trust you. You know me better than anyone and I simply want to feel owned tonight.

When you come to me and I answer the door in my cotton shorts and ribbed tank top, I want you to push me inside and lock the door behind you. Pull me into your arms and claim my mouth with yours.

Your teeth on my neck, I want to feel the restraint that you show. Wanting me so much, yet not wanting to hurt me, at least not too much.

When you walk me into the bedroom and push me back onto the bed, demanding that I undress in a voice that is rough around the edges , I can see in your eyes that you would never bring me any pain that I didn’t want, and yet…

Your naked body covers mine and your mouth lowers to suck on my nipples. You pull my tight nipple into your mouth, covering your teeth with your lips as you bear down on me. The pressure sends a shock straight to my center and I squirm beneath you.

Your big hands come to my hips holding me against the bed, keeping me from finding the contact that I seek.

Your mouth lowers onto my stomach, then even lower to the folds of my pussy. With firm strokes of your tongue you have my body humming with pleasure. I cry out as you suck on my clit, tugging lightly.

I want you inside of me, I want to feel every inch of you. I whimper and you know what I need.

Turning me over your big hands lift my ass to your groin and you soak your cock in my juices. Your hands stroke my back and I guide you to my entrance. Your hands at my hip and on my shoulder, you thrust into me, filling me completely with that first stroke.

The pain is quick but intense. Then I relax around you and you as you build up your momentum, driving deep into me with every thrust.

I push down on your cock with each pass, knowing that I’m taking all of you, but still wanting more.

I feel your hips as they slam against my ass, but still I need more.

“Harder.” I beg.

You continue to slam into me, bringing both hands to my hips. As you drive me closer to the edge I begin to beg, ‘please’.

You bring your strong hand down hard on my ass, the sharp sting resonating in my pussy.

I cry out, so close now. You lift your hand again this time delivering a smack with one long hard thrust and I shatter, my orgasm taking over. I feel your seed spilling inside of me and I bear down on your cock milking you to prolong my pleasure.

Pulling me back against your chest your hand reaches between my legs to graze my sensitive clit, causing me to shudder against you.

You kiss my neck and rub your hands over my breasts and my stomach, talking to me in soothing tones, as though calming a horse.

I relax into you, sated, tired. You knew what I needed. I knew I could trust you.


Tezz said...

OMG I need some sex. I love it when my man takes control, nothing is sexier than that. ('cept for maybe when he's whispering dirty things in my ear)
I like the way you write, it's very real.

rachel-xx said...

Exactly what I need this week.

The Bipolar Diva said...

It's getting hot in here!

~J said...

DAYUM! I need a cold shower!

Just A. Girl said...

Very hot!

I'd love to see the tank top and shorts... maybe an idea for your next HNT? :)