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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So many changes!

I've had quite the busy couple of weeks in both my personal and professional life. I haven't been here as often as before, but it's a good thing. Thanks to some of you I've been motivated to spend more time working on my manuscript, and being productive at work is getting noticed.

But goodness! I come back this morning all kinds of things are going on. People taking breaks from blog world, people going away all together! It's crazy what happens when you check out for a few days!

I started this blog mainly for my writing, and occasionally for my exploits. I need to get back to that. I love all the feedback you guys give me and I appreciate all of it. I need constant motivation and that's what this has become for me.

If not this afternoon then definitely tomorrow I'll be back with something juicy :)

Photo Shoot V?.....maybe?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tha Naughty List #4

It's Naughty Time!

1) Apparently, I do a little pole dancing when I've been drinking.

2) Since my job keeps me in and out of the county courthouse, I keep an eye on the Family Court Dockets in case I know any hotties getting divorced. Then I show my ass in some hot little get-up when I "bump into" them.

3) I made out with this guy that I barely knew in the kitchen of a hotel. By barely knew, I mean that I had worked with him previously for a short period of time before he was arrested at work one day..... he was soo hot though!

That's all this week, check out the Hostesses!

Miss. C
Naughty Mommy
Lunatic Cafe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Morning....

I can hear the creek bubbling below us. The rain last night must have really flooded it because we can't usually here it this far up. It's relaxing, and my body is already mush from a night of lovemaking with you.

I wish I could see you more often, but your job keeps you away so much. Even today is bittersweet because I know that tomorrow you'll be gone again. When I woke this morning I reached for you, and the sheets were still warm, but you weren't there.

I could hear your footsteps in the kitchen, making coffee and glancing at the paper. I slid out here to check the temperature. This time of year it fluctuates so wildly, the only accurate gauge is to simply walk outside.

It's muggy, because of the rain, but even this early it's warm. It's likely to be a hot, humid day. I'm wearing your over sized t-shirt and nothing else, but that's the beauty of living so far out of the city. There are no neighbors behind us, so I can come out onto the balcony without worrying about being seen.

Knowing that you'll find me when the coffee is ready, I settle down into one of the metal rockers and close my eyes. The moisture from the chair seeps through the cotton shirt. I listen to the birds and the creek below. It is so peaceful. I could fall asleep out here, just like this.

The sliding door opens behind me and I don't have to look to know that it is you. You kiss my forehead and place a mug between my hands. I let out a satisfied hum and you prop against the railing.

"It really is beautiful out here." You comment. Normally I would segue way into a conversation where I try to convince you to move out here with me, but not today. It would be pointless, and there isn't enough time this visit to mar it with anything unpleasant.

I let my gaze float over you, taking you in just like this. You're in your boxers and no shirt. You're hair is ruffled and your necklaces graze the line of hair across your chest. The St. Christopher's Medallion I bought you last year, and your father's USMC pendant your mother gave you.

Smiling, I lift my foot to trace your calf muscle. I watch as a grin tugs at the corners of your mouth, but you don't turn to face me. I sip my coffee, and then set it on the small tiled table beside the chair.

Standing, I walk to the rail beside you, looking out into the woods, towards the sounds of the creek. I stand close to you. So close that your arm is flush against mine, and the thin mist of the foggy morning hugs us both, making your skin glisten. I want to taste you, but you've made it a game, by refusing to acknowledge me.

I lift my elbows to the railing, bringing the hem of your shirt off of the backs of my thighs to brush my bare ass. I can feel the cool morning air as it breezes across my pussy and I shiver.

I hear you swallow. Your gaze hasn't moved. You haven't actually seen my bared sex, but you know it's there. I wonder if you can smell my arousal, or if you simply see me in your mind, the way I was the night before, laid across the bed, legs open, waiting for you.

I watch the muscles of your forearm as they flex and relax. You want to touch me. I can sense it. I know it as well as I know myself. I glance to the front of your boxers and see that it won't be much longer before you give in.

I brush my hair back over my shoulder, exposing my neck to you, and I lean a little farther over the railing, the hem of my shirt inching higher as I do. Inhaling deeply I close my eyes.

"Don't you love the way it smells after a big rain?" I ask. You still aren't looking, but you are imaging the rise of my breasts as I breath in, and the feel of my soft skin. There is such obvious tenting in your boxers, I'm beginning to wonder what I will have to do to make you take me, but then you move.

I feel your chest against my back and I sigh. Your erection jutting into my ass, your hands sliding up my thighs lifting the shirt higher as you move. Your strong hands grip and release my hips, a kind of massage, relaxing me, and yet bringing the tension in my sex to a fine point.

You run your hands up my side and along my arms, covering my hands and making me grip the railing. A chill runs through me and I shiver against you.

You groan, tightening your grip on my hands and pressing against my back. I tilt my head to the side, offering you my neck and you take it. I feel the wet heat of your mouth covering me, coming down to bite my shoulder as your hands slid beneath my shirt to cup my breasts.

My breathing is heavy and I press my ass back, beckoning your cock, still hiding behind your boxers. You slide your hands back down my torso, and grip my hips with your strong hands, pulling me back against you.

I'm wet, thinking about having you inside of me again, and I can feel the hot moisture pooling behind my folds. You slide one hand farther, entering my slit with your index fingers, testing my slick opening.

I writhe against your fingers, sliding that slick nub against your rough skin, and again I shudder.

Our heavy breathing has joined the sound of the creek and the birds. You hold me against you still, playing me with your fingers, my ass grinding against your erection. Your fingers wrap around my clit and you give a little tug.

I inhale through my teeth, the sharp sound causing you to grip my hip harder. Not daring to break the silence I bite my lip. Your subtle command to grip the railing stays with me, and I tighten my grip, not daring to move.

Your fingers continue their play, winding me up like a toy. I can feel the orgasm building inside of me, but I want to feel you in me again. I shimmy my hips from your grasp and thrust my ass back against you, arching my back.

Without words, you understand and quickly shed your boxers. You grip me again as you thrust into my tight channel, slick with passion and want.

Entering me to the hilt you push me forward, my breasts pressed against the backs of my hands where I'm gripping the railing, bracing against your thrusts.

The slap of your flesh against mine as you pound in and out of me joins our frantic breathing and the sounds of the creek below. The rushing in my ears sounds more like a waterfall though, as my pleasure builds with each thrust. I can feel you tightening and I know you're close.

I whimper, wanting to join you when you fall over the edge of your pleasure, and you know. Your fingers slip below to press that sweet spot, just between my clit and my opening and I break. With one last powerful thrust I feel you cum inside of me and I cover your hand with my own as I cry out in orgasm. Pressing your fingers more tightly against me, I ride out the waves of pleasure and you relax against me.

Pulling out of me you step-back to sit in the rocker and pull me into your lap. My thighs now weak from my orgasm I curl up against you, and seek your mouth with my own.

I kiss you, hoping that the tears on my face blend with the sweat of the humidity. This moment is so perfect, with the sounds of the morning, and the sweet smell of our love-making.

I'm so happy. Yet I know that tomorrow you will leave me, and go home to her.

Friday Bitchfest and a Blog Stalk...

So CB decided to change FUFF to Blog Stalk Friday, and because she is the shit (and she could likely kick my ass) I won't argue. Besides, this new little button is the shit! It's even got my ass! See that ghetto booty? Swear mine looks just like it! ;) It makes me want to blast out some Kid Rock and dance on a pole... just me? Oh.

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Anyway, time for Fuck you Friday :)

Fuck you laryngitis. I kept my big mouth shut for two days and that's all your getting from me, even if I do still sound like a frog. I lost money last night since I couldn't work and I'll be damned it you're going to stop me from anything else this week.

Fuck you bad hair day. Yeah, that's right. The first day that I can get up and fix myself for the enjoyment of the world and you decide not to cooperate? Well, fuck it! I'm fucking fantastic anyway. No problem my amazing sunglasses can't fix ;)

Fuck you scales. You finally moved that one significant pound that makes me feel like I need to be losing weight again. Shit! One of these days I'm going to make you my bitch and you will say exactly what I want you to say, or I will shatter you against the damn wall!

BWS tips button

Ok, I'm done with that for today. Go visit Boobies and link-up if you need to get it off your chest. I do plan to take it easy this weekend and work on the book some. I got into it yesterday and I feel like I've got my second wind. What?! Yeah I know, it's awesome. I also recognize that with all my whining and being sick this week, you guys haven't gotten any sexy stories! I'm going to work on that this afternoon. Then again it's the weekend and isn't that where the whining started? Oh well, I'll give it to you anyway ;) I'll be back this afternoon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silence? Really?

So, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. I was even more miserable than the day before. After the nurse gagged me with the strep test I nearly threw up all over her. It was what I figured, basically a cold mixed with some allergies.

The NP gave me some pretty strong stuff to help with the the symptoms. Then told me I needed to rest my voice for a few days. I agreed, but she kept going. "Don't even whisper, you need pencil and paper for the next couple of days unless you want full-blown laryngitis."

NO talking for TWO days?!?!

She wrote me out of work, partly because the meds are so strong and partly because I have to talk to clients at work.

So I am at home with limited access to your blogs, sad, and even those I can view I can't comment. So yeah, this is crummy.

Plenty of anger for "fuck you, Friday" though, haha.

See you guys tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Naughty List #3

Here we are again! The Naughty List #3

For this meme you list three naughty things you've done. They can be from years ago or just this morning! Check out the Hostesses and Link-up!

1) Yesterday my meeting ended early, but instead of coming back to work I took a two and a half hour lunch break...

2) A while back my dad got arrested for DUS. He still bitches that he never got notice that his license was suspended.......
I found the DMV letter in my car two weeks after he went to court.... no, I didn't tell him.

3) The summer after I graduated college I was still staying with my parents. My mom had her rental on the market to be sold. So, I snuck a key and took the guy I was fooling around with there when we couldn't go to his place.... I always worried about carpet stains... ;)

Ok guys, check out the hostesses!

One Crazy Brunette Chick
BWS tips button

And once again, I can't find a button for Lunatic Cafe,

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

A big thanks to everyone who indulged my whiny post yesterday!

I'm still sick, and I'm really getting worse. So in another effort to really only care about myself, I'm going to show you some things that I like....

I want a job where I can wear this --->

One day, I will be out of debt, and I will have one of these...

Yes, I love red and black. Get over it!

I would really, really like to find myself one of these.......

So that I could get a little bit of this......

So yeah, basically, these are the things that would make me happy right now. But since I'm sick, as soon as I'm done with this dreaded meeting I will go home, make soup, and curl up in bed to watch Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner as they fight for the existence of Pirates everywhere....

And this guy..... mmm

Monday, August 16, 2010

A little bit of everything....

Ok my little whores, I'm sick and bitchy this morning. Before I disappeared for the weekend I set up a little installment story for you guys. Photo Shoot I, II, III, and IV. Now, I didn't get a whole lot of feedback and generally I wouldn't care, but since I'm working on a book over here ya'll are making me nervous.

Was it just low traffic because it was the weekend? (I'm guilty of that.)
Was it too difficult to follow the installment because you're lazy? (guilty here, too.)
Or do I suck when I try to do more than quick and dirty sex....(this is my fear, eek!)

Normally I would simply write another hot and heavy piece, someone would tell me they love it and I would feel better. But I'm sick and tired this morning, and I simply don't have it in me.

I'm fishing. Compliments or criticism are both welcome, I'm basically fishing for feedback.

I generally only fish for compliments a few times a year and next month is my birthday so prepare yourselves for a fishing trip then too ;)

In other news, I think B might have finally figured out that texting me every night is not going to get him anywhere. I wasn't trying to hurt his feelings, but he was sending text messages every single night, and none of them were dirty!

I'm a child of the computer age and texting can be pretty damn convenient most of the time, but if you just want to chat, I'd like to hear a voice. I can only say, 'you should call me' so many times.

After saying twice, and once in writing, that we were just going to be friends, he still sends me text messages every night, asking what I'm doing. Now maybe it's just me, but if you're looking for a date you should give a few days notice, not text me everyday when you get off work to see if I'm available or not.

I refuse to be one of those girls who waits by the phone. I'm a social person and I generally have plans, and if I don't, it's usually because I need to be at home for one reason or another, last night I was running my little sister around.

Anyway, like I said I'm bitchy this morning. It makes me angry that he is so inept at the whole dating thing. I'm not overly old-fashioned, but there are a few things I do expect. I thought I'd make a little list :)

1) I expect to be asked out on an actual date. Make a plan and ask me if I'd like to go. Do not continue to ask me what I would like to do. Have balls, make a decision.

2) I expect to know whether or not you are interested in me. I don't like to guess. If we've been out more than once and I've let you pay, you can assume that I'm open to dating. So please, show me that you're interested. Give me a little kiss, tell me how good I look, touch me every now and then. If moving fast isn't your thing, I'm not asking you to sleep with me right away, but maybe you could at least put your arm across the back of my chair so I know you aren't scared of me!

3) I do expect you to be an adult and use your words. I'm not one for having that 'where is this going' talk real early, but if you are the one to bring it up, you need to be prepared to say what you want to say. Hem-hawing around and twiddling your damn thumbs is not going to impress me.

4) Finally, I do expect you to pay for a little while. I'm not someone who thinks a guy always pays. If you're strapped for cash then plan a night in with a movie, you already own, that I haven't seen. Honestly, a date is a date no matter what you spend. But for God's sake, don't let me pay for myself when we are with my friends the third time we hang out! If you want to impress me, you need to impress them. I go out of my way not to be an expensive date. I don't get snacks at movies. I always drink water, unless you're offering alcohol. When you give a choice between 2 places, I'll go with the less expensive one. I'm not trying to bleed your wallet, but you need to step up and pay for a little while.

5) Walk me to my damn car! Enough said here?

I don't feel that this is an over powering list of expectations. I simply expect a man to be a man. I'm not looking for a wimpy guy that I can push around, I'm looking for a guy who will stand up to me when I get a little crazy. I want someone with a personality as strong as mine.

I'm just incredibly disappointed that every guy I seem to attract has all the charisma of a wet noodle.

Sick, tired, and bitchy... that's me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Shoot IV

Part Four

The bra hit the floor and he was frozen to the spot. Suddenly remembering his job he snapped a few more pictures, but his eye was trained on her full breasts. the sunlight and curtains casting shadows on the valley between them.

She gave him a wicked grin, again running her hands across her belly, and then snaking lower.

Her fingers hooked the sides of her bikini panties and she bent forward sliding them down her thighs and over her calves. She took her time, and he watched her breasts fall away from her body as she stepped out of them, tossing them toward her jeans.

He carelessly snapped another picture of the beautiful woman standing naked in front of him. Trying hard to maintain himself he cleared his throat.

"If you move to the bed, " he gave a ragged breath, "We can start to work with the sheet."

A flash of disappointment came across her face and she stepped toward the bed. His eyes drifted down her backside to the small tattoo on her hip. A Joshua tree? He glanced up to see that she'd seen him staring and her smile was back.

She reached for the comforter, stretching herself across the bed rather than stepping around to remove the bedding. He watched the muscles in her legs as she stretched, glanced at her rounded ass as he caught a glimpse of the peach fuzz covering her pussy.

He was already growing hard, but now it was damn near painful. He sat the camera by the window and took two long steps toward her and she straightened to face him.

"I'm going to need some help with this one too." She whispered.

Silently cursing himself he pulled her up against him and covered her mouth with his. her mouth opened beneath his and she moaned. Her arms came around his neck, pulling herself closer against him, her breasts pressed against his chest.

Both of his hands on her warm luscious ass he pulled her against his groin and she squirmed in his arms, trying to make contact.

He took a step forward knocking her back onto the bed. He kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed beside her, again finding and claiming her mouth. His hands massaging her breasts. She slid her hands over his chest and shoulders. He wasn't sure he could take it.

He pinned her hands beside her and tasted her erect nipple, pulling it between his teeth and suckling. She arched against him and came up for air, moving to the other one, just as pink and luscious. She was whimpering beneath him, lifting her hips to his, but gaining no release. He reached between them, finding her opening hot and wet.

She gasped and clutched his shoulder with her now free hand. He teased and stroked her pearled clit as she squirmed and strained against him. He had to have a taste.

He licked and nibbled a trail down toward that heat between her thighs. She was so hot, straining against him like this. He licked the inside of each thigh before making a pass over her seam. She cried out, bucking against his face.

He smiled and made another pass, this time over her clit. The little sounds of pleasure she made cause his cock to grow impossibly harder, straining against his jeans.

He continued to lick and taste, and she was so wet. Her juices were pouring from her sweet little honeypot and he licked and sucked, not getting enough of her taste. He slid a finger inside of her channel, and then another, feeling her muscles tighten he took her clit between his lips and began to swirl his tongue over and around it, until she cried out in release. Her body worked up and down over his fingers, milking him, that sweetness pouring from her body. When her orgasm had subsided he kissed his way back up her body. He claimed her mouth again, he taste still on his tongue.

She sighed and gave a little laugh, "Your turn."

She pushed him onto his back and straddled his thighs. Quickly reaching into his jeans he grabbed his wallet and tossed it on the bed beside them. She glanced at the folded leather and smiled.

"What a good little boyscout." She teased.

Lowering the zipper on his jeans she was careful not to hurt him. She slid her hand beneath the heavy fabric and pulled them away from his body, deftly hooking his socks in the process, saving him the awkward feeling of being naked but his socks. He ripped his t-shirt off as she took his cock into her palm, stroking the length of it.

"I'm not going to last." He struggled to even speak. She smiled and circled a hand around his balls tugging them lightly away from his member. Lowering her head to kiss the tip of his erect penis, she lightly circled her tongue around him.

It felt so good, but he'd been ready to explode when she first took of her bra. Reaching for the wallet he fumbled for the condom and stilled her hands with his own.

"I want to make this count if it's all the same to you." He said.

Smiling she took the condom and rolled it down his shaft. She raised herself over him and guided him to her center, then lowered herself on top of him.

So hot and tight. Her wet center fisted around him. He felt her curls press against him as she came down taking every inch of him inside of her. He grabbed her hips and lifted her only to plunge into her again.

She moaned and he rolled her over then pulled out and encouraged her up onto her knees. She faced the bed post and grabbed hold. He found her wet pussy and plunged in again, filling her. He felt her squeeze around him and knew she'd come again too.

He held her hips, gripping that curious little tattoo, and pushed in and out. Using the headboard for leverage, she pressed her ass back against him. The pace was fast and frantic. He felt himself tighten and even as she reached for her clit his hand covered hers. He came into her one last time, hard, before he spilled. His hand over hers, pressing against that sweet nub, she cried out with a second climax.

She went limp beneath him, he slid out of her and she lowered onto the bed. He disposed of the condom and quickly wrapped himself around her back. The music was still playing, though it was an afterthought. He chuckled against her hair and she began to laugh too.

"What?" She asked.

He shrugged and pulled her closer. "I'm thinking I can't wait to get you in that uniform."

Photo Shoot III

Part Three

I'm not drunk enough for this
, she thought.

The volume of the music jumped up several notches then he reappeared. She was feeling that clutch of desire low in her belly. She only prayed she didn't become obviously wet before this thing was over.

He smiled as he worked with the lens on his camera. She tried to channel the temptress crooning through the speakers, but her heart was racing. She took another sip of wine, wishing she could feel the effects more quickly.

"Dance for me." he said. She laughed again. She swayed her hips a little, feeling awkward in the big empty room.

"Ok," he lowered the camera and walked to her, taking the wine glass from her hand and setting it on the hardwood a few feet away. "Close your eyes."

She closed her eyes, determined to get through this. Then she heard his voice whispering in her ear.

"Imagine you're in a private club." he stood right behind her. "You're here with a man, a man who is everything you're looking for in a lover." She shivered, and he placed his hands on her shoulders, "Keep dancing."

Sighing, she began to sway again. Her hips brushed against him and she stiffened, but he ran his hands down her arms and she began to move again.

"Imagine you're wearing a sleek black dress, thigh high stocking, and strappy three inch heels." She chuckled and she could almost hear the smile in his voice as he said it. She did as she was told imagining herself dressed that way, and found herself dancing more boldly to the music.

"Good," he whispered. At her back he began to dance with her, sliding his hands up her arms and over her shoulder blades. When the song changed it was a slower more sultry number with latin undertones.

The movement changed and he whispered again.

"Now," she could feel his lips graze her ear, "He's going to take you home, and you're going to dance for him."

Her eyes were still closed but she felt him as he pulled away.

She reached for the button of her shirt, stepping out of her shoes. She continued to sway as she took one button at a time. She could hear the shutter of the camera as he snapped away. The first click was harsh, and her eyes flew open at the sound. He lowered the camera to wink at her, and she smiled.

She continued to dance for him while she removed her shirt. Rolling her hips as she unsnapped her jeans. Shimmying out of the denim she let it pool at her feet and stepped out of them, still dancing.

Se reached for her wine and continued to dance around the room while he snapped away. She felt free, and this sexy man was helping her get there. While she sipped from the wine glass her fingers played across her belly, and her hips circled as she twirled closer to the window.

She drained the glass and placed it beside the bed, going back to the window. She looked through the sheer curtains and he continued to snap away. She was remembering the heat of his body against her back while she danced, and suddenly she was hoping this might become very unprofessional.

With a boldness she didn't know she had, she turned to face him again. Reaching for her bra strap she slowly lowered it down her arm, past her elbow, and the the other. Then she reached behind her for the clasp and smiled. He'd stopped snapping.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Shoot II

Part Two

He saw the flash of panic that flickered across her face with his question. He knew what she was thinking, because he was thinking it too. She wanted him.

He hadn't missed the way her eyes locked on his mouth, or the racing pulse at her neck. She was breathing long slow breaths, and so was he.

He'd been attracted to some of his clients before, sure. Afterall, who wouldn't enjoy taking pictures of scantily dressed women for a living? But the gut punch when he'd opened the door hadn't been expected. Her demeanor was so repressed, her sexuality subtle, but strong.

Her brown hair hung just past her shoulder blades, and she'd used a curling iron to give it some volume. Her make-up was subtle, all but her eyes. She wore a pale shadow over her lids that shimmered, and the liner was brown, not black, so while it had opened up her eyes, it wasn't stark and forced. She had long eyelashes that were very real, with just enough mascara to darken them. There was no tarantula effect that he saw on most of the highly made up women who came in for a shoot.

She wore jeans and a simple blue button up top, but he was certain that beneath the average clothes was a spectacular figure clad in black lingerie. Her nails were short, but freshly painted. Crimson. That added to the fact that these pictures would be 'for herself', indicated that she was a siren, without anyone to sing to.

Reed brought himself back to the job and went to the short fridge in the corner to grab her a bottle of water. He walked it back over and she smiled when she took it.

"I don't suppose there's something stronger in here? I'm starting to question if I've got the nerve." She gave a nervous laugh and twisted the to from the bottle, drinking like she'd been dying of thirst.

He smiled and told her to sit tight. He made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of red and two wine glasses. He was a beer guy himself, but wine was classier. When he got back to the room she'd walked over to the window. When he came in she turned to face him, and it nearly took his breath away. The lighting on her skin against the sheer curtains was amazing. He was wishing for his camera and almost told her to stay put, but she was already walking forward to claim her drink.

"So, how many glasses until you get out of those clothes?" He teased.

She laughed, but not a high pitch nervous laugh like he'd expected. It was low and sexy. she looked up with a sparkle in her eye, even if she was still blushing.

"If you'd like me to strip, you just need to ask."

Reed felt the breath rush out of him. He coughed. Taking the opportunity to leave the room he went for his look books, so she could pick some poses and outfits. Outfits mainly consisted of accessories, but had a few robes and gowns that fit a range of sizes if she wanted something like that.

There was also the costume options. A few standards, french maid, cheerleader, police officer. He wasn't sure she'd be one to go for that, but hey, who knew.

When he came back she'd settled on the loveseat with her wine.

"Do you have any music?" She asked. "It's really quite in here."

"Sure." He handed her the album while he went to the stereo in the hallway. "You want mood music or radio?" He called out.

"Mood music?" She asked and he jumped. She'd followed to the door thumbing through the album. "What does that consist of?" She grinned at one of the pictures, though he couldn't see from there which one.

"Well," he cleared his throat, "I've got some sassy mixes, think Pussycat Dolls and Christina Aguilera. Then there's the more playful mixes, like Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Finally we've got Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, if you're looking for something slow and sensual." He gave her a wink and she laughed.

"Go with the first one." She smiled and turned back into the room. He chuckled and pulled the first mix from the case and turned the volume up to mid-way.

She laid the album on the bed, holding her wine glass in one hand and marking a few pages with the other. He slid beside her and saw she picked three styles that he hadn't expected. The first, was sexy and seductive, working with a sheet rather than a costume. The second was playful; barefoot, bra and panties, in front of the huge windows. It was the third one though that really surprised him. She'd picked a police shot, but not the costume. This shot was a woman in an open uniform top, cuffs and a dress hat. It was very hot. That shot had actually been sold to a woman's magazine to accompany an article about spicing up the bedroom.

He nodded in agreement and refilled her glass.

"Ever done a strip tease before?" He asked. He wasn't surprised when she stiffened and looked at him with apprehensive eyes.

"No." She said simply.

"Well, you're going to get undressed anyway. Let me grab the camera and we'll see if I can help you relax."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Shoot I

Part One

It had been a long time since anyone made her feel sexy, and she was tired of waiting. Her girlfriend Tonya had had some pictures made for her soon-to-be husband and the photographer had done a phenomenal job. Some of the pictures were so seductive, it was hard to believe she wasn't honestly in the throes of passion. Her eyes were heavy and her lips were swollen.

When Kat saw the pictures she knew that this was what she needed. She'd saved up her latte money for the past two months, and taken a little out of her savings to book the shoot. She didn't have a stash of lingerie, afterall there hadn't been anyone to wear it for in almost two years.

When she'd called to schedule the appointment she asked what she needed to buy.

"Nothing, if you have a single bra and panty set, preferably in black, I can help with the rest."

She'd sighed a breath of relief at the time. She wasn't sure she could afford the shoot and a shopping spree.

Now that she was here she was nervous. She lifted a hand to knock on the door of the studio loft. The building was old, but charming. There was no sign for the photographer's studio. He had ads in the phonebook and such, but he primarily worked by word of mouth according to Tonya.

She rapped quickly on the door and took a step back, smoothing out her shirt-front. She was so unsure. She'd worn the prettiest underwear set she had, but she'd tucked another away in her purse just in case.

She could hear the clatter of a lock being turned and the door opened inward. She was surprised at the man who answered the door. Somehow she'd expected a clean-cut urban-type metro-sexual with black thick-rimmed glasses. The man who stood in front of her smiled, and reminded her of a slightly shorter, and slightly less-muscled Hugh Jackman.

"Hi, I'm Reed." He introduced himself and extended a hand. She took it and he led her through the doorway.

"Kat." She answered. Suddenly she realized she'd be next to naked with this man, and given his blatant masculinity, she wasn't altogether sure she'd properly prepared for it.

"Nice to meet you, Kat." He released her and and relocked the door. "You smell nice, is that your shampoo?" She gave a nervous laugh and nodded.

"Thank you."

He nodded, "It's nice. Not too strong the way perfume can be. It suits you." Kat was sure she was blushing, she'd never taken compliments well. A result of receiving so few in her last relationship she was sure.

"So what do you need me to do?" She asked. She was resisting the urge to pick at her freshly manicured nails. She was task-oriented, she needed a task.

"Just relax," ha laughed. "Come here."

She followed him down a narrow hallway with a bathroom on one side and two bedrooms on the other. She caught a glimpse at the furniture in the first room as she walked by. It was very Elizabethan. She recognized the bed frame as the one she'd seen in Tonya's pictures.

The second room, the one he motioned her into, housed a much more dramatic set of furniture. The king sized bed was framed with wrought iron, and a black framed mirror took up and entire wall. The tall windows allowed natural light to be filtered in through sheer black curtains. the bedding was crimson, and on the far wall there was a modern style loveseat covered in white.

She didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until her gaze landed back on Reed. She exhaled slowly, suddenly wondering what she'd gotten herself into.

Reed walked over to her and slid her purse from her shoulder. She looked up to see what he was doing, but her gaze didn't make it past his mouth. He had a strong jaw covered with a couple days worth of scruff. He struggled to maintain even breath.

He stepped back, taking her purse and setting it next to the door. She brought her eyes up to meet his and he smiled. It was a smug, sexy smile, like he knew what she was thinking. She tried not to blush, but felt the color warm her cheeks.

"So," he started, leading her over to sit on the edge of the bed. "Talk to me about what you want."

Oh god, she thought, what am I doing?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Busy day! I worked through lunch and I'm just now finishing with work! What?! So, here is a little something just because I like it, and it doesn't involve much work :)

Heading home to a bottle of red and a bubble bath.... if anyone feels like dropping by ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Naughty List #2

Week #2, For those of you who weren't around last week, for this Meme you have to list 3 Naughty Things you've done and link up. It can be Naughty things you've done in the past, present, last week, yesterday, or an hour ago.

1) So I jerked my boyfriend off in the backseat in high school.... his dad was driving.
What? We covered up with a blanket ;)

2) I'm a tease. Not always, but often. I'll have phone sex, cyber sex, or dirty text with guys that I know will never get in my pants because it's a welcome distraction from the life that people around me see.

3) I suppose I could repeat #3 from last week since it's a recurring event, but in the spirit of variety, I edit and proofread my manuscript when I'm waiting for choir to start on Wednesday night.... Wonder what would happen if anyone dared looked over my shoulder ;)

Check out the Hostesses and link-up!

One Crazy Brunette Chick
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And there's Lunatic Cafe, but ya'll know me, I couldn't find her button ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Claim me...

I want you to take me. I trust you. You know me better than anyone and I simply want to feel owned tonight.

When you come to me and I answer the door in my cotton shorts and ribbed tank top, I want you to push me inside and lock the door behind you. Pull me into your arms and claim my mouth with yours.

Your teeth on my neck, I want to feel the restraint that you show. Wanting me so much, yet not wanting to hurt me, at least not too much.

When you walk me into the bedroom and push me back onto the bed, demanding that I undress in a voice that is rough around the edges , I can see in your eyes that you would never bring me any pain that I didn’t want, and yet…

Your naked body covers mine and your mouth lowers to suck on my nipples. You pull my tight nipple into your mouth, covering your teeth with your lips as you bear down on me. The pressure sends a shock straight to my center and I squirm beneath you.

Your big hands come to my hips holding me against the bed, keeping me from finding the contact that I seek.

Your mouth lowers onto my stomach, then even lower to the folds of my pussy. With firm strokes of your tongue you have my body humming with pleasure. I cry out as you suck on my clit, tugging lightly.

I want you inside of me, I want to feel every inch of you. I whimper and you know what I need.

Turning me over your big hands lift my ass to your groin and you soak your cock in my juices. Your hands stroke my back and I guide you to my entrance. Your hands at my hip and on my shoulder, you thrust into me, filling me completely with that first stroke.

The pain is quick but intense. Then I relax around you and you as you build up your momentum, driving deep into me with every thrust.

I push down on your cock with each pass, knowing that I’m taking all of you, but still wanting more.

I feel your hips as they slam against my ass, but still I need more.

“Harder.” I beg.

You continue to slam into me, bringing both hands to my hips. As you drive me closer to the edge I begin to beg, ‘please’.

You bring your strong hand down hard on my ass, the sharp sting resonating in my pussy.

I cry out, so close now. You lift your hand again this time delivering a smack with one long hard thrust and I shatter, my orgasm taking over. I feel your seed spilling inside of me and I bear down on your cock milking you to prolong my pleasure.

Pulling me back against your chest your hand reaches between my legs to graze my sensitive clit, causing me to shudder against you.

You kiss my neck and rub your hands over my breasts and my stomach, talking to me in soothing tones, as though calming a horse.

I relax into you, sated, tired. You knew what I needed. I knew I could trust you.

No, you don't....

Raise your hand if you've felt the simmering anger evoked by the words...'I know what you mean'.

No. You don't.

Your bank account stays in the triple digits when you're broke. Mine has less than $10 (if it isn't overdrawn).

You have a boyfriend/spouse/significant other. You have regular sex, you have someone to call when you've had a bad day, and when your friend's ditch on you, you have someone to turn to. (commas, grammar, I know tell someone else)

You have a space that you can call yours. I took over my little sister's room in a house I haven't lived in since I was four just so I could afford to eat something other then ramen noodles for the next 2 years.

You think you're fat at 5'5" 150 in your size 8 clothes. (Please God don't let me get started on that one.)

I'm going to stop now, really I am. But why is it that we want to make our problems out to be just as big as the person next to us? Why can't people just accept sometimes that their problems aren't really problems at all and just be happy about it.

So anyway bitch, the proper response would've been: That sucks. or I hate that for you.

NOT: I know what you mean.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Square peg, round hole.

Date 4, and still nothing. I know you all don't know what I look like, because hell you don't even know my name, but I'm cute, and certainly nothing to sneeze at!

Throw in there that I'm horny as hell and I thought most guys would jump on board here.

I looked at this kid and said, "This is the fourth time we've hung out and you haven't made a move yet." I gave him a sexy little smile and he still twiddled his thumbs! Was that or was that not an invitation?! He wants a relationship but he wants to take it slow. So where does that leave us?

Friends. I told him to relax and just hang out with my friends. He had fun, they liked him, maybe we'll find him a good girl who wants to take it slow.... that girl ain't me.

Oh yeah? The funny? We went to a movie and T's little brother was three rows ahead of us in the theater! What a freakin' cosmic joke at this point!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I want...

I want to have fun. I want to go out and drink too much and find myself the object of a sexy man’s attention. I want to dance and feel his body against mine, holding me close, but letting me move.

I want him to caress my arms, and my legs, lifting the hem of my dress to tickle that spot just inside my knee.

I want to feel my back pressed against the wall while he claims my mouth. I want his strong arms to hold me there, even after my knees turn to jelly.

I want his large hand to cover my belly, sliding upward to cup my breast. I want him to whisper in my ear, all the naughty things he wants to do to me.

I want to feel the heat of his breath against my neck, to feel my body coil with anticipation waiting for that kiss.

I want to feel the breath slip away when he lowers his hand to the apex of my thighs, his knuckles caressing though the layers of fabric that keep him from me.

I want to whimper at the intensity of his gaze, even as my chests tightens with the thought of his naked body.

I want to feel it. That desire that absolutely takes over until you can’t possibly think about anything but what will happen next.

God, I want…

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Naughty List!

Ok, so this looks fun!

So for this Meme you have to list 3 Naughty Things you've done in a post and link up in the linky below. It can be Naughty things you've done in the past, present, last week, yesterday, or an hour ago.

1) I had phone sex with a jerk who had a girlfriend (for about a year) and I loved every lust-filled minute of it.

2) I sent half-naked pics to my choir director (it's not that bad if he asked for them, right?)

3) I get myself off in the bathroom at work when I'm having a rough day ;)

Link up friends, this could get fun ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010


It was one of those days. She needed it the way a drug addict needs a fix. It had been too long and her body was desperate. She knew he'd be here.

She found him chatting with a cute little brunette, but she was young, and with a lot of friends. She wouldn't be leaving with him. Slipping into the bathroom she touched up her face and adjusted the cleavage. The sparkly teardrop necklace cradled between her breasts drew the eye exactly where she wanted it to go.

She left the restroom to seek him out at the bar. Wedging herself between him and another cutie who was far too young for her, she ordered a drink. She took a step back to let him notice her. She could sense his attention on her. He placed a hand on the small of her back, as she tries not to grin too wide.

"Hey girl, what are you doing here?" He wrapped his arm around her for a half hug and she took her drink from the bartender.

"Oh, you know" she hugged him back and sipped the drink, "Just looking for trouble." Winking, she rubbed his back. He raised his eyebrows in question.

"What kind of trouble you lookin' for?" He asked.

With a light laugh, hoping it didn't give her away, she responded. "Your favorite kind, cowboy."

It had never been a secret that he was a ladies man, but he'd never hit on anyone in their small group of friends. His eyes lowered to her pendant.

Leaning in close he whispered, "Nice necklace." He traced the chain down to where the pendant hung, the backs of his hands brushing her breasts. Working hard to control her breathing she lifted her drink for another sip.

He dropped his hand and lowered his gaze to the hem of her dress, which hit mid-thigh and left little to the imagination. She continued with her drink, then sat the glass on the bar, empty.

He glanced at the glass and back to her face. "You aren't playing tonight, are you?" His eyes twinkled and she winked.

"Not yet."

There was a small dance floor, but it was already filled with people. She took the half-empty beer bottle from his hand and placed it on the bar, pulling him with her into the crowd.

The song's beat and provocative lyrics added fuel to her already raging libido and she began to dance with her back to him, his hands coming around to rest on her hips as he followed her lead.

The beat shifted into a new song, slightly slower and even more provocative. He placed a hand low on her belly and pulled her back against him. The curves of her ass rubbing against his groin with every sway of her hips.

He swung her around to face him and she was pulled astride his strong thigh. She continued to dance against him, sliding down his thigh as she did. He hooked her waist with his arm and pulled her flush against him so that his face was in her tousled hair.

"Was this the kind of trouble you were looking for?" he asked.

"That depends," she replied, reaching between them to cup his growing erection, "are we leaving yet?"

He muttered a curse and laughed. He took her hand and pulled her from the dance floor. When they stepped out of the club the cold night air slapped her face and stole her breath. He shrugged out of his brown leather jacket and wrapped it around her as he shuffled her to his truck.

Once inside he pulled her close to plant a hard kiss on her mouth and slid a hand into the V of her dress. His fingers found her pebbled nipples and he moaned. Quickly pulling away to put the car in gear.

He didn't live far, and they were in his driveway in minutes. He killed the engine and reached for her, but she shimmied out of reach and climbed out the door. She was heading for the front door with him hot on her heels.

When she reached the door and went to turn toward him, he pressed her against the cold heavy door with his body tightly against her back. He worked with the double locks with one hand, while the other played at her hip, and his mouth trailed little bites over her shoulders.

Once the door was unlocked and gave way beneath her, he spun her around into the foyer and slammed the door behind them. Her hand were buried in his hair as kissed her neck and slid his hands up her thighs, beneath the hem of her dress.

In a swift move he'd pulled it over her head and thrown it to the floor. She was in her bra and heels and he'd just discovered she wore no panties.

She reached for his shirt front and pulled it over his head while he pushed her towards the sofa. The backs of her calves hit and she fell into the plush cushion. He knelt before her and she reached for his pants.

He stopped her with a kiss and pressed her back into the cushions. He reached around to release the snap of her bra and pulled it away, lowering his mouth to one pert nipple and suckling there, pulling moans and sighs from her, before moving to the other nipple. Her hands were in his hair, and gripping his shoulders as his hand cupped her mound, feeling her heat.

He parted her folds with a finger and found her slick and ready. Sliding first one, then two fingers inside of her, he lightly bit a line down her stomach until he came to the apex of her thighs, where his hands teased and played.

Her breath caught and she closed her eyes. This was what she needed.

His mouth covered her sex and he licked and toyed with her folds, avoiding the sweet nub that would be the key to releasing her pleasure. He continued to tease her, and nips at the insides of her thighs even as she whimpered, begging for more.

She wound her fingers in his hair and pulled him towards her center and he complied, flattening is tongue firmly against her and licking directly over her clit. She cried out and he began to suck and kiss the little nub until she went flying over the peak, screaming his name, and gasping for breath.

He shucked his jeans while she caught her breath and covered himself with a condom from his pocket. He looked down at her sated body, limp with pleasure, in nothing but her heels. His cock throbbed and he cradled her, shifting until she lay across the couch and he covered her body. He kissed her as she reached for his cock. She stroked him and he pulsed in her hand.

Roughly, he pulled her hand away and pinned it above her head. He found her center, still wet and slick with her juices and slid into her. He filled her completely, and quickly withdrew only to slam into her again.

She cried out, both in pleasure and pain. His hands came to find her hips and he anchored her there as he continued to pound in and out of her at an intense pace. Even with the glimpse of pain in his thrusts, she raised her hips to meet him. She could feel the wave of pleasure building and her hands gripped his wrists, her nails leaving little half-moons on his skin.

He groaned and increased his speed. She was so close, she just wanted one more, before he....

He slid one hand over to cover her clit with his thumb and she exploded with her second orgasm as he came, buried inside of her. He tried to shift his weight to the back of the sofa, hooking an arm around her waist to keep her from falling to the floor.

They laid there in a sheen of sweat and sex, trying to catch their breaths.

She hoped he'd gotten over this sleeping with friends thing, cause she was definitely going to need that again.