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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Young, Energetic, and likes sexy-time parties?

So, I think I've already established that my office isn't all that typical. We're all women except for one coordinator who works mainly out of the office. So one of my co-workers, also my immediate supervisor, is just one of the most wonderful women you will ever meet. She's very kind and accepting, and to top if off she shares my love of erotica and sex toys. Never a dull moment in this office.

So today, her husband came to take her to lunch and she introduced us. She said my name and waited for a response then went on to tell him what my position was and concluded with, "This is our young, energetic one. She's the one who likes the sexy parties and stuff."

WHAT?! Haha, this woman has talked to her husband about me! Turns out, he totally knows I'm the one who recommended they sugar instead of wax before trying the vagazzling. The one who brings her the "good books" to borrow. LOL! I had to excuse myself before erupting into hysterics.

On a more sentimental note, they have been together since they were 15, almost 30 years. They are the reason that people still believe in happy endings. They are still totally in love with each other, not even a slightly diminished sex life, and 2 really great kids.

They do give me hope that it exists, but alas... I'm far beyond 15 so... we'll see. This weekend is July 4th, one of my favorite holidays. Looks like I have a date with B, so hopefully there will be lots of fireworks ;)

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