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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rub it away...

I was so sore. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in a few weeks and my muscles were beginning to protest, loudly.

The doorbell rang and I cursed. I was so ready to climb beneath the covers and go to sleep. Padding over to the thick doorway leading to the indoor corridor I looked through the peep hole and saw Jason. Shit! There had been so much going on, I'd forgotten I told him to come by. I opened the door to my friend Mary's little brother inside. He was taking a graphic design course and I'd promised to go through his final project with him.

"Hi." I forced a half-smile.

Jason walked past me with a portfolio in one hand and take-out in the other. I closed my eyes and savored the smell of greasy food.

"Hmm," I murmured, "that smells good." I locked the door and followed him to the kitchen table where he sat down his things and began to unpack the food. He grinned and handed me a can of diet soda.

"Mary suggested I come bearing gifts and thank you profusely." His eyes sparkled. He was so young. The fact that he'd gotten this part right clearly pleased him. I gave him a smile and sighed.

"I suppose that will do." I lifted a hand and gave him a pained expression. He laughed and went into the kitchen to grab paper towels. I sat down at the table and lifted a hand to my sore neck. I glanced through the food and grabbed a bacon burger. Jason came back to the table and gave me the run-down of his project while we ate. The criteria, his angle, and the subject matter he'd chosen. I listened and nodded along. When I finished my burger I washed my hands and took his portfolio to the couch. He wasn't far behind me. The cushions sank when he sat next to me, glancing over my shoulder.

"Mary said you were having a rough week?" He asked. He placed a hand at the base of my neck, massaging.

"Oh god," I mumbled, "please keep doing that." He chuckled and began to work at the tension with both hands. I flipped through the portfolio and made a few comments. I appreciated the massage, but I knew it was an awkward position for him.

"Here," I said. "You stay there."

I slid to the floor in front of him so that he could continue to rub my shoulders without being in such an odd position. I read the summaries and presentation aids that went with the project while he continued to rub my neck and shoulders. When I finished I sat the folder on the coffee table and leaned back against the sofa.

Jason slid his hands to the sides of my neck using the pads of his thumbs on the worst spot just below the base of my skull. I hissed, sucking in a deep breath.

"Did I hurt you?" His hands stilled.

"No, no. It's good, keep going if you don't mind." My eyes closed I let my head hang forward towards my chest. He shifted behind me.

"I don't mind." He kept the pressure on my neck and I breathed slow steady breaths. He started kneading wide circles across my shoulders.

"I could fall asleep like this." I chuckled. I was so tired, and his hands felt so good. He laughed to and slid his fingers up into my hair, massaging my scalp. I purred with satisfaction and heard him chuckle under his breath.

"Here," He shifted and stood, "lay on the couch, let me get your back." He gave me his hand to pull up. It briefly occurred to me that this should be awkward, but I was so sore, and he was doing such a good job. I quickly dismissed the thought.

I lay on my stomach on the sofa and he sat next to my hip, starting with wide circles on my back. Stroking firmly across my shoulders and coming back up through my hair, the smooth motions lulled me into a half sleep, after several minutes of that his hands drifted lower, kneading into the small of my back. I gasped, not expecting the sharp pain that came with the touch.

Rather than apologize and back off, he smoothed his hands over the area, as though wiping away the pain he'd just caused, then began to softly knead the area again. He slowly increased the pressure until the pain was back, but this time it was a welcome pain, releasing tension from the muscles there. A soft moan escaped my lips.

He finished kneading my lower back and spanned his hands across my back, his fingers curling against the sides of my waist. He smoothed them up my back towards my shoulders, bringing them down the sides of my arms and repeating the circuit. I sighed, relaxing into the cushions. With each pass his hands drifted slightly lower on my back, and his fingers grazed a little closer to the sides of my breasts. Suddenly I wasn't on the verge of sleep and I was increasingly aware of his strong hands on my back.

I struggled to keep my breathing even, hoping Jason wouldn't know where my thoughts had gone. He continued his lazy trail across my back and stopped again at the small of my back, using his thumbs much the way he had on my neck, with his long fingers spanning to my hips. I exhaled an unsteady breath and I felt his grip on my hips tighten. He slid his hands up my back, thumbs along my spine and stopped between my shoulder blades.

Once again working his thumbs in tight circles his fingers brushed the sides of my breasts. The circles widened until his fingers brushed more firmly against them, causing my nipples to harden. I struggled to keep my breathing steady, and he brought his hand back up to my shoulders. Shifting next to me on the sofa he came back to my neck, rubbing my shoulders, his long fingers cradling my neck. He lightly moved his thumbs in slow circles, no longer kneading, but caressing. I sighed.

Rubbing his hand back down my back he gripped my hips again, bringing his hands up my sides, and around to cradle my belly. My breathing was now ragged and I stifled a moan. I wondered, if I turned to look if I would find him as aroused as I was. I could feel the quiver low in my belly.

His hands began their wide circuit across my back again, only this time with his finger tips trailing down my arms. His hands were tangled in my hair again, but this time I could feel his breath on my neck and I moaned.

He kissed the side of my neck softly, and I felt him stand from the couch and straddle my back, with a knee on either side of my hips. I tilted my head, offering him better access to the soft skin there. He continued to kiss along my neck, and his hands slid down my back and around to cup my breasts through my t-shirt and bra. His hands massaging, he brought his mouth to suck on my earlobe.

I gasped and arched my back, bringing my ass into contact with his groin. I could feel the length of his erection. He cursed, coming to lie behind me on the sofa, turning me so that my back was flush against his chest and he had more freedom to explore my front with his hands.

I turned to meet his mouth with my own and explored with my tongue. I covered his large hands with my small ones and held him closer to me, pressing my hips back against his manhood.

He slid one hand beneath my shirt and lifted my bra so that my breast spilled into his hand. He massaged and rubbed, lightly pinching at my taut nipple. I reached back to pull his ass tighter against me while his other hand slid beneath the elastic waistband of my shorts. He groaned, discovering I wore no panties, and slid between my folds to massage my clit with two fingers.

I was writhing against him, straining towards his hands, and dying to feel his skin, warm against mine. I turned in his arms, breaking the contact his hands had, seeking his mouth with my own. He rolled on top of me and slid my shorts away while I jerked at his t-shirt. I quickly removed my own while he fumbled to get rid of his jeans and boxers.

Finally naked, I clung to him, kissing, caressing, memorizing the lines of his body with my hands. I ran my fingers through the fine line of hair that lead to a very impressive erection. I circled my fingers around the base and slowly traveled the length of him, using my thumb to smear the small drop of precum over the head. He gasped and reached again to massage my clit, this time slipping a finger into the well of my pussy, now drenched in my own juices. he groaned and kissed my mouth harder as he crooked his finger to find that sweet spot inside my channel. I cried out but he swallowed the sound. His other hand was on my breast, tweaking and pulling. My body was so tight I felt I might explode any second.

I'd seen the condom packet fall from his pocket and I reached into the floor to find it. Fumbling with the foil as his hands continued to play over all my sensitive spots, I finally got it open. Sliding it down his length I took his bottom lip between my teeth. I moved his hand and guided him to my opening. Reaching to grab my hips with both hands he slid into me quickly, filling me, stretching me. I arched back against the cushions, wrapping my arms around him, pulling him to me.

He began to thrust into me slow, but deep. With measured strokes he filled me again and again, until I whimpered beneath him.

"Please." I whispered.

He buried himself to the hilt and kissed me hard, dragging my hands above my head and pinning them there. He lowered his head to my ear and whispered, "My pleasure."

He began to thrust in and out at a frantic pace, slamming into met. My breasts bounced with each thrust and he caught a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, then biting down before catching the other between his lips. Hands above me I clung to the arm of the sofa as he rode me hard, driving me higher and higher until I broke, crying out. He continued to thrust into me, building to another climax just as he found release. He groaned, and stilled above me, buried deep inside. I sank into the pillow as he collapsed on top of me. He kissed my neck, and lifted onto his elbows to kiss my mouth.

I brought my arms up to circle his waist, keeping him close.

What a perfect way to relieve the stress.

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