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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reality Check...

So as much as I love the beach, there are those things that I forget every year.

1. Getting to the beach is easy, getting off the beach? Not so much.

Flip flops are still the most practical beach shoes, but when you've been on the beach and your wet with ocean, sweat, and tanning oil, sand flys up the back of your legs coating your skin, making the car a literal mess.

2. Sunburn... need we say more?

The sun on the beach, for some scientific reason I'm sure, seems to beam down with more intensity than anywhere else and therefore it is virtually impossible to escape the beach without some degree of sunburn. Especially when there is no one checking all those hard to reach spots on your back.

All in all though? The beach was great. I got to catch up on some reading, work on the manuscript, and re-watch some favorite movies in the evenings.

Still smelling the cocnuts :)


Southern Sage said...

damned coconuts!

Southern Sage said...

It ate my comment I think!

Musta been the coconuts!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Glad you had fun!!!!

Sir Thomas said...

you should have use coconut sun tan oil

Mademoiselle Deva said...

It's nice to hear you had fun! I just love flip flops - this is the best invention ever!

Just A. Girl said...

I hate how flip flops send the sand straight to my calf muscles, and then it sticks to the water, sweat, and sunscreen. Icky.