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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I felt perfect. I'd had just enough to drink to be feeling tipsy. I could literally feel the inhibitions slipping away. I'd seen him earlier in the night talking with a cute little blonde. She had a boyfriend. A few minutes told me that he was the 'old friend' who was helplessly in love with her anyway.

Once the alcohol worked it's magic I grabbed my friend and hit the dance floor, swaying and bouncing, singing along to Leona Naess at the top of our lungs. I twirled and sang, and before long he'd joined the crowd on the dance floor. I pushed my way through and stood next to him crooning, "leave your girlfriend behind." He laughed and took my hand. We danced like silly kids until the song was over.

Norah Jones spilled from the speakers. He was smart enough to simply pull me close. I swayed against this handsome stranger. He and I were alike. We both wanted people we couldn't have. I like to think he felt it too, then again, I'd had a lot to drink.

I felt his hands lower on my back and I pulled myself more tightly against him, urging his advances. He lowered his mouth to kiss my neck and I hummed with pleasure. He lead me away from the dance floor to a corner booth and tucked me in next to the wall.

Cocooned between the wall of his chest and the hard wall, I felt warm and comfortable. He attempted small talk, but I pulled him down for a kiss. He didn't pretend not to want it, or to be unsure, he simply emptied himself into the kiss. His tongue caressed mine, and I melted into him.

His fingers kneaded my neck, opening me further to his plunder, and his hand caressed and explored the curve of my hip, and the slope of my back. He brushed a palm against my breast and I arched towards him.

He broke his mouth away from mine to whisper in my ear.

"Let's get out of here." His breathing was ragged, and I felt as though I could float away. I nodded and let him lead me out the doors into the chilly night air. He pulled me tight to his side and led me to a functional pick-up truck in the corner of the lot.

I slid in close to him on the bench seat, and he quickly drove two blocks to the nearest motel. When he put the car in park he pulled me across his lap and claimed my mouth in a fiery kiss. His hands, more certain now away from the eyes of the club goers, found my breast and massaged. He found the peak of my nipple beneath the top and squeezed. I gasped and running my hands down the length of his torso.

He stopped me, struggling for breath. He climbed down out of the truck and went in to get a room. I lay my head back against the seat, and forced myself to stay away. It was such a thin line, between tipsy and drunk, and if you stayed still for too long, you'd find yourself asleep.

He hurried back to the truck and drove around to the back of the building. I followed him from the truck this time, and let him tuck me under his arm while he worked to open the door.

Once inside he pulled me against him, plundering my mouth with his tongue, discovering my body with his hands. I let myself get lost in the sensation, running my hands along the hard lines of his chest, pressing myself against his center, feeling the hardness that rested there.

I walked backwards to the bed and pulled him on top of me. I worked on his jeans while he carefully removed my clothes, kissing each part of my body as he exposed it. He made quick work of mine, then moved on to help with his own.

Finally he was naked, and gloriously so. His erection pressed between us, I processed his length, impressive without being intimidating. Reaching between our bodies to stroke and fondle, I felt him twitch beneath my fingers.

He kissed his way down my body, stopping to lavish attention on each pert nipple before lowering to my stomach. I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding him against me, feeling his hot breath against my skin.

He hovered inches above the core of my sex. He kissed, licked and nibbled, but stayed just above that sweet ache. I urged him down with my hands and he complied. He slid his tongue down the seam of my lips, separating them and releasing a flood of my juices. His fingers joined his tongue, and as he licked and sucked at my clit, his fingers worked in and out of my channel. He found that spot just inside my pussy wall and pressed down while his mouth sucked down on my clit. My orgasm ripped through me, but before it was over he pulled his mouth away, sliding up my body. His fingers continued their play as he kissed. He reached for the condoms he'd placed on the nightstand, giving one to me so that I could sheath him.

I rolled the condom slowly down his shaft, watching his face twist in pleasure, listening to the sharp intake of breath as I reached below to fondle his balls. He pulled my hands above my head and held them there with one hand, while using the other to place himself at my center. He entered me in one quick thrust, forcing the air from my lungs. I cried out in pleasure as he took up his rhythm. Now recovered from the first, my body geared toward a second orgasm.

I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him closer with each thrust. He released my hands to grab my hips and I leveraged myself up, rolling until I was on top of him, impaled on his shaft.

I took up a new rhythm, faster than before, twisting my hips as I came down on him. His hands reached up to cup my breasts. I could feel his climax coming, and his grip tightened on my breasts as he came. The pain heightened the sensation and I followed him over the edge.

I collapsed beside him and he kissed me firmly before stepping away to dispose of the condom. The alcohol was beginning to take full effect and I felt myself getting sleepy.

He slid in behind me and cradled my back against his chest. "Do you have anywhere to be?" he asked. I just shook my head.

"I'll keep you here until morning then." He pulled a sheet up around our fevered bodies and held me close. I knew he was pretending that I was the cute little blonde from the bar, but that was ok.

I was pretending he was you.


Sir Thomas said...

It always starts from the Kiss on the neck...

does it not?

The Invisible Seductress said...

....well that sounded fun!!!