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Monday, July 12, 2010


When you left for your meeting I walked around my apartment in my plush robe and drank wine. I couldn't wait for you to come back. I left the cuffs on the bed. My pussy still pulsed from being filled with you, and my nipples were like little beads, straining outward for your touch.

I turned on some slow jazz music that you gave me last week, sinking back into my couch and closing my eyes. I finished my wine and listened to the music. The tempo was easy and inviting, but the sax was erotic and playful. I was thinking about you, about your hands on my body.

Before long I'd fallen asleep. I dreamed of a 40's jazz lounge, and you were the sax player. You gazed through the smoke into my eyes while the club danced to your music. You came to me, leaving the stage and the other players, and slid next to me in the round booth where I'd been watching you. Your eyes were filled with lust and my pussy was throbbing. The throngs of people paid no attention as you put your hands on me, caressing my breasts, sliding your other hand up my thigh to expose the flesh above my stockings.

Your mouth on my neck, and your hands on my body, I writhed beneath your touch. the edges of the dream blurred and I woke to find you above me, my robe open and your hands on me. I smiled and you hooked your arms around me, carrying me back to the bedroom. I slid my arms from the bulky robe and clung to your neck, kissing behind your ears, smiling at your sharp intake of breath. When you laid me on the bed you moved the cuffs to the bedside table. You hovered above me and buried your face in my neck, alternately kissing and biting at my throat. I worked on your buttons, no longer concerned with the condition of your clothing. I managed to unfasten, unzip, and unbutton, but still they hung loosely on your frame as you continued to trail your mouth over my breast and then my stomach.

My hips bucked upward, my body aware of your intentions. You laughed, low and sexy, pulling away to strip your clothes. I sighed. You are so beautiful. When you'd rid yourself of your clothes I reached for you and you took my hands, kissing my palms before reaching for the cuffs you'd laid aside.

I smiled, biting my lip in anticipation. Bringing my hands above my head you latched the cuffs around one wrist and slid it through the slats of the headboard before latching onto the other. Testing their strength you tugged lightly and smiled.

"God, I love you like this." You ran your hands down the sides of my arms and covered my breasts with your large hands. I arched my back seeking more pressure from your touch but you didn't give it to me. Instead you once again used your mouth on me, starting with soft flesh of my breast, carefully avoiding my straining nipples. I whimpered and your touch drifted lower, sliding a finger into my slit and testing the moisture that pooled there. The light touches teased and drove my need for you higher.

Your mouth slowly trailed down my body, leaving a cold wet path that caused goosebumps to form on my flesh. You found a soft spot inside my thigh and began to kiss and bite there. I lifted my hips, silently begging for your mouth on my sex. You continued to lightly tease me with your fingers, and moved your mouth to explore the inside of the other thigh.

My desire was so thick I could feel the moisture pooling behind my closed eyelids. My body was aching for release, and your touch was pulling me tighter and tighter. Your mouth hovered over the folds of my pussy, your breath warm and soft. You spread me with your fingers and slowly ran the tip of your tongue through my center, carefully avoiding my clit. I cried out and I could feel the quick puff of breath when you chuckled, low and husky. You continued to slowly lick and kiss the fold of my sex as I bucked against you. I wanted to guide you, but my hands weren't free.

I whimpered again and your mouth latched onto that little button, sucking and licking like a man consuming his last meal. I cried out as my orgasm quickly took over and you used your tongue to press harder against that little nub, rubbing quickly, bringing a second wave of pleasure closely behind the first. You kissed and licked until the waves subsided and then slid up my body, straddling my chest.

Your eyes were gleaming and I smiled. Running my tongue across my lip. You grabbed a pillow to place behind my head and positioned me where you wanted me. I waited for you to bring your cock to my mouth, but instead you settled lower on my chest and reached for my breasts. You wagged your eyebrows and I laughed. Sliding your erection into the valley of my breasts, you lifted them to cradle you and began to move back and forth. I watched as the head of your cock, glistening with precum, emerged and then retreated into the cleavage your hands created.

I watched your face, and saw the pleasure there. When you increased your pace I lowered my head to lick your cock when it pressed forward. You hissed and fumbled your rhythm. You pulled back and grabbed my hips.

"That was a naughty thing you did, you foiled my plans of coming all over your pretty breasts." I gave a wicked grin.

"I was bad, I'm sorry."

Your eyes gleamed and you carefully positioned me, so as not to hurt me. "Turn over." You helped me turn since I couldn't use my arms and I crossed my wrists to account for the cuffs. Once on my stomach you lifted me so that I could grip the headboard. For a moment you took your hands away completely, but before I could turn to see you I felt the swift sting of your hand on my ass.

I cried out in surprise, and you quickly spanked me again. the juices that had built again in my pussy began to slid down my thigh and my stomach quivered with need. Your large hands cradled my hips and I felt your erection between my pussy lips. You coated yourself in my juices and your hands dug deeper into my hips.

"Condoms?" Your breathing was labored and your voice was strained. My pussy was aching to be filled.

"Don't, I mean, just." I couldn't speak, but you knew my thoughts. You swiftly plunged into me unsheathed. I pressed back against you and you built up to a rapid pace. I gripped the slats of the head board as you continued to slap my ass. The sting of your hand adding to the intense pleasure building inside of me. You continued to slam into my pussy with such force I exploded, screaming your name. You quickly pulled out and I felt your hot seed spilling on my back. Your hand came around to cradle my pussy and I bore down to ride out the last ripples of pleasure. I could feel your cock against my back and the sticky liquid between us.

You kissed my neck and used your other hand to cradle my breast.

"Stay right here," you whispered. "I'm going to get you cleaned up."

You left and I rested my forehead against my cuffed wrists, trying to steady my breathing. You came back with a wet cloth and gently cleaned my back, rubbing in slow circles. I smiled at the gesture. You took the key and removed the cuffs. Once freed I reached for you, and held you close for a long kiss.

"Mind if I stay tonight?" You asked.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around you tighter, "Only if you promise to try and top that in the morning."

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slowburn said...

I love this story! The details were delicious. It's very arousing and a challenge to the reader to hold back from cumming before the end!