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Monday, July 19, 2010


My favorite part of summer is all the coconut. Coconut tanning oil.... coconut rum and diet coke....

The sun was hot. I learned several years ago that they key to enjoying the beach was bringing the bare minimum with you. I had a lounge chair, beach towel, bottle of water, and tanning oil.

Laying on the towel in the lounge chair, I summoned the strength to reapply tanning oil before drifting off to sleep. My skin slick with sweat and tanning oil, my breathing was labored. The heat took my strength.

I saw him about 100 yards down the beach. He was throwing a football with a few other guys. In their early twenties, they were only about five or six years younger than me. I watched from behind my sunglasses as the crowd made their way down the beach. He stood a few inches taller than the rest, his chest broad and more defined. He clearly led the group. Even from such a distance, I knew the second he spotted me.

I applied more tanning oil to my chest, paying special attention to the sides of my breasts, spilling from the halter top of my bathing suit. He watched, while he laughed and carried on with the crowd, he watched my hands. My hands slipped farther into my top, my breasts nearly spilling out of the material.

Turning his back to me he ran backwards towards where I sat, motioning for the ball. It spiraled toward him, a perfect throw. He fumbled, allowing it to tumble to my feet.

"Sorry out that." He flashed a thousand dollar grin and tossed the ball back to a buddy, motioning them away.

"Live around here?" he asked. I smiled and adjusted my sunglasses, shaking my head.

"Vacation." I smiled. "Wish I'd brought someone with me though. I can't reach my back with this tanning oil." I raised my brows and motioned with the bottle.

"Would you mind?" I asked. He winked and took the bottle. Settling behind me on the lounge chair, he straddled my back. I let my head fall forward and enjoyed his strong hands rubbing the oil over my back and along my sides. His hands lingered at the sides of my breasts. I stood, putting him eye level with my ass.

"Mind getting the backs of my thighs?" I asked, looking back at him, his eyes glued to the twin globes. I hear his appreciative murmur and he slicked the oil down the backs of my thighs, and onto my calves.

His hands slid up just under my swimsuit, his thumbs sliding beneath the material, grazing the swollen lips of my pussy. I inhaled a deep breath, wishing I could take this to it's ultimate conclusion here on the beach. I glanced to my right and spotted and family of four, to my left an older couple in their mid to late sixties.

His thumbs made another pass over my lips, this time pressing closer to my pleasure nub. The pressure made me shiver, and he brought his hands back down my thighs, massaging as he went. I sat again, settling between his spread legs. His hands slipped around to the tops of my thighs, thumbs massaging in circles.

"Wanna go for a swim?" He whispered into my ear. I cocked my head, offering the slope of my neck which he greedily tasted, putting a hand to my stomach, pulling me against him.

"Let's go." I sighed. We stood, his hands on my hips, guiding me to the water.

We waded in until the water hit chest level. He quickly reached for me, circling my waist with his large hands, pulling me up hard against a solid chest. Taking his bottom lip between my teeth I sucked and nibbled while his hands found and massaged my breasts.

Reaching into his swim trunks I wrapped a hand around his semi-erect cock, stroking it into a long hard rod. Wishing for the chance to settle myself over that erection, I stroked and pulled until he was forced to break the kiss, gasping for air.

His hand slid beneath my suit and probed my folds, finding my clit and stroking me towards a climax. I reached for him then with both hands, stroking and squeezing lightly. Using one hand to anchor my ass against his hip he fingering me with the other.

I wished I could take him inside of me, but no protection and the unsteady ocean kept that from happening. I pulled and stroked, bringing him closer to the edge while he buried two fingers inside of me, resting the palm of his hand against my clit. I bucked against him, bearing down for the pressure I needed to find release.

In a few minutes I could feel the warmth of his seed spilling into my hand, and I heard his satisfied groan. I placed a hand over his on my clit adjusting the pressure that that precise spot, and I went over the edge, cumming into his palm.

He kissed me, and nipped at my earlobe as the ocean rinsed our fluids away. We walked back to the beach and I gave him my number. With a little luck I'll have a chance to take him inside of me before this vacation is over.


Sir Thomas said...

I'll dance with you.... with cocnut oil dripping from our bodies.... *winks*

Southern Sage said...

Sounds delicious to me.

The Invisible Seductress said...

WTF...What depraved fucking life am I living?? sighs

Just A. Girl said...

I'm with you on the coconut... definitely a summer scent