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Friday, July 2, 2010


Have a listen while you read ;)

The day was so hot, but once the sun went down the wind kicked up and the sheen of sweat across my back and shoulders actually helped cool me down. As I sat on the corner of a friend's blanket, I noticed you sitting a few yards away with your back to the trunk of a tree. I'd noticed you earlier talking with a group of young girls, one of whom I assumed to be a sister. She took some money, but she was too old to be your daughter, and too young to be a girlfriend.

I caught your gaze and smiled. The corner of your mouth quirked up and you nodded. I turned back to my friends but I could feel your gaze on my back. Turning, I found that you were in fact still looking. You cocked your head and patted the ground beside you. All of my friends were engrossed in their dates or conversation with each other so I slipped away unnoticed.

I walked over and sat beside you, pulling my knees up to my chest. You smiled and introduced yourself as JD. I stuck my hand out, "Amanda."

You took my hand and the contact caused a shiver. Your eyes were bright blue and they sparkled, like you had a secret. I had one too, but you didn't need to know that.

About that time the fireworks display started, and some current pop hits were played from the nearby speakers. I let myself relax into the tree, and before long, I could feel your cotton t-shirt brushing against my bare arm. You leaned forward to ask if I liked the show. The music was loud so you had to put your mouth right next to my ear. I turned to answer you, and we were so close anyone nearby would think we were kissing.

I told you that the 4th of July was my favorite holiday. My nipples came to tiny little peaks while I waited for you to ask me why.

"Why is that?" you asked.

"Because I've always imagined it would be exciting to have sex during a fireworks display." I turned my gaze back towards the show, but not before catching a glimpse of your slack jaw. I could hear you mutter a curse. My pussy clenched.

You reached over and placed a large hand on my thigh, once again placing your mouth next to my ear. Your lips brushed against my hair when you asked if I wanted to find out. Smiling I dropped my knee, causing your hand to shift closer to my sex, now slick with heat, and I turned to nip at your earlobe and whisper... "Let's go."

You were up and pulling me from the ground in a matter of seconds. I threw a glance toward my friends. They hadn't missed me. You took my hand and led me through the crowd, away from the display and the people.

Thrilled to be going with you, I wondered where you were taking me. We rounded a corner and you pulled me into a darkened doorway. Your mouth was over mine and your hands were seeking out the flesh beneath my shirt. I twisted my fingers in your hair and bit at your lip. You sought out the soft flesh of my throat with your mouth and I slid my hands down to your ass, gripping you against me. I could feel your erection and it brought forth a shudder. I was a fan of public sex, but the street was too crowded.

"Where can we go?" I managed to ask. Groaning you pulled away and took my hand again. We turned down a narrow alley way and you pulled me up a fire escape. once we got to the roof I noticed a lounge chair and table. I laughed, wanting to ask how you knew about it, but I quickly decided that it didn't matter. You pulled me against you, again plundering my mouth with your skilled tongue.

I moaned and pressed against you, wanting more. You walked me backwards until I felt the chair against the back of my calves. I sank down onto the chair, and you pressed be back against the thin cushion. I stripped away your thin cotton tee, running my hands along your chest. Your shoulders were broad and defined, and I strained forward to press open-mouthed kisses across your collar bones.

Groaning, you brought your weight over me to pin me against the seat and slid your hands around me to unfasten my bra. Pulling it along with my shirt away you began sucking my nipples each in turn. I let out a small cry of pleasure, barely heard above the blasts of the fireworks. Your mouth trailed it's way down my stomach and I closed my eyes as you worked with the buttons on my shorts. I felt them, along with my panties, slide down my legs and you pulled my flats off with them. I could feel the breeze against every inch of my skin. Your hands came up to caress and cradle my stomach as you kissed a trail from my belly button, to my thigh. I could feel the warmth of your breath against my soft curls and my hips writhed beneath your weight.

Your hands circled my waist pinning me against the cushion as you began to slowly kiss my folds, sliding your tongue between the twin mounds of flesh to find that sweet spot. I gasped and bucked against your mouth but you held me still and continued your slow exploration of my sex. Pressing your tongue flat against my clit you loosened your grip, giving me the freedom to seek my own pressure.

Sliding first one, then two fingers into my channel you began to softly suck as you worked in and out of my pussy. I moaned and begged for more. You began to suck harder and thrust faster, bringing me quickly to the edge of orgasm. I had my hands in your hair, bringing you closer, seeking the pressure that would push me over the edge.

I opened my eyes and saw the explosion of color against the night sky as you bared your teeth against my sensitive clit, causing a similar explosion inside of me. My body sought to ride out the waves of orgasm on your hand, but you weren't finished. Reaching into your pocket you brought out a condom and quickly shed your jeans and boxers.

Sheathing yourself you came up over me and covered my mouth with your own, swallowing my scream as you thrust into me quickly and fully. Working into a fluid rhythm of in and out, you again found the soft spot on my neck and bit lightly into the flesh there. My sensitive body shuddered. Wrapping my legs around your waist my sex tightened building to another precipice. Your face in my neck and my arms around you, I watched the colors explode against one another as you worked your cock in and out of my body. I quickly built up to another orgasm, and as I screamed out in release you shuddered and I felt your cock twitching inside of me.

As you collapsed on top of me I could feel my pulse hammering in my throat. I watched the fireworks above us as you began to lick at my nipples again. I could feel my sex tightening, again craving the pleasure you'd given. I decided that before the night was over, I'd probably give you my real name.

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Sir Thomas said...

Oh I was so set in the mood with the music but when your tale kicked in.... holy shit!!!

so fucking hot I had to take a time out about half way through and come back to finish it later....

*smokes cig*