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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I felt perfect. I'd had just enough to drink to be feeling tipsy. I could literally feel the inhibitions slipping away. I'd seen him earlier in the night talking with a cute little blonde. She had a boyfriend. A few minutes told me that he was the 'old friend' who was helplessly in love with her anyway.

Once the alcohol worked it's magic I grabbed my friend and hit the dance floor, swaying and bouncing, singing along to Leona Naess at the top of our lungs. I twirled and sang, and before long he'd joined the crowd on the dance floor. I pushed my way through and stood next to him crooning, "leave your girlfriend behind." He laughed and took my hand. We danced like silly kids until the song was over.

Norah Jones spilled from the speakers. He was smart enough to simply pull me close. I swayed against this handsome stranger. He and I were alike. We both wanted people we couldn't have. I like to think he felt it too, then again, I'd had a lot to drink.

I felt his hands lower on my back and I pulled myself more tightly against him, urging his advances. He lowered his mouth to kiss my neck and I hummed with pleasure. He lead me away from the dance floor to a corner booth and tucked me in next to the wall.

Cocooned between the wall of his chest and the hard wall, I felt warm and comfortable. He attempted small talk, but I pulled him down for a kiss. He didn't pretend not to want it, or to be unsure, he simply emptied himself into the kiss. His tongue caressed mine, and I melted into him.

His fingers kneaded my neck, opening me further to his plunder, and his hand caressed and explored the curve of my hip, and the slope of my back. He brushed a palm against my breast and I arched towards him.

He broke his mouth away from mine to whisper in my ear.

"Let's get out of here." His breathing was ragged, and I felt as though I could float away. I nodded and let him lead me out the doors into the chilly night air. He pulled me tight to his side and led me to a functional pick-up truck in the corner of the lot.

I slid in close to him on the bench seat, and he quickly drove two blocks to the nearest motel. When he put the car in park he pulled me across his lap and claimed my mouth in a fiery kiss. His hands, more certain now away from the eyes of the club goers, found my breast and massaged. He found the peak of my nipple beneath the top and squeezed. I gasped and running my hands down the length of his torso.

He stopped me, struggling for breath. He climbed down out of the truck and went in to get a room. I lay my head back against the seat, and forced myself to stay away. It was such a thin line, between tipsy and drunk, and if you stayed still for too long, you'd find yourself asleep.

He hurried back to the truck and drove around to the back of the building. I followed him from the truck this time, and let him tuck me under his arm while he worked to open the door.

Once inside he pulled me against him, plundering my mouth with his tongue, discovering my body with his hands. I let myself get lost in the sensation, running my hands along the hard lines of his chest, pressing myself against his center, feeling the hardness that rested there.

I walked backwards to the bed and pulled him on top of me. I worked on his jeans while he carefully removed my clothes, kissing each part of my body as he exposed it. He made quick work of mine, then moved on to help with his own.

Finally he was naked, and gloriously so. His erection pressed between us, I processed his length, impressive without being intimidating. Reaching between our bodies to stroke and fondle, I felt him twitch beneath my fingers.

He kissed his way down my body, stopping to lavish attention on each pert nipple before lowering to my stomach. I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding him against me, feeling his hot breath against my skin.

He hovered inches above the core of my sex. He kissed, licked and nibbled, but stayed just above that sweet ache. I urged him down with my hands and he complied. He slid his tongue down the seam of my lips, separating them and releasing a flood of my juices. His fingers joined his tongue, and as he licked and sucked at my clit, his fingers worked in and out of my channel. He found that spot just inside my pussy wall and pressed down while his mouth sucked down on my clit. My orgasm ripped through me, but before it was over he pulled his mouth away, sliding up my body. His fingers continued their play as he kissed. He reached for the condoms he'd placed on the nightstand, giving one to me so that I could sheath him.

I rolled the condom slowly down his shaft, watching his face twist in pleasure, listening to the sharp intake of breath as I reached below to fondle his balls. He pulled my hands above my head and held them there with one hand, while using the other to place himself at my center. He entered me in one quick thrust, forcing the air from my lungs. I cried out in pleasure as he took up his rhythm. Now recovered from the first, my body geared toward a second orgasm.

I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him closer with each thrust. He released my hands to grab my hips and I leveraged myself up, rolling until I was on top of him, impaled on his shaft.

I took up a new rhythm, faster than before, twisting my hips as I came down on him. His hands reached up to cup my breasts. I could feel his climax coming, and his grip tightened on my breasts as he came. The pain heightened the sensation and I followed him over the edge.

I collapsed beside him and he kissed me firmly before stepping away to dispose of the condom. The alcohol was beginning to take full effect and I felt myself getting sleepy.

He slid in behind me and cradled my back against his chest. "Do you have anywhere to be?" he asked. I just shook my head.

"I'll keep you here until morning then." He pulled a sheet up around our fevered bodies and held me close. I knew he was pretending that I was the cute little blonde from the bar, but that was ok.

I was pretending he was you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is he out there?

Is it really too much to ask for a man who has a relative amount of intelligence, at least a little wit and charm, who I look at and want to get naked with?

I had a long awaited second date last night with B. It was a flop. He's cute, but it doesn't make up for his lack of wit, or his ability to forget the things he really should commit to memory if he ever wanted to make progress with me.

I feel bad because it was clear he wanted to hang out again, but I could barely bring myself to hug him when the date was over. He was boring. He asked questions all night and never flirted, even when I gave him a jumping off point.

His follow-up was "So what do you want to do next time, we should do something besides go out to eat."

That's a really great idea, why didn't I think of that?! Oh wait, I did. I suggested a movie that I was dying to see, and you suggested dinner. (see what I mean?)

Just not a winner. I hate it, and I feel bad for not being more interested, but is it really too much to want someone who can make my toes curl? I'm ready to meet someone who is into me and can look at me and make my lady parts go all tingly.

.....Oh yeah, who doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reality Check...

So as much as I love the beach, there are those things that I forget every year.

1. Getting to the beach is easy, getting off the beach? Not so much.

Flip flops are still the most practical beach shoes, but when you've been on the beach and your wet with ocean, sweat, and tanning oil, sand flys up the back of your legs coating your skin, making the car a literal mess.

2. Sunburn... need we say more?

The sun on the beach, for some scientific reason I'm sure, seems to beam down with more intensity than anywhere else and therefore it is virtually impossible to escape the beach without some degree of sunburn. Especially when there is no one checking all those hard to reach spots on your back.

All in all though? The beach was great. I got to catch up on some reading, work on the manuscript, and re-watch some favorite movies in the evenings.

Still smelling the cocnuts :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was less than twenty-four hours later when my phone rang. It was Jared, the young cutie from the beach. He was staying at a cheap hotel near the water, and wanted to grab a drink nearby.

I cleaned up and slipped into a bandage dress to meet him. Tossing a handful of condoms into my purse I headed out.

When I got to the smoky bar, I saw him at a small table in the corner. His eyes stripped me down as I approached and he greeted me with a firm open mouthed kiss. I smiled and allowed him to help me up onto the bar stool. He had a drink waiting for me. It was presumptuous, but I liked that.

I downed the strong drink while he stood at my side, running his hands over my thighs and whispering what he wanted to do to me. I ran a hand over his chest.

"Tell me you already paid for that drink." I said. He laughed and took my hand, leading me away from the bar. We walked the two blocks to his hotel room. He used his key card and allowed me to walk into the room first. Once inside he had me against the wall. I felt his hands all over my body and he pressed against me, kissing me hard.

His mouth found my neck and I felt his teeth scraping across my sensitive skin. I grabbed for his shirt and yanked it over his head. We quickly stripped and landed on the bed, mouths and hands exploring. I reached again for his cock. It was an impressive size, matching the broad width of his shoulders with an equally satisfying length. Unconcerned with niceties, I rolled myself on top of him, guiding him to my sex.

Once he was sheathed, I lowered myself onto him. I rotated my hips, finding just the right angle, feeling him filling me up inside. I adjusted to his size and he began to pulse his hips upwards as I held my hips tightly against him, pining him with my weight. Rolling my hips I began to build a rhythm, lifting off of him and bearing down again. I built a fast rhythm as he struggled to slow down, but I couldn't. I needed the release. I continued at a frenzied pace until I felt him spasm and jerk inside of me. He cried out as I continued to bounce up and down, impaled on his shaft. I reached between my legs and pressed hard against that tight little button and exploded with my own orgasm.

I could still smell the coconut oil on my skin.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My favorite part of summer is all the coconut. Coconut tanning oil.... coconut rum and diet coke....

The sun was hot. I learned several years ago that they key to enjoying the beach was bringing the bare minimum with you. I had a lounge chair, beach towel, bottle of water, and tanning oil.

Laying on the towel in the lounge chair, I summoned the strength to reapply tanning oil before drifting off to sleep. My skin slick with sweat and tanning oil, my breathing was labored. The heat took my strength.

I saw him about 100 yards down the beach. He was throwing a football with a few other guys. In their early twenties, they were only about five or six years younger than me. I watched from behind my sunglasses as the crowd made their way down the beach. He stood a few inches taller than the rest, his chest broad and more defined. He clearly led the group. Even from such a distance, I knew the second he spotted me.

I applied more tanning oil to my chest, paying special attention to the sides of my breasts, spilling from the halter top of my bathing suit. He watched, while he laughed and carried on with the crowd, he watched my hands. My hands slipped farther into my top, my breasts nearly spilling out of the material.

Turning his back to me he ran backwards towards where I sat, motioning for the ball. It spiraled toward him, a perfect throw. He fumbled, allowing it to tumble to my feet.

"Sorry out that." He flashed a thousand dollar grin and tossed the ball back to a buddy, motioning them away.

"Live around here?" he asked. I smiled and adjusted my sunglasses, shaking my head.

"Vacation." I smiled. "Wish I'd brought someone with me though. I can't reach my back with this tanning oil." I raised my brows and motioned with the bottle.

"Would you mind?" I asked. He winked and took the bottle. Settling behind me on the lounge chair, he straddled my back. I let my head fall forward and enjoyed his strong hands rubbing the oil over my back and along my sides. His hands lingered at the sides of my breasts. I stood, putting him eye level with my ass.

"Mind getting the backs of my thighs?" I asked, looking back at him, his eyes glued to the twin globes. I hear his appreciative murmur and he slicked the oil down the backs of my thighs, and onto my calves.

His hands slid up just under my swimsuit, his thumbs sliding beneath the material, grazing the swollen lips of my pussy. I inhaled a deep breath, wishing I could take this to it's ultimate conclusion here on the beach. I glanced to my right and spotted and family of four, to my left an older couple in their mid to late sixties.

His thumbs made another pass over my lips, this time pressing closer to my pleasure nub. The pressure made me shiver, and he brought his hands back down my thighs, massaging as he went. I sat again, settling between his spread legs. His hands slipped around to the tops of my thighs, thumbs massaging in circles.

"Wanna go for a swim?" He whispered into my ear. I cocked my head, offering the slope of my neck which he greedily tasted, putting a hand to my stomach, pulling me against him.

"Let's go." I sighed. We stood, his hands on my hips, guiding me to the water.

We waded in until the water hit chest level. He quickly reached for me, circling my waist with his large hands, pulling me up hard against a solid chest. Taking his bottom lip between my teeth I sucked and nibbled while his hands found and massaged my breasts.

Reaching into his swim trunks I wrapped a hand around his semi-erect cock, stroking it into a long hard rod. Wishing for the chance to settle myself over that erection, I stroked and pulled until he was forced to break the kiss, gasping for air.

His hand slid beneath my suit and probed my folds, finding my clit and stroking me towards a climax. I reached for him then with both hands, stroking and squeezing lightly. Using one hand to anchor my ass against his hip he fingering me with the other.

I wished I could take him inside of me, but no protection and the unsteady ocean kept that from happening. I pulled and stroked, bringing him closer to the edge while he buried two fingers inside of me, resting the palm of his hand against my clit. I bucked against him, bearing down for the pressure I needed to find release.

In a few minutes I could feel the warmth of his seed spilling into my hand, and I heard his satisfied groan. I placed a hand over his on my clit adjusting the pressure that that precise spot, and I went over the edge, cumming into his palm.

He kissed me, and nipped at my earlobe as the ocean rinsed our fluids away. We walked back to the beach and I gave him my number. With a little luck I'll have a chance to take him inside of me before this vacation is over.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rub it away...

I was so sore. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in a few weeks and my muscles were beginning to protest, loudly.

The doorbell rang and I cursed. I was so ready to climb beneath the covers and go to sleep. Padding over to the thick doorway leading to the indoor corridor I looked through the peep hole and saw Jason. Shit! There had been so much going on, I'd forgotten I told him to come by. I opened the door to my friend Mary's little brother inside. He was taking a graphic design course and I'd promised to go through his final project with him.

"Hi." I forced a half-smile.

Jason walked past me with a portfolio in one hand and take-out in the other. I closed my eyes and savored the smell of greasy food.

"Hmm," I murmured, "that smells good." I locked the door and followed him to the kitchen table where he sat down his things and began to unpack the food. He grinned and handed me a can of diet soda.

"Mary suggested I come bearing gifts and thank you profusely." His eyes sparkled. He was so young. The fact that he'd gotten this part right clearly pleased him. I gave him a smile and sighed.

"I suppose that will do." I lifted a hand and gave him a pained expression. He laughed and went into the kitchen to grab paper towels. I sat down at the table and lifted a hand to my sore neck. I glanced through the food and grabbed a bacon burger. Jason came back to the table and gave me the run-down of his project while we ate. The criteria, his angle, and the subject matter he'd chosen. I listened and nodded along. When I finished my burger I washed my hands and took his portfolio to the couch. He wasn't far behind me. The cushions sank when he sat next to me, glancing over my shoulder.

"Mary said you were having a rough week?" He asked. He placed a hand at the base of my neck, massaging.

"Oh god," I mumbled, "please keep doing that." He chuckled and began to work at the tension with both hands. I flipped through the portfolio and made a few comments. I appreciated the massage, but I knew it was an awkward position for him.

"Here," I said. "You stay there."

I slid to the floor in front of him so that he could continue to rub my shoulders without being in such an odd position. I read the summaries and presentation aids that went with the project while he continued to rub my neck and shoulders. When I finished I sat the folder on the coffee table and leaned back against the sofa.

Jason slid his hands to the sides of my neck using the pads of his thumbs on the worst spot just below the base of my skull. I hissed, sucking in a deep breath.

"Did I hurt you?" His hands stilled.

"No, no. It's good, keep going if you don't mind." My eyes closed I let my head hang forward towards my chest. He shifted behind me.

"I don't mind." He kept the pressure on my neck and I breathed slow steady breaths. He started kneading wide circles across my shoulders.

"I could fall asleep like this." I chuckled. I was so tired, and his hands felt so good. He laughed to and slid his fingers up into my hair, massaging my scalp. I purred with satisfaction and heard him chuckle under his breath.

"Here," He shifted and stood, "lay on the couch, let me get your back." He gave me his hand to pull up. It briefly occurred to me that this should be awkward, but I was so sore, and he was doing such a good job. I quickly dismissed the thought.

I lay on my stomach on the sofa and he sat next to my hip, starting with wide circles on my back. Stroking firmly across my shoulders and coming back up through my hair, the smooth motions lulled me into a half sleep, after several minutes of that his hands drifted lower, kneading into the small of my back. I gasped, not expecting the sharp pain that came with the touch.

Rather than apologize and back off, he smoothed his hands over the area, as though wiping away the pain he'd just caused, then began to softly knead the area again. He slowly increased the pressure until the pain was back, but this time it was a welcome pain, releasing tension from the muscles there. A soft moan escaped my lips.

He finished kneading my lower back and spanned his hands across my back, his fingers curling against the sides of my waist. He smoothed them up my back towards my shoulders, bringing them down the sides of my arms and repeating the circuit. I sighed, relaxing into the cushions. With each pass his hands drifted slightly lower on my back, and his fingers grazed a little closer to the sides of my breasts. Suddenly I wasn't on the verge of sleep and I was increasingly aware of his strong hands on my back.

I struggled to keep my breathing even, hoping Jason wouldn't know where my thoughts had gone. He continued his lazy trail across my back and stopped again at the small of my back, using his thumbs much the way he had on my neck, with his long fingers spanning to my hips. I exhaled an unsteady breath and I felt his grip on my hips tighten. He slid his hands up my back, thumbs along my spine and stopped between my shoulder blades.

Once again working his thumbs in tight circles his fingers brushed the sides of my breasts. The circles widened until his fingers brushed more firmly against them, causing my nipples to harden. I struggled to keep my breathing steady, and he brought his hand back up to my shoulders. Shifting next to me on the sofa he came back to my neck, rubbing my shoulders, his long fingers cradling my neck. He lightly moved his thumbs in slow circles, no longer kneading, but caressing. I sighed.

Rubbing his hand back down my back he gripped my hips again, bringing his hands up my sides, and around to cradle my belly. My breathing was now ragged and I stifled a moan. I wondered, if I turned to look if I would find him as aroused as I was. I could feel the quiver low in my belly.

His hands began their wide circuit across my back again, only this time with his finger tips trailing down my arms. His hands were tangled in my hair again, but this time I could feel his breath on my neck and I moaned.

He kissed the side of my neck softly, and I felt him stand from the couch and straddle my back, with a knee on either side of my hips. I tilted my head, offering him better access to the soft skin there. He continued to kiss along my neck, and his hands slid down my back and around to cup my breasts through my t-shirt and bra. His hands massaging, he brought his mouth to suck on my earlobe.

I gasped and arched my back, bringing my ass into contact with his groin. I could feel the length of his erection. He cursed, coming to lie behind me on the sofa, turning me so that my back was flush against his chest and he had more freedom to explore my front with his hands.

I turned to meet his mouth with my own and explored with my tongue. I covered his large hands with my small ones and held him closer to me, pressing my hips back against his manhood.

He slid one hand beneath my shirt and lifted my bra so that my breast spilled into his hand. He massaged and rubbed, lightly pinching at my taut nipple. I reached back to pull his ass tighter against me while his other hand slid beneath the elastic waistband of my shorts. He groaned, discovering I wore no panties, and slid between my folds to massage my clit with two fingers.

I was writhing against him, straining towards his hands, and dying to feel his skin, warm against mine. I turned in his arms, breaking the contact his hands had, seeking his mouth with my own. He rolled on top of me and slid my shorts away while I jerked at his t-shirt. I quickly removed my own while he fumbled to get rid of his jeans and boxers.

Finally naked, I clung to him, kissing, caressing, memorizing the lines of his body with my hands. I ran my fingers through the fine line of hair that lead to a very impressive erection. I circled my fingers around the base and slowly traveled the length of him, using my thumb to smear the small drop of precum over the head. He gasped and reached again to massage my clit, this time slipping a finger into the well of my pussy, now drenched in my own juices. he groaned and kissed my mouth harder as he crooked his finger to find that sweet spot inside my channel. I cried out but he swallowed the sound. His other hand was on my breast, tweaking and pulling. My body was so tight I felt I might explode any second.

I'd seen the condom packet fall from his pocket and I reached into the floor to find it. Fumbling with the foil as his hands continued to play over all my sensitive spots, I finally got it open. Sliding it down his length I took his bottom lip between my teeth. I moved his hand and guided him to my opening. Reaching to grab my hips with both hands he slid into me quickly, filling me, stretching me. I arched back against the cushions, wrapping my arms around him, pulling him to me.

He began to thrust into me slow, but deep. With measured strokes he filled me again and again, until I whimpered beneath him.

"Please." I whispered.

He buried himself to the hilt and kissed me hard, dragging my hands above my head and pinning them there. He lowered his head to my ear and whispered, "My pleasure."

He began to thrust in and out at a frantic pace, slamming into met. My breasts bounced with each thrust and he caught a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, then biting down before catching the other between his lips. Hands above me I clung to the arm of the sofa as he rode me hard, driving me higher and higher until I broke, crying out. He continued to thrust into me, building to another climax just as he found release. He groaned, and stilled above me, buried deep inside. I sank into the pillow as he collapsed on top of me. He kissed my neck, and lifted onto his elbows to kiss my mouth.

I brought my arms up to circle his waist, keeping him close.

What a perfect way to relieve the stress.

Monday, July 12, 2010


When you left for your meeting I walked around my apartment in my plush robe and drank wine. I couldn't wait for you to come back. I left the cuffs on the bed. My pussy still pulsed from being filled with you, and my nipples were like little beads, straining outward for your touch.

I turned on some slow jazz music that you gave me last week, sinking back into my couch and closing my eyes. I finished my wine and listened to the music. The tempo was easy and inviting, but the sax was erotic and playful. I was thinking about you, about your hands on my body.

Before long I'd fallen asleep. I dreamed of a 40's jazz lounge, and you were the sax player. You gazed through the smoke into my eyes while the club danced to your music. You came to me, leaving the stage and the other players, and slid next to me in the round booth where I'd been watching you. Your eyes were filled with lust and my pussy was throbbing. The throngs of people paid no attention as you put your hands on me, caressing my breasts, sliding your other hand up my thigh to expose the flesh above my stockings.

Your mouth on my neck, and your hands on my body, I writhed beneath your touch. the edges of the dream blurred and I woke to find you above me, my robe open and your hands on me. I smiled and you hooked your arms around me, carrying me back to the bedroom. I slid my arms from the bulky robe and clung to your neck, kissing behind your ears, smiling at your sharp intake of breath. When you laid me on the bed you moved the cuffs to the bedside table. You hovered above me and buried your face in my neck, alternately kissing and biting at my throat. I worked on your buttons, no longer concerned with the condition of your clothing. I managed to unfasten, unzip, and unbutton, but still they hung loosely on your frame as you continued to trail your mouth over my breast and then my stomach.

My hips bucked upward, my body aware of your intentions. You laughed, low and sexy, pulling away to strip your clothes. I sighed. You are so beautiful. When you'd rid yourself of your clothes I reached for you and you took my hands, kissing my palms before reaching for the cuffs you'd laid aside.

I smiled, biting my lip in anticipation. Bringing my hands above my head you latched the cuffs around one wrist and slid it through the slats of the headboard before latching onto the other. Testing their strength you tugged lightly and smiled.

"God, I love you like this." You ran your hands down the sides of my arms and covered my breasts with your large hands. I arched my back seeking more pressure from your touch but you didn't give it to me. Instead you once again used your mouth on me, starting with soft flesh of my breast, carefully avoiding my straining nipples. I whimpered and your touch drifted lower, sliding a finger into my slit and testing the moisture that pooled there. The light touches teased and drove my need for you higher.

Your mouth slowly trailed down my body, leaving a cold wet path that caused goosebumps to form on my flesh. You found a soft spot inside my thigh and began to kiss and bite there. I lifted my hips, silently begging for your mouth on my sex. You continued to lightly tease me with your fingers, and moved your mouth to explore the inside of the other thigh.

My desire was so thick I could feel the moisture pooling behind my closed eyelids. My body was aching for release, and your touch was pulling me tighter and tighter. Your mouth hovered over the folds of my pussy, your breath warm and soft. You spread me with your fingers and slowly ran the tip of your tongue through my center, carefully avoiding my clit. I cried out and I could feel the quick puff of breath when you chuckled, low and husky. You continued to slowly lick and kiss the fold of my sex as I bucked against you. I wanted to guide you, but my hands weren't free.

I whimpered again and your mouth latched onto that little button, sucking and licking like a man consuming his last meal. I cried out as my orgasm quickly took over and you used your tongue to press harder against that little nub, rubbing quickly, bringing a second wave of pleasure closely behind the first. You kissed and licked until the waves subsided and then slid up my body, straddling my chest.

Your eyes were gleaming and I smiled. Running my tongue across my lip. You grabbed a pillow to place behind my head and positioned me where you wanted me. I waited for you to bring your cock to my mouth, but instead you settled lower on my chest and reached for my breasts. You wagged your eyebrows and I laughed. Sliding your erection into the valley of my breasts, you lifted them to cradle you and began to move back and forth. I watched as the head of your cock, glistening with precum, emerged and then retreated into the cleavage your hands created.

I watched your face, and saw the pleasure there. When you increased your pace I lowered my head to lick your cock when it pressed forward. You hissed and fumbled your rhythm. You pulled back and grabbed my hips.

"That was a naughty thing you did, you foiled my plans of coming all over your pretty breasts." I gave a wicked grin.

"I was bad, I'm sorry."

Your eyes gleamed and you carefully positioned me, so as not to hurt me. "Turn over." You helped me turn since I couldn't use my arms and I crossed my wrists to account for the cuffs. Once on my stomach you lifted me so that I could grip the headboard. For a moment you took your hands away completely, but before I could turn to see you I felt the swift sting of your hand on my ass.

I cried out in surprise, and you quickly spanked me again. the juices that had built again in my pussy began to slid down my thigh and my stomach quivered with need. Your large hands cradled my hips and I felt your erection between my pussy lips. You coated yourself in my juices and your hands dug deeper into my hips.

"Condoms?" Your breathing was labored and your voice was strained. My pussy was aching to be filled.

"Don't, I mean, just." I couldn't speak, but you knew my thoughts. You swiftly plunged into me unsheathed. I pressed back against you and you built up to a rapid pace. I gripped the slats of the head board as you continued to slap my ass. The sting of your hand adding to the intense pleasure building inside of me. You continued to slam into my pussy with such force I exploded, screaming your name. You quickly pulled out and I felt your hot seed spilling on my back. Your hand came around to cradle my pussy and I bore down to ride out the last ripples of pleasure. I could feel your cock against my back and the sticky liquid between us.

You kissed my neck and used your other hand to cradle my breast.

"Stay right here," you whispered. "I'm going to get you cleaned up."

You left and I rested my forehead against my cuffed wrists, trying to steady my breathing. You came back with a wet cloth and gently cleaned my back, rubbing in slow circles. I smiled at the gesture. You took the key and removed the cuffs. Once freed I reached for you, and held you close for a long kiss.

"Mind if I stay tonight?" You asked.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around you tighter, "Only if you promise to try and top that in the morning."

Friday, July 2, 2010


Have a listen while you read ;)

The day was so hot, but once the sun went down the wind kicked up and the sheen of sweat across my back and shoulders actually helped cool me down. As I sat on the corner of a friend's blanket, I noticed you sitting a few yards away with your back to the trunk of a tree. I'd noticed you earlier talking with a group of young girls, one of whom I assumed to be a sister. She took some money, but she was too old to be your daughter, and too young to be a girlfriend.

I caught your gaze and smiled. The corner of your mouth quirked up and you nodded. I turned back to my friends but I could feel your gaze on my back. Turning, I found that you were in fact still looking. You cocked your head and patted the ground beside you. All of my friends were engrossed in their dates or conversation with each other so I slipped away unnoticed.

I walked over and sat beside you, pulling my knees up to my chest. You smiled and introduced yourself as JD. I stuck my hand out, "Amanda."

You took my hand and the contact caused a shiver. Your eyes were bright blue and they sparkled, like you had a secret. I had one too, but you didn't need to know that.

About that time the fireworks display started, and some current pop hits were played from the nearby speakers. I let myself relax into the tree, and before long, I could feel your cotton t-shirt brushing against my bare arm. You leaned forward to ask if I liked the show. The music was loud so you had to put your mouth right next to my ear. I turned to answer you, and we were so close anyone nearby would think we were kissing.

I told you that the 4th of July was my favorite holiday. My nipples came to tiny little peaks while I waited for you to ask me why.

"Why is that?" you asked.

"Because I've always imagined it would be exciting to have sex during a fireworks display." I turned my gaze back towards the show, but not before catching a glimpse of your slack jaw. I could hear you mutter a curse. My pussy clenched.

You reached over and placed a large hand on my thigh, once again placing your mouth next to my ear. Your lips brushed against my hair when you asked if I wanted to find out. Smiling I dropped my knee, causing your hand to shift closer to my sex, now slick with heat, and I turned to nip at your earlobe and whisper... "Let's go."

You were up and pulling me from the ground in a matter of seconds. I threw a glance toward my friends. They hadn't missed me. You took my hand and led me through the crowd, away from the display and the people.

Thrilled to be going with you, I wondered where you were taking me. We rounded a corner and you pulled me into a darkened doorway. Your mouth was over mine and your hands were seeking out the flesh beneath my shirt. I twisted my fingers in your hair and bit at your lip. You sought out the soft flesh of my throat with your mouth and I slid my hands down to your ass, gripping you against me. I could feel your erection and it brought forth a shudder. I was a fan of public sex, but the street was too crowded.

"Where can we go?" I managed to ask. Groaning you pulled away and took my hand again. We turned down a narrow alley way and you pulled me up a fire escape. once we got to the roof I noticed a lounge chair and table. I laughed, wanting to ask how you knew about it, but I quickly decided that it didn't matter. You pulled me against you, again plundering my mouth with your skilled tongue.

I moaned and pressed against you, wanting more. You walked me backwards until I felt the chair against the back of my calves. I sank down onto the chair, and you pressed be back against the thin cushion. I stripped away your thin cotton tee, running my hands along your chest. Your shoulders were broad and defined, and I strained forward to press open-mouthed kisses across your collar bones.

Groaning, you brought your weight over me to pin me against the seat and slid your hands around me to unfasten my bra. Pulling it along with my shirt away you began sucking my nipples each in turn. I let out a small cry of pleasure, barely heard above the blasts of the fireworks. Your mouth trailed it's way down my stomach and I closed my eyes as you worked with the buttons on my shorts. I felt them, along with my panties, slide down my legs and you pulled my flats off with them. I could feel the breeze against every inch of my skin. Your hands came up to caress and cradle my stomach as you kissed a trail from my belly button, to my thigh. I could feel the warmth of your breath against my soft curls and my hips writhed beneath your weight.

Your hands circled my waist pinning me against the cushion as you began to slowly kiss my folds, sliding your tongue between the twin mounds of flesh to find that sweet spot. I gasped and bucked against your mouth but you held me still and continued your slow exploration of my sex. Pressing your tongue flat against my clit you loosened your grip, giving me the freedom to seek my own pressure.

Sliding first one, then two fingers into my channel you began to softly suck as you worked in and out of my pussy. I moaned and begged for more. You began to suck harder and thrust faster, bringing me quickly to the edge of orgasm. I had my hands in your hair, bringing you closer, seeking the pressure that would push me over the edge.

I opened my eyes and saw the explosion of color against the night sky as you bared your teeth against my sensitive clit, causing a similar explosion inside of me. My body sought to ride out the waves of orgasm on your hand, but you weren't finished. Reaching into your pocket you brought out a condom and quickly shed your jeans and boxers.

Sheathing yourself you came up over me and covered my mouth with your own, swallowing my scream as you thrust into me quickly and fully. Working into a fluid rhythm of in and out, you again found the soft spot on my neck and bit lightly into the flesh there. My sensitive body shuddered. Wrapping my legs around your waist my sex tightened building to another precipice. Your face in my neck and my arms around you, I watched the colors explode against one another as you worked your cock in and out of my body. I quickly built up to another orgasm, and as I screamed out in release you shuddered and I felt your cock twitching inside of me.

As you collapsed on top of me I could feel my pulse hammering in my throat. I watched the fireworks above us as you began to lick at my nipples again. I could feel my sex tightening, again craving the pleasure you'd given. I decided that before the night was over, I'd probably give you my real name.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Young, Energetic, and likes sexy-time parties?

So, I think I've already established that my office isn't all that typical. We're all women except for one coordinator who works mainly out of the office. So one of my co-workers, also my immediate supervisor, is just one of the most wonderful women you will ever meet. She's very kind and accepting, and to top if off she shares my love of erotica and sex toys. Never a dull moment in this office.

So today, her husband came to take her to lunch and she introduced us. She said my name and waited for a response then went on to tell him what my position was and concluded with, "This is our young, energetic one. She's the one who likes the sexy parties and stuff."

WHAT?! Haha, this woman has talked to her husband about me! Turns out, he totally knows I'm the one who recommended they sugar instead of wax before trying the vagazzling. The one who brings her the "good books" to borrow. LOL! I had to excuse myself before erupting into hysterics.

On a more sentimental note, they have been together since they were 15, almost 30 years. They are the reason that people still believe in happy endings. They are still totally in love with each other, not even a slightly diminished sex life, and 2 really great kids.

They do give me hope that it exists, but alas... I'm far beyond 15 so... we'll see. This weekend is July 4th, one of my favorite holidays. Looks like I have a date with B, so hopefully there will be lots of fireworks ;)

Oh yeah, I have a button now! Thanks to Teri, The Bipolar Diva :) So please grab it if you want!