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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I need you inside me. What time can I see you.

That was the first message I sent you at lunchtime. I'd spent the morning playing on the Internet because my boss was gone. I read a few juicy excerpts on amazon when ordering a few books and my sex was tightening already. Sitting at my desk in the center of the lobby area I wished there was some way to get myself off. Had it been before lunch I might have taken care of it in the restroom before going back on the clock.

Shit, I have a meeting tonight. It could be late.

When I read that I was disappointed. I really wanted to have you tonight. Of course, we hadn't been together all that long and every sack session had been an all night/morning event. Maybe...

What time is your meeting?

I waited, my pussy actually getting wet just thinking about you.

7:00, mid-town

I smiled. That gave us plenty of time.

Come by right after work. You'll still make your meeting ;)

My belly clenched in anticipation. I tried to be productive, but I was just so distracted. The afternoon seemed to drag on. Around 4:00 I was ready to leave, but I couldn't for another hour.

Thinking about me?

I kept my phone on vibrate in my desk drawer and waited for your response.

You know I am. What kind of panties are you wearing?

I grinned. Feeling frisky, I took off for a quick bathroom break. Locking the door behind me I reached under my short black skirt and slid out of my panties. Laying them on the counter I snapped off a picture with my phone and sent it to you. I contemplated leaving them off, but I was afraid I might cream all over the desk chair so I slid them back on.

I hurried back to my desk and waited for your reply. Squirming in my seat I checked my inbox, but reached quickly for the phone at the sound of a low buzz.

Damn, I can't wait to get inside of you. Are you hot? Sitting at your desk waiting for the time to pass? I am.

You attached a picture. The fly of your trousers, and your erection bulging against the seam of the zipper. My mouth watered. There wouldn't be time to take you in my mouth before your meeting, but maybe later tonight.

The door will be unlocked. I'll see you in bed.

Because my boss was gone and because I simply couldn't wait anymore, I left the office at ten minutes til. I drove home in record time and stripped the bed down to the flat sheet and left the pillows.

You wouldn't be too far behind me since your office was actually closer than mine so I quickly stripped down and jumped on the bed, leaning back into the pillows. I used one finger to lightly tease my clit. I was already so wet. Too excited to think about it, I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and snapped a shot of my glistening pussy and sent it to you. My heart raced when I heard your phone alert go off right outside my door. I dropped the phone back on the table and waited the few heartbeats it took for you to check the message, then I heard you come through the door, dropping your keys and slamming it behind you.

When you came into the room it was not a slow seduction. I saw the tent in your pants and you covered the distance from door to bed in three steps. I came up to my knees and reached for your pants as our mouths collided. I let you work the buttons on your top, I didn't want to risk ripping them before your meeting. You stepped out of your pants and boxers and toed off your shoes and socks.

Your body came down hard over mine, pinning me to the mattress. We groped and clung to each other. Your mouth came to my throat, but I knew you didn't have much time. I grabbed the condom that you'd thoughtfully pulled from your pocket before kicking your pants across the floor.

Reaching between our bodies, both slick with sweat, I tried to roll it over your length. But you were kissing me and working my nipple between your fingers. My hands were unsteady and I fumbled. Groaning I went to try again but you took it from me and quickly protected yourself.

My fingernails bit at the flesh of your ass. I pulled you closer but you reached for my hands, bringing them above my head. I smiled, we haven't been together long enough for you to know how much this turns me on. I stretched back farther to grasp the rails of the headboard. You trailed your hands down my arms and cupped my breasts. This is all moving too slow for me and my hips buck up against your stomach.

You grin, and I think you're about to enter me, but instead you pull me towards you until I'm sitting.

"Turn around and grab the head board."

Your words send a bolt of pleasure straight to my sex and I quickly get on my knees facing the headboard. I grabbed hold as you instructed and I feel the heat of your body against my back. Your hands settled onto my hips and you pull my buttocks against your groin. I reach back to pull you closer but you quickly chastise me.

"Tsk, tsk. You're hands are supposed to be on the headboard."

Your mouth is against my ear. I make no move to put my hand back, hoping that you'll make me. You growl into my ear.

"You're being a bad girl."

"I know." I grin.

I feel your breath against the nape of my neck as you laugh. Then you take my hand and position it back on the headboard. Your hand begins to make slow circles on my hip and you pull it back before coming back with a firm smack.

I gasp, hoping that you won't stop. Hoping that you love this as much as I do. Pressing my hips back into your groin, you do. Smack. This time a little harder.

"Please," I gasp. "Again."

You bite down on my shoulder and slap my ass harder. I cry out, I don't think I can stand it anymore.

"Please. God, please. I need you inside me."

Your hands cradling my hips you pull me back and enter my pussy with one long thrust, pushing me towards the headboard. I tighten my grip and push back against you, trying to take you deeper. You begin to pound into me as I push back and your hands come up to cover mine on the headboard. I'm not going to last long at this pace, but that's ok. With us both now using the headboard for leverage you're thrusting in and out of me at a frantic pace and my pussy is so tight, so ready for the release. I feel you tense and cry out with your release, and your hand comes down to press hard against my clit. You pound into me one last time with more force than before and the pleasure shatters in a burst of pain. Screaming your name I bear down against you, my pussy milking your hard cock.

I still cling to the headboard as your arms come around to hold me against your chest. I glance to the clock, it's only 5:35.

I turn my head for a kiss and you give it to me. Sighing, I straighten on my knees, disconnecting our bodies.

"You have time for a quick shower if you want." I turn to wink at you before rolling off the opposite side of the bed and grabbing my robe. I wrap up and walk around to you, feeling smug and satisfied. I let you kiss me again before opening the drawer of the bedside table. Your eyes sparkle and your jaw goes slack when I pull out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

"And I think you should come back when you're meeting is over."


Just A. Girl said...

Great job. :) Hot post.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Dammit....No one is coming over here tonight after a meeting.....dammit

Sir Thomas said...

meeting... hell you should have more meetings...