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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making up...

Her muscles ached. Her inner thighs were burning and the backs of her calves were screaming at a dull roar. She ran when she was angry, and thanks to him she’d run six miles in just over an hour. Stray hairs worked free of her ponytail and fell around her face. Sweat was trailing between her shoulder blades, but she didn’t bother to change before collapsing on the sofa.

She’d told him to be gone when she got home, but the car was still in the driveway. He was smart enough not to come out from wherever he was hiding though. She closed her eyes, semi-thankful that he hadn’t listened to her. Not that she’d expected him to. He never listened to her, hence six miles.

Her neck was tense, and she could feel a headache gathering behind her ears. Toeing her tennis shoes off, she let them clatter to the floor. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel him enter the room. The energy shifted. He would be sorry. He usually was.

He’d been reckless, but he’d always been reckless. It was the reason she’d first gravitated toward him. He was exciting, and it took her breath away. He came to sit on the end table next to the arm where her head rested. He knew her, better than anyone. His hands at the base of her skull spoke to that fact.

Angry as she had been, the running exhausted her. It stopped her from vocalizing anger, and made it possible for her to simply take what he offered. His fingers worked slow circles over the taut muscles, enabling her to relax. He worked a thumb at the base of her skull while sliding the rubber band from her ponytail, letting her hair fall around her shoulders. He massaged her scalp, running his fingers through her hair. She could feel his warmth behind her.

She forgave him. She’d known she would, so did he. It was the reason he didn’t leave when she’d told him to. She relaxed into the cushions, letting them form to her curves beneath her weight. His fingers continued to probe at the stiff muscles in her neck, slowly working down to her shoulders. He continued to make small circles along her collarbones. He switched from firm pressure to feather light touches, both made her relax and forget her anger. The exhaustion took over and she floated on the edge of consciousness.

He continued to work his hands over her shoulders and down her arms. His fingers were light as they slid from wrist to elbow, then up beneath the sleeve of her t-shirt. A chill shot through her, causing a small gasp to escape her lips. Her jaw relaxed and her lips parted. She hadn’t felt him shift but he was above her know, kissing her softly.

She sighed. This was why they fought. This moment. The couch sank further where he sat next to her hip. His hands now circling her waist, his lips still playing at the corners of her mouth.

He trailed feather light kisses from the corners of her mouth along her jaw to just behind her ear. Biting at her earlobes he moved lower on her neck, to where her heartbeat pulsed just beneath the skin. His lips worked on her neck with a slight suction, not quite enough to mark the skin, but enough to cause her breath to catch.

Relaxed, she didn’t move when he slid his hands beneath her shirt, resting them on her rib cage, just beneath her breasts. He kissed her throat then high on her chest, but the high neck of her t-shirt prevented him from reaching his ultimate goal, at least while she was clothed.

She wouldn’t help him just yet. It was her way. So he hooked an arm beneath the crook of her knees, and cradled her chest close to his own with the other. She let herself turn into his chest as he carried her into the bedroom. As he lay her onto the queen sized bed she relaxed and opened her eyes. He smiled and she allowed a lazy grin to spread across her face. He’d again slid a hand beneath her cotton shirt to rest flat against her belly.

She reached for the hem and shimmied out of the cotton that was damp with her sweat. He dipped his head, burying his face between her breasts. He took a deep breath. Once that might’ve caused her to squirm, afraid that he would find the smell of her sweat repulsive, but after all this time she just smiled. He still wanted her, and she still wanted him. This was all she needed right now. He began to alternately kiss and bite at her breasts as he reached for the drawstring of her shorts. Hooking her underwear with his thumbs he stripped them down her legs.

He left her socks, he knew it bothered her. She reached for them herself then threw them at his still covered chest.

She was done being complacent. Reaching for him she pulled at his shirt and made quick work of his jeans and boxers. In a matter of minutes they were both naked, her body still heated from her run.

He pinned her to the bed with his hands at her hips and flashed a wicked grin before planting kisses along her upper thighs. He teased her, kissing down to her groin, letting his breath tease her pussy lips.

She was hot. She could feel the slick heat pooling in her sex. Her breathing became unsteady and she reached for the back of his head, guiding him to her core. He laughed, and the quick puff of air made her whimper.

Running a finger along her slit he spread her moisture up and circled her clit. The sensation had her head falling back against the pillow and arching her hips toward his face. He pressed his tongue flat against her clit, letting her grind against him, seeking the pressure that she craved.

He began to lick and kiss her folds, bringing her to the edge. He kept her there, switching from light flicks of the tongue to hard suction on her clit. She was begging for release by the time he drew up to kiss her lips and drove his heavy cock deep into her channel.

Thrusting in and out, creating a rhythm that was so uniquely him, he brought her so close to the precipice of her orgasm that tears were forming at the corners of her eyes.

“Please.” She whispered.

She was incapable of finding her voice, but he didn’t need to hear her. He knew her body. She felt him tense, knowing that he was nearly there himself. His hand came between them, giving her the exact pressure she needed to find release. Her first orgasm exploded within her and she began to buck against him harder. She rode the waves of the first orgasm straight into a second and he fucked her hard and deep before shooting off inside her.

He lowered on top of her and she writhed beneath his weight, enjoying the sensitivity of her clit as it made contact with the skin just above his cock. He shifted some of his weight to his elbows as he kissed her from her forehead down to her mouth. Kissing her deep and slow, he told her he was sorry in his own way.

She felt him still twitching inside of her and smiled. They would take time to recover, and then she would accept his apology properly.


The Invisible Seductress said...

What a Yummy story!!!!

Just A. Girl said...

Ahh. I like it. I really need an apology massage myself... and all the extras too.

Sir Thomas said...

damn it..... make up loving is cool..