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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not pregnancy material...

So at work today I started to get some pressure to talk about my date on Sunday. I've been kinda close-lipped about it while I figured out what I wanted, and then what I actually wanted to share.

So this guy, B we'll call him :), is really shy. At first I wasn't sure I could deal with it. I really like banter and he's just not outspoken enough for that. But he is interested and that goes a long way. He also made an offhanded comment about not being in a hurry to get married, so of course that won him tons of points in my book. He's got nice lips too :) I didn't get to sample Sunday, but I have high hopes!

So anyway, this morning. My co-workers decided that my simple, 'it went well', wasn't enough for them. I gave a few more details. He was really nice, easy to talk to, we had a lot in common. So then they asked if he was marriage material, to which I quickly responded no. They immediately wanted to know what was wrong with him and I had to explain it was more because I wasn't looking to get married than it was something with him.

'So you're not marriage material,' is exactly what my co-worker responded with, and she's right. I'm not. I'm still hung up on T. I'm just not going to live life waiting for the phone to ring. My boss immediately followed up with, "You aren't pregnancy material either, I'm going to need for you to schedule that."

I laughed my ass off, and it was a great reminder why I love this office so much.

I actually heard from B yesterday. He's shy, but he did say that he had fun and wanted to hang out again, so we'll see what happens there. I'm feeling optimistic.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want to see stars...

When we were younger, talking about being older, that was what I told him once. I told him when I finally met the man of my dreams, I wanted to see stars when he kissed me. That was almost 15 years ago, and I'd long ago given up on the man of my dreams. These days I settle for the man of the hour, and hope he'll last that long.

When he called yesterday it was a surprise. I haven't seen him in almost two years. We kept in touch through college and off and on after that. Busy work schedules and semi-long distances kept us from spending too much time together. When he accepted the long-term temporary position out in California we'd managed to lose touch altogether.

He was back though, and wanted to catch up over dinner. We'd been friends forever, but the time and distance made me nervous. We would both be so much different now. I fussed over what to wear, not wanting to look like I'd tried too hard, but wanting to look good all the same. I never moved after college so he was going to meet me at home so we could chat in the car.

The knock startled me. Glancing in the mirror I smoothed my long brown hair and tucked it behind my ear. I wasn't prepared for the gut-punch of emotions I had when I saw him on the other side. He wore jeans and a light blue button down. Even though he looked the same, there were subtle changes. He'd traded his wiry kid glasses for studious black frames. He wore a goatee that was surprisingly sexy.

He'd always had an average build, not lanky or bulky. But now he seemed more defined, his shoulders more broad. I was suddenly very aware of my own appearance and wished the past few years had been as good to me as they obviously had been to him. His hair had that perfect tousled look, and likely without any product. I thought of how nice it would be to reach out and run my fingers through it.

The thought made me step back as though I'd touched a hot stove. Where was this coming from? It hadn't been that long since I'd been with a man that my friend would cause such a physical reaction.

"Hey." He smiled, and that put me over the edge. Had he always looked like this? The smile went all the way to his blue eyes and I melted. Smiling, I murmured my own hello, and said something unintelligent about his new glasses. I opened the door to let him in, but he stayed in the doorway.

"Are you ready?" He asked. I nodded, but my heart sank a little. Of course he didn't want to come in. I needed to snap out of it. I was catching up with an old friend, not going out on a date. I grabbed my purse and locked up.

He opened the passenger door of a green hybrid and I smiled.

"Did you go all hippie on me out in Cali?" I teased. He laughed then just shrugged.

"Better gas mileage." He said. I settled in and fastened my seat belt as he walked around the car. I fidgeted with my purse and tried not to pick at my nail polish.

"So, what's been happening?" He asked. We swapped works stories, family stories, and horrible blind date stories from the past two years and before long we'd found that old rhythm. We were teasing and laughing and I hardly noticed that we'd been driving for forty-five minutes.

"Wait a minute. I thought we were getting dinner, where are we going?" He picked me up at 8:00 so it was already dark outside, and as far as I could tell we weren't near anything.

"We're almost there. Don't worry." He grinned and turned up the radio, leaving me to wonder what we were actually doing. He turned right into a fenced in wooded area and drove down a dusty road. I made some noise, a strangled laugh probably. I was so confused.

We came to a clearing and there was a picnic table, water fountain, and grill. It was a campsite. This didn't help with the confusion.

"What are we doing?" I asked again.

"Would you just relax?" He winked and stepped out of the car. I reached for my own door when he stopped to open the trunk.

"I guess you're getting the shovel so you can bury me after you kill me?" My voice was dripping with sarcasm, but I didn't like being left in the dark. Literally.

He cocked his head and gave me that 'give me a break' look as he closed the trunk. He came around with a huge picnic basket, and hooked my elbow to pull me to the table. I started to laugh. A picnic? In the dark?

"So what," I laughed nervously, "we're going for a hike after dinner?" I tried teasing with him, but I was so nervous. Friends didn't take sweet picnics in the woods after dark. There was a time when I would've said as much. But tonight, I didn't want us to be friends. I wanted a romantic evening beneath the stars, and I wanted it with him.

He sat the basket on top of the table and began to remove the contents. There was my favorite bottle of red, wheat crackers, cheese spread, fruit, a couple of glasses and plates, and a blanket.

"Brian?" I whispered him name. Suddenly very unsure. He just kept setting things on the table.

"Hungry?" He asked, and nudged me toward the bench. I sat and nodded. He pulled a corkscrew from his pocket and I smiled. He'd planned this. Actually planned this out. I thought back over the years of friendship, and my thoughts settled on the month before he'd moved.

He'd come to take me out for drinks and dancing before leaving town. We'd laughed and had fun like we always did. He'd danced really close to me, and took me out on the floor for a few slow songs, but I'd chalked it up to him not really wanting to move. Suddenly I saw all the little things that he'd done to try and open this door. Subtle clearly didn't work with me. Overwhelmed with sudden emotion I took a deep breath to keep the tears from coming.

He smiled, confident, and handed me a glass of wine. I took the glass but sat it on the table next to me. Laughing, I stood to face him. He sat down his glass just before I could wrap my arms around him. He pulled my face to his and kissed me firmly. His hands, at my neck and on my back anchored me to him. But I wasn't trying to go anywhere. I broke the kiss and put his glasses on the table. Again, we were kissing, and I felt like I couldn't breath. It seemed so unreal.

Our mouths continued their explorations and I became immensely aware of the rest of my body. His hand on my back, the tightness in my belly, the hammering in my chest and the roar in my ears. I let go of the unease, and forgot my hesitations.

"Did I see a blanket in that basket?" I tried to sound light-hearted and teasing, but my voice was rough with desire and need.

He grabbed the blanket and quickly spread it on the ground, pulling me down beside him. I kissed him again, letting my hands span his chest. I could feel his heavy breathing and it made me smile. He pulled me close and lowered me onto my back. Kissing me slowly, taking his time with my mouth, running his hands all along my exposed flesh. He trailed his hands along my arms, caressed my neck, and slid a hand beneath my shirt to rest on my stomach.

It was so sweet, he was gentle, but his touch promised heat. We lay there kissing for what felt like forever. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh, but he made no move to go any further.

I untucked his shirttail and reached for the buttons, wanting to feel his skin beneath my hands. He stopped kissing me long enough to let me remove his shirt and held me by my upper arms. Once I had his shirt off I moved away and reached for the hem of mine. He blinked hard and moaned.

Smiling, I removed it, revealing a lacy pink bra that barely covered my breasts. I'd always been a fan of pretty lingerie and wore it most days just to please myself. Seeing the look on his face I was glad. He groaned and came to his knees. Cupping my breasts in his palms he began to trail kisses down the sides of my neck and along my shoulders.

This was what I'd wanted. Contact. More than the kissing, I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I ran my fingers through the wispy curls on his chest. I wanted to run my mouth along the planes of his stomach, but his mouth on me felt so good. My body strained against him and I whimpered.

He tore his mouth away, growling. Lowering me back to the blanket, he rested his hands at my waist.

"Sug?" He breathed. The old nickname sounded so sweet coming from his lips. I knew his question, but as far as I was concerned there was no question.

"Please." I said, and he did. Gently, but quickly he removed my jeans and shoes and I lay before him in my dainty pink bra and panties. He lowered his head to kiss my stomach and I gasped. His mouth was nothing short of amazing. He kissed down to my hip and traced a small heart with the tip of his tongue. I reached for him, urging him back up to me. Bringing his face to mine I kissed him as I reached for the zipper of his jeans. His hands caressed my face while he let me finish undressing him. I hooked his boxers with the jeans and forced them down as far as I could.

He finished with them and reached for my panties, sliding them down my legs and tossing them onto the building pile of clothes beside us. Reaching behind my back I unhooked my bra. His mouth covered a nipple as soon as the fabric fell away. The sudden sensation caused me to cry out.

I bit my lip against another cry when he moved to the other breast. He kissed and massaged until I could feel the moisture between my thighs. I squirmed beneath his mouth and reached for his erection, cupping it in my palm. He hissed and stiffened.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Still reaching for him. His hands stilled mine.

"I don't have protection." He grimaced. It was so obvious that it hadn't even occurred to him. I laughed. Not at him, but the situation.

"I'm on the pill, and I'm clean." He exhaled and kissed me again, moving his hand down to cup my mound and slid a finger between the folds of my sex.

"Me too," He breathed. I brought my arms up around his waist pulling him closer. while his hands continued to probe and tease below he trailed open mouthed kisses along my neck and down to the swell of my breasts.

Again finding his erection, I guided him to my entrance. He withdrew his hand and braced his weight on his elbows. I shifted, lifting my hips to him, but he waited. I looked up to find him staring into my face. I swallowed hard and kissed him. It was soft and sweet and he entered me slowly, as if savoring every second. When he was finally buried inside of me he kissed my closed eyelids and again my mouth, before slowly pulling out, only to re-enter at that same painfully slow pace. My hips bucked against him, but he didn't increase the speed. It was so slow, so sweet. I felt the tears in my eyes but there was no way to stop them. He smiled and kissed the salty tracks away.

I brought my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck. We continued to build just like that. Slow and sweet, feasting on each others mouths, touching each other. When I finally came I cried out, no longer concerned who may be able to hear us. He was right behind me and he collapsed, catching his weight on one elbow.

Rolling onto his back, he tucked me into his side. We lay there breathing in the night air, waiting on our hearts to stop racing. I hugged into him, taking his body heat, and he dropped a kiss on my head.

"So," He started. Grinning as he looked down into my face, "Did you see stars?" He glanced up at the clear sky with hundreds of points of light shining down on us. I smiled, and started to laugh, amazed that he'd remembered. He cared, he'd always cared.

"Yeah." I smiled and stretched up to kiss him again. "Yeah, I definitely did."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time poor...

I've stretched myself so thin lately! I've been running from place to place and getting little sleep. I've got a feeling it's going to be like this for a while, but I have vacation coming up next month. I'm super excited about that! I'm currently taking applications for a cabana boy ;)

AND.... wait for it.... I have a date this weekend :)

I need to catch up on work today so this is a short one, but I'll have something good for you tomorrow :)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I need you inside me. What time can I see you.

That was the first message I sent you at lunchtime. I'd spent the morning playing on the Internet because my boss was gone. I read a few juicy excerpts on amazon when ordering a few books and my sex was tightening already. Sitting at my desk in the center of the lobby area I wished there was some way to get myself off. Had it been before lunch I might have taken care of it in the restroom before going back on the clock.

Shit, I have a meeting tonight. It could be late.

When I read that I was disappointed. I really wanted to have you tonight. Of course, we hadn't been together all that long and every sack session had been an all night/morning event. Maybe...

What time is your meeting?

I waited, my pussy actually getting wet just thinking about you.

7:00, mid-town

I smiled. That gave us plenty of time.

Come by right after work. You'll still make your meeting ;)

My belly clenched in anticipation. I tried to be productive, but I was just so distracted. The afternoon seemed to drag on. Around 4:00 I was ready to leave, but I couldn't for another hour.

Thinking about me?

I kept my phone on vibrate in my desk drawer and waited for your response.

You know I am. What kind of panties are you wearing?

I grinned. Feeling frisky, I took off for a quick bathroom break. Locking the door behind me I reached under my short black skirt and slid out of my panties. Laying them on the counter I snapped off a picture with my phone and sent it to you. I contemplated leaving them off, but I was afraid I might cream all over the desk chair so I slid them back on.

I hurried back to my desk and waited for your reply. Squirming in my seat I checked my inbox, but reached quickly for the phone at the sound of a low buzz.

Damn, I can't wait to get inside of you. Are you hot? Sitting at your desk waiting for the time to pass? I am.

You attached a picture. The fly of your trousers, and your erection bulging against the seam of the zipper. My mouth watered. There wouldn't be time to take you in my mouth before your meeting, but maybe later tonight.

The door will be unlocked. I'll see you in bed.

Because my boss was gone and because I simply couldn't wait anymore, I left the office at ten minutes til. I drove home in record time and stripped the bed down to the flat sheet and left the pillows.

You wouldn't be too far behind me since your office was actually closer than mine so I quickly stripped down and jumped on the bed, leaning back into the pillows. I used one finger to lightly tease my clit. I was already so wet. Too excited to think about it, I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and snapped a shot of my glistening pussy and sent it to you. My heart raced when I heard your phone alert go off right outside my door. I dropped the phone back on the table and waited the few heartbeats it took for you to check the message, then I heard you come through the door, dropping your keys and slamming it behind you.

When you came into the room it was not a slow seduction. I saw the tent in your pants and you covered the distance from door to bed in three steps. I came up to my knees and reached for your pants as our mouths collided. I let you work the buttons on your top, I didn't want to risk ripping them before your meeting. You stepped out of your pants and boxers and toed off your shoes and socks.

Your body came down hard over mine, pinning me to the mattress. We groped and clung to each other. Your mouth came to my throat, but I knew you didn't have much time. I grabbed the condom that you'd thoughtfully pulled from your pocket before kicking your pants across the floor.

Reaching between our bodies, both slick with sweat, I tried to roll it over your length. But you were kissing me and working my nipple between your fingers. My hands were unsteady and I fumbled. Groaning I went to try again but you took it from me and quickly protected yourself.

My fingernails bit at the flesh of your ass. I pulled you closer but you reached for my hands, bringing them above my head. I smiled, we haven't been together long enough for you to know how much this turns me on. I stretched back farther to grasp the rails of the headboard. You trailed your hands down my arms and cupped my breasts. This is all moving too slow for me and my hips buck up against your stomach.

You grin, and I think you're about to enter me, but instead you pull me towards you until I'm sitting.

"Turn around and grab the head board."

Your words send a bolt of pleasure straight to my sex and I quickly get on my knees facing the headboard. I grabbed hold as you instructed and I feel the heat of your body against my back. Your hands settled onto my hips and you pull my buttocks against your groin. I reach back to pull you closer but you quickly chastise me.

"Tsk, tsk. You're hands are supposed to be on the headboard."

Your mouth is against my ear. I make no move to put my hand back, hoping that you'll make me. You growl into my ear.

"You're being a bad girl."

"I know." I grin.

I feel your breath against the nape of my neck as you laugh. Then you take my hand and position it back on the headboard. Your hand begins to make slow circles on my hip and you pull it back before coming back with a firm smack.

I gasp, hoping that you won't stop. Hoping that you love this as much as I do. Pressing my hips back into your groin, you do. Smack. This time a little harder.

"Please," I gasp. "Again."

You bite down on my shoulder and slap my ass harder. I cry out, I don't think I can stand it anymore.

"Please. God, please. I need you inside me."

Your hands cradling my hips you pull me back and enter my pussy with one long thrust, pushing me towards the headboard. I tighten my grip and push back against you, trying to take you deeper. You begin to pound into me as I push back and your hands come up to cover mine on the headboard. I'm not going to last long at this pace, but that's ok. With us both now using the headboard for leverage you're thrusting in and out of me at a frantic pace and my pussy is so tight, so ready for the release. I feel you tense and cry out with your release, and your hand comes down to press hard against my clit. You pound into me one last time with more force than before and the pleasure shatters in a burst of pain. Screaming your name I bear down against you, my pussy milking your hard cock.

I still cling to the headboard as your arms come around to hold me against your chest. I glance to the clock, it's only 5:35.

I turn my head for a kiss and you give it to me. Sighing, I straighten on my knees, disconnecting our bodies.

"You have time for a quick shower if you want." I turn to wink at you before rolling off the opposite side of the bed and grabbing my robe. I wrap up and walk around to you, feeling smug and satisfied. I let you kiss me again before opening the drawer of the bedside table. Your eyes sparkle and your jaw goes slack when I pull out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

"And I think you should come back when you're meeting is over."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Queen of the karaoke machine!

It's been a long weekend of stress, headaches, adult beverages, and too much wedding talk. We'll start with the fun stuff!

Thursday night I had an event. I co-hosted and I had to deal with a few people that I prefer not to deal with even on my best days. Thursday, was far from one of my best days. Lucky for me, it was totally acceptable to drink. So I did. A lot. What can I say, the red wine went down like water. I should have ordered myself a bottle up front, I would've drank less and it would've been cheaper.

So after the event was over and I was thoroughly drunk, we hopped on down to another restaurant and ordered a few more drinks. I think it was my idea at this point to hit up the karaoke bar across the street.

My idea or someone else's, it doesn't matter. It was the best idea ever! I was the perfect blend of tipsy and drunk. I didn't feel sick or have a headache. I was still coherent and I wasn't embarrassing myself, but I had very few inhibitions. I sang all night, a few of the girls checked out but me and my girl J hung in there til 1:30 in the morning :)

So, around 1:00, this guy walks up to me. He's not unattractive. In fact, I think I would've acknowledged him even in the daylight. I was flipping through the directory looking for another tune and he slides up next to me.

"Hey Girl." Now, just to give you an idea, the hey was like, he-ey. Think about that stupid gay cow joke. So I'm kinda giggling, but alcohol will do this to you. I say hey and give him a smile and his immediate response is, "I'm straight."

I laughed. I wanted to be like, 'No shit? Cause I'm really into guys that don't want to screw me, that's too bad!'

I kept my sarcasm in check and talked to him for a few minutes. He told me to pick a song he could sing with me, but before I could his friends were leaving.

More unwanted attention from the online guy who messaged me on the dating site. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to disable the 'like' button on Facebook. I hate looking at my profile and finding that people I don't particularly care for have found a way to plaster a link back to their page all over mine.

I spent the majority of the weekend with a couple of friends from college because one of them is getting married. The other already is, and I was the token single girl. That was a joy, let me tell you. I may post more on that later, I'm still deciding how I feel about some of it. T is dating, I found this out through my superior stalking skills (Actually his little bro being a friend on FB was responsible for that knowledge.) But that has me a little bummed because I think in my mind I really did expect to see him again and maybe get some closure or something. I feel kinda stupid now.

I did a lot of driving this weekend, I spent at least six hours in transit. The college friends are a couple of counties over and I had to come back for a graduation ceremony Saturday morning (worst ceremony ever!). I would normally love my restful Sunday but it's Father's Day in a blended family, so I was running back and forth all day yesterday too.

For now, I'm just glad that this marathon weekend is over. Now into the busy week I go :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making up...

Her muscles ached. Her inner thighs were burning and the backs of her calves were screaming at a dull roar. She ran when she was angry, and thanks to him she’d run six miles in just over an hour. Stray hairs worked free of her ponytail and fell around her face. Sweat was trailing between her shoulder blades, but she didn’t bother to change before collapsing on the sofa.

She’d told him to be gone when she got home, but the car was still in the driveway. He was smart enough not to come out from wherever he was hiding though. She closed her eyes, semi-thankful that he hadn’t listened to her. Not that she’d expected him to. He never listened to her, hence six miles.

Her neck was tense, and she could feel a headache gathering behind her ears. Toeing her tennis shoes off, she let them clatter to the floor. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel him enter the room. The energy shifted. He would be sorry. He usually was.

He’d been reckless, but he’d always been reckless. It was the reason she’d first gravitated toward him. He was exciting, and it took her breath away. He came to sit on the end table next to the arm where her head rested. He knew her, better than anyone. His hands at the base of her skull spoke to that fact.

Angry as she had been, the running exhausted her. It stopped her from vocalizing anger, and made it possible for her to simply take what he offered. His fingers worked slow circles over the taut muscles, enabling her to relax. He worked a thumb at the base of her skull while sliding the rubber band from her ponytail, letting her hair fall around her shoulders. He massaged her scalp, running his fingers through her hair. She could feel his warmth behind her.

She forgave him. She’d known she would, so did he. It was the reason he didn’t leave when she’d told him to. She relaxed into the cushions, letting them form to her curves beneath her weight. His fingers continued to probe at the stiff muscles in her neck, slowly working down to her shoulders. He continued to make small circles along her collarbones. He switched from firm pressure to feather light touches, both made her relax and forget her anger. The exhaustion took over and she floated on the edge of consciousness.

He continued to work his hands over her shoulders and down her arms. His fingers were light as they slid from wrist to elbow, then up beneath the sleeve of her t-shirt. A chill shot through her, causing a small gasp to escape her lips. Her jaw relaxed and her lips parted. She hadn’t felt him shift but he was above her know, kissing her softly.

She sighed. This was why they fought. This moment. The couch sank further where he sat next to her hip. His hands now circling her waist, his lips still playing at the corners of her mouth.

He trailed feather light kisses from the corners of her mouth along her jaw to just behind her ear. Biting at her earlobes he moved lower on her neck, to where her heartbeat pulsed just beneath the skin. His lips worked on her neck with a slight suction, not quite enough to mark the skin, but enough to cause her breath to catch.

Relaxed, she didn’t move when he slid his hands beneath her shirt, resting them on her rib cage, just beneath her breasts. He kissed her throat then high on her chest, but the high neck of her t-shirt prevented him from reaching his ultimate goal, at least while she was clothed.

She wouldn’t help him just yet. It was her way. So he hooked an arm beneath the crook of her knees, and cradled her chest close to his own with the other. She let herself turn into his chest as he carried her into the bedroom. As he lay her onto the queen sized bed she relaxed and opened her eyes. He smiled and she allowed a lazy grin to spread across her face. He’d again slid a hand beneath her cotton shirt to rest flat against her belly.

She reached for the hem and shimmied out of the cotton that was damp with her sweat. He dipped his head, burying his face between her breasts. He took a deep breath. Once that might’ve caused her to squirm, afraid that he would find the smell of her sweat repulsive, but after all this time she just smiled. He still wanted her, and she still wanted him. This was all she needed right now. He began to alternately kiss and bite at her breasts as he reached for the drawstring of her shorts. Hooking her underwear with his thumbs he stripped them down her legs.

He left her socks, he knew it bothered her. She reached for them herself then threw them at his still covered chest.

She was done being complacent. Reaching for him she pulled at his shirt and made quick work of his jeans and boxers. In a matter of minutes they were both naked, her body still heated from her run.

He pinned her to the bed with his hands at her hips and flashed a wicked grin before planting kisses along her upper thighs. He teased her, kissing down to her groin, letting his breath tease her pussy lips.

She was hot. She could feel the slick heat pooling in her sex. Her breathing became unsteady and she reached for the back of his head, guiding him to her core. He laughed, and the quick puff of air made her whimper.

Running a finger along her slit he spread her moisture up and circled her clit. The sensation had her head falling back against the pillow and arching her hips toward his face. He pressed his tongue flat against her clit, letting her grind against him, seeking the pressure that she craved.

He began to lick and kiss her folds, bringing her to the edge. He kept her there, switching from light flicks of the tongue to hard suction on her clit. She was begging for release by the time he drew up to kiss her lips and drove his heavy cock deep into her channel.

Thrusting in and out, creating a rhythm that was so uniquely him, he brought her so close to the precipice of her orgasm that tears were forming at the corners of her eyes.

“Please.” She whispered.

She was incapable of finding her voice, but he didn’t need to hear her. He knew her body. She felt him tense, knowing that he was nearly there himself. His hand came between them, giving her the exact pressure she needed to find release. Her first orgasm exploded within her and she began to buck against him harder. She rode the waves of the first orgasm straight into a second and he fucked her hard and deep before shooting off inside her.

He lowered on top of her and she writhed beneath his weight, enjoying the sensitivity of her clit as it made contact with the skin just above his cock. He shifted some of his weight to his elbows as he kissed her from her forehead down to her mouth. Kissing her deep and slow, he told her he was sorry in his own way.

She felt him still twitching inside of her and smiled. They would take time to recover, and then she would accept his apology properly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Man shopping...

So, in case I haven't mentioned it, I signed up for online dating again. The pool was getting a little stagnant, and my social circle consists of too many couples right now so "friends" aren't presenting themselves.

It's kind of fun. The site I've been using has all kinds of filters you can use for your search. It's like going to Auto Trader to look for a car.

Smokes? Drinks? Religion? Body type? Children?

I do wish they had a "own place for booty call" option. Currently I can't host. There's a multitude of reasons, a few self-imposed, but thus far it hasn't been a problem.

Not that I'm looking for 100% NSA sex, because I need to know someone before I get in bed with them. It's a personal thing. I can have sex without a lot of messy emotion, I just can't do it with strangers.

Anyway, here's the trouble with online dating. You make a profile, upload a sexy picture, and plug in your zip code. All those guys that you are friends with pop up. I've gotten three "matches" that are people I know. One actually messaged me.

Perhaps they think 'online' means desperate. For me though, online simply means I can be 'discerning' (I've chosen to boycott the word picky) without hurting anyone's feelings. These people who know me, that I haven't been interested in before, should realize that this hasn't changed. I will respond to your message as though it is a joke, and hopefully you will get the point. If not, I'm going to have to be blunt and your feelings will be hurt. Hate it.

Anyway, hoping for a few 'interviews' next week ;) Will update!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meangirl garage relocated. Find her here and show your love!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


“Hi.” I managed. Swallowing against the nausea.

His smile reached his eyes and he lifted a clearly calloused hand to the side of his neck. He stood there, with that nonchalant pose looking me over for what felt like forever before he muttered his own, “Hi.”

His gaze slid down the length of my body and I suddenly felt a wave of self-conscience. It had been a rainy mist all day. My hair was starting to stick to the sides of my face and frizz at the ends. I was at least 15 pounds heavier than the last time he’d seen me, and my make-up was most likely gone.

If he noticed any of those things he made no indication. He took a step toward me and I straightened. He hesitated when he sensed my reaction, but only for a second. He covered the distance between us in three steps and held his arms out, palms up. I sighed, stepping into his arms, and let him hold me. Tucking my chin into his chest, I could smell his aftershave. Which was interesting since it didn’t really appear that he’d shaved today. I placed my open palms on his back. It was amazing how familiar this was, how safe I felt here. As long as I stayed right here, just like this, it seemed that nothing bad could happen.

I flashed back to the day I ended us. He’d held me then too, just like this. He didn’t stop me, but he held me like he was afraid to let me go. It was like that now, only I was the one afraid to let go. Could I possibly be imagining this? My hands slid lower on his back and squeezed lightly, the way you do when the hug has run its course. Only, I didn’t let go, and neither did he.

He kept one hand at the base of my neck and slid the other down between my shoulder blades to rest at the small of my back. I could feel his breath on my hair, and I could hear his heartbeat against his chest. We were connected, shoulder to hip. I became increasingly more aware of his heartbeat, and I started to feel that ache low in my belly. I kept my chin tucked, afraid of looking up at him. Not afraid as I’d been so many years ago, this time I was afraid I’d see pity, or rejection in those eyes. Not desire that I was unsure how to handle. So I focused on a pinhole in his t-shirt. He dropped a kiss on the top of my head and moved the hand on my lower back in slow strokes, like someone soothing an infant. I inhaled deep and exhaled on a shaky breath.

I felt the cords of his muscles shift beneath the soft cotton as he lowered his head again to drop a kiss behind my ear. His breathing was becoming as uneven as my own, but still I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him. He kept his face nuzzled in my hair and I could feel his breath on my neck. I shivered and he held me closer. The hand resting on my lower back slid beneath the fabric of my own shirt and molded to the hollow spot beneath. The contact caused my breath to catch in my throat. I kept one arm anchored around his waist and the other I laid flat against his chest. I turned, resting my forehead against his chest. His lips found my temple. The hand he’d kept pressed to the nape of my neck came around and I could feel his thumb pressed at the hollow of my throat.

He kissed my forehead again, “Look at me.”

I shook my head, suddenly aware of the tears I was fighting. He slid his thumb up under my chin to encourage me. When I made eye contact it felt as though I’d been punched in the gut. The pure longing I saw in his eyes caused the tears filing my eyes to spill down my cheeks. He brushed at them as he lowered his mouth to mine.

The kiss was testing at first, he kissed the corners of my mouth and nipped at my bottom lip. I opened to the kiss and the hand beneath my shirt rose higher soon joined by the other when I wrapped my arms around his neck. He took a step to the left and was against the side of the truck. With his hands fervently exploring my back and his mouth laying siege over mine, I held on as though my life depended on it.

I slid my hand down his sides and beneath the cotton to test the skin around the waist band of his jeans. He broke the kiss on a moan and moved his mouth again to my neck. I felt like we were eighteen again, desperate for contact. Of course we weren’t and my libido, now knowing what could come next, revved to life and I could feel the pulsing in my pussy. His own desire was fully evident pressing against my belly and I wanted to badly to feel his skin against my own.

As though his thoughts mirrored my own he stripped my shirt away. barely breaking the contact of his mouth on my skin and a minute later I had managed to remove his as well. His kisses trailed down to the swell of my breast and he cupped the weight of them in his palms. I was lost in the sensation, not caring who might show up, but he must’ve been more aware of the surroundings than I was. He reached around and opened the back cab door at his back. He turned me and urged me onto the bench seat. I took 15 seconds to register how spacious the extended cab was but he’d quickly lowered my back onto the seat. He kissed me again with more heat this time.

I reached down to the snap of his jeans and slid them as far as I could down his thighs, coming back to reach for his cock through his boxers. He was endowed, a fact that I hadn’t forgotten. The weight of him in my hand was incredible and I wanted more than anything to get him inside me.

He’d managed to remove my bra and was worshipping my breasts with his mouth. I brought my hands to his back, spreading my legs. Cursing the denim that still came between me and his warm skin. I reached to my waist band but his hands stopped me, bringing my arms around his neck and coming back to kiss me again. While his tongue explored the crevices of my mouth his hands went to my zipper. He pushed the material down my thighs, taking my underwear with them. He slid down to pepper kisses on my stomach and removed his own jeans completely.

His hands went from breasts, to belly, to thighs while he continued to rain kisses on my stomach, then slid lower. My knees fell apart granting access to that part that was so hot for him. I could feel his breath, heavy and labored, over my sex. My juices were beginning to slide down my thighs and I was dying to feel his mouth. When I felt his fingers massaging the insides of my thighs I looked down to find him staring at me from between my thighs.

A rush of heat shot to my core. His eyes were still so blue. He’d wanted to do this once before but I’d stopped him. I was so anxious then, what if he didn’t like it. Of course now, I was dying for it. I came up on my elbows and he kept eye contact as he kissed the dip where thigh met groin on each side. He looked down and wiped my juices with a finger. The touch caused my pussy to clench and he noticed. Grinning. he looked back to me and began to kiss my pussy lips with the same teasing rhythm he’d previously used on my mouth.

I tried to keep eye contact but it was too much. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as he kissed me, slowly and purposefully. Circling, intentionally ignoring that sensitive button, driving my tension higher. I was so tight I literally began to ache, and the pain was pure pleasure. I whimpered and I felt his grip tighten on my thigh. Another minute and I thought the strain on my body would kill me.

“Please,” I whispered.

He growled and began to suck directly on my clit with such force I screamed. My orgasm hit almost instantly and I writhed against his face. He placed a finger inside of me while I rode it out the after waves and then he slid up my body, his hands caressing every inch as he did.

He descended on my mouth again and I could taste myself on his tongue. My breathing was labored and my body relaxed, but I hadn't felt him inside me yet, and my body still ached for it. I reached for his boxers and he helped slid them down. His cock twitched in my hand. I twisted beneath him and he hooked an arm around my waist to roll me over on top of him.

I flashed back to a time when I had no idea what a man really wanted, and I was too shy then to find out. But now, as I sat astride his waist I felt confident. He was staring up at me with a look I hadn’t seen since I’d last seen him. No other man had ever made me feel the way he did. I bent down to kiss the underside of his jaw and felt the muscles tighten in his neck. Slowly I worked my way down, lightly biting each of his nipples in passing. I licked at his lower stomach, just inches away from his penis, now straining against me.

He was tall, and while I’d been able to lie on the seat head to toe, he’d lifted his shoulder’s against the door and had one leg bent against the back of the seat while the other fell to the floor. I sat back on my feet as I lowered my mouth to his cock. I hadn’t fully conquered my gag reflex but I’d learned how to compensate. I flashed him a wicked grin as I took the crown into my mouth and sucked. I could hear the sharp intake of breath, and before long he’d wrapped his hands in my hair. I used both of my hands in tandem with my mouth and it didn’t take long for him to pull me away.

“Condoms in the dash.” He nodded, swallowing hard.

As I leaned into the front seat I realized how exposed my ass would be, and hoped again that he didn’t mind the extra pounds. While I was digging for the link of foil packets I felt his hand on my ass, followed immediately by his fingers in my vagina.

“Sweet god,” I gasped.

He probed from behind as I clung to the back of the seat. Reaching around with his other hand he pinched my clit and I jumped, hitting my head against the top of the cab.

Laughing, I swung around quickly as I ripped one of the condoms open. He took it from me and quickly sheathed himself. I slid down onto him using the back of the seat to level myself. I started to move over him and he reached for me.

His lifted position let him run his hands over my breasts without being forced to reach and I used the seats for leverage. At one point he stilled me and thrust up until he was buried to the hilt. I gasped and looked to find him staring directly at my face. It was too much. I dropped forward to brace against the door and kissed him while I rode him. My breasts jiggled in his hands and he began to move with me, thrusting deeper.


I wanted to tell him I was almost there, but I was too close to speak. He reached between us pressing his thumb to my clit and I was gone. I threw myself back and placed my hands overhead. He pumped up and into me again before pleasure contorted his features and he shuddered back down. Taking several deep breaths I steadied myself and brought my arms down to brace against him.

When I looked back to find him looking straight into my eyes again, I suddenly didn’t know what to do. I'd had no business coming here. Yet here I was, straddling him in the back of a truck in the driveway, his cock still inside of me. Oddly enough, I felt a sense of comfort. I opened my mouth to speak, to offer some explanation, but it just wouldn’t come out.

“I missed you.” Was all I could say.

He didn’t say anything. Suddenly, comfort turned into unease and I lifted off of him. No longer filled with his cock I felt empty and vulnerable. I reached for my shirt but he grabbed my wrist. I stilled and turned to find him smiling.

“I missed you too.”

Friday, June 4, 2010

Panic Attacks and Chocolate

So, I've been a little overwhelemed lately. Work hasn't been bad, but it's been running away from me a little bit. I'm starting a side job, and I've put in more time in the past two weeks than I likely will have to in the average month all in the name of training.

My friends are all in personal crisis right now, most of them over things that I'd like to laugh at. Of course I don't, I'm not that mean. Regardless, there hasn't been much of a social outlet for my frustrations, and I'm going into a very busy weekend.

I've been trying to lose some weight lately. Who isn't? It's summer. But today I was really craving something sweet. We don't have much of a vending machine at work and I wasn't sure what I wanted. I rode to the grocery store on my lunch break to see what jumped out at me, and on the way I had a panic attack.

I haven't had one in a while, and they never actually happen when I'm panicking. I was in my car at a red light and the whole world sort of went side-ways for a minute. When my breathing got irregular I just focused on the road and deep even breaths. By the time I was in the parking lot of the grocery store the worse was over, but of course there's the secondary panic attack that usually comes while I'm trying to figure out why I just had a panic attack.

I went into the store, telling myself that I was fine, just a little stressed, but it was over. As I willed away the remnants of dizziness and kept myself from hyperventilaing, I found myself in the candy aisle.

Because I'd just had a panic attack I'd told myself that I could have whatever I damn well pleased. The different facets of me don't always collide well. Because now, tucked safely back at my desk, I'm staring at two candy bars, a bag of mints, and a bag of Sour Patch watermelon candy.

Oh yeah, and a diet soda.

So, the part of me that really wanted to lose another five pounds before the beach next month is angry, but the part of me that just had an unexplained panic attack wants to devour every ounce of sugar-food that's here.

The war has been waged and I've settled on the sour patch kids. The rest is tucked away in a desk drawer for the next time I have a craving... or until later this afernoon, who knows.

I'd rather have wine, but I rather like my job, so candy it will be.

Thank God it's Friday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

These things I love...

There are these things that I love....

1. Sex
2. Dark Chocolate
3. Wine
4. Long, slow, deep kisses
5. Oral Sex
6. Sultry music
7. Pizza and french fries
8. Men
9. Good Coffee
10. Sex

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Storms

It's been eighty degrees or better all day. The sun is bright and the humidity is severe. Sweat beads on my upper lip and I taste salt. Any make-up I thought to put on this morning has slid away.

Your meeting ran late, so instead of picking me up, you want me to come to your place to save time. This pisses me off...royally.

I drive the thirty minutes to your place leaving no time to put myself together. I hate the unbearable heat. My shirt is sticking to my back and I can feel the sweat running down the back of my calf.

I get caught in traffic and my mood quickly darkens. I notice that the sky has done the same. The wind kicks up, sending mulch flying into the side of my car.

Another red light. The frustration that has been building in my gut has began to work it way up into my chest. Just as the light turns green, huge droplets begin to splatter across my windshield.

Shit. I turn the wipers on, but suddenly the bottom has fallen out of the sky and all I can see in every direction is grey sheets of rain. I turn right, your place is only two blocks. Driving slowly I turn into your subdivision.

When I pull up to your house the garage is closed. I use my cell phone to call, but you don't answer. I think about laying on the car horn, but I remember that the sweet old man living next door works third shift. I wait, but you don't call back.

My umbrella is in the trunk, and it probably wouldn't help. I brace myself for the onslaught and open the door. It's less than twenty feet from here to your front door, but by the time I cross the distance my clothes and hair are plastered to my body. It's as though I literally stepped into a shower fully dressed.

I step under the tiny awning wiping the water from my face. Banging against your door I make the decision that I'm not going anywhere tonight. You can be late all by yourself.

You don't come to the door immediately so I raise my fist to bang again, but the door opens before I make contact. I catch your eyes, wide in amusement with my current state. Then I realize you look the same. Your white dress shirt is soaked through, clinging to the thin shirt beneath. You've loosened your tie and unbuttoned the neck.

I can see the hair of your chest matted beneath the cotton fabric. I remember that I am angry, and that I'm going to tell you I'm not going to this stupid event. You smile and I open my mouth to tell you to stop, but laugh instead.

You're laughing too and I realize what a sight we must be. The look in your eyes changes quickly from humor to heat. I suddenly realize that if I can see so clearly through both of your shirts, my flimsy blouse must do little for me. I get a chill, thinking about what you see, and my nipples harden beneath the wispy fabric of my bra.

Your eyes widen and your jaw goes slack. I can barely hear your ragged breath because the rain is coming down so hard just behind me. My sex is wet and my breasts ache to be touched.

I step toward you, but you step back. Suddenly I'm confused, but before I can speak you take my hand, pulling me through the house and into the back yard. Grinning, you pull me onto the back patio. There is no awning, and the rain is still coming in a downpour. Before I can speak to ask what you're doing, you've crushed your mouth down over mine.

The rain is warm, but the stifling heat of the day is gone. Your hands tangle in my hair and the kiss grows fierce. I latch onto your hips, pulling closer to the heat of your body.

Walking backwards you bring us to the corner of the small lot, where the neighbors' view is obstructed by your wooden fence. Quickly, before I can protest, you pull my blouse over my head.

Laughing, because this is absurd, I step out of my flimsy skirt and reach for your trousers. While I remove them you peel off your shirts. Falling back into the hammock, both of us laughing now, we're kissing again. The rain is still heavy, and it coats our skin.

Intertwined in the hammock our bodies strain towards each other, slick with the heat and rain. Your mouth finds its way to my neck and I'm writhing. My anger from earlier is a distant memory and I want nothing other than to touch and be touched.

I reach down to find your cock straining against your boxers. Freeing it into my wet palm I stroke and play. Your response is to find my breast through the wet fabric of my bra and bite down. I resist the urge to cry out, though I doubt I'd be heard over the pounding rain.

Your mouth comes back up to find me, but I duck my head, tasting the rain and sweat rolling from your shoulder. You groan and I can't wait anymore. I need to feel you inside of me, filling my sex with heat.

I push at your boxers and you know what I need. Quickly you draw my panties down and position me beneath you, filling me with one quick thrust. In the hammock our movements are limited so you hold my hips tight against you, allowing me to grind against your length.

Slow pulsing movements slowly build the heat in both of us as the rain continues to coat our bodies. Seeking release I wrap my legs around you and my hips undulate against you. Your hands release me to brace against the pole, letting me take my pleasure you.

Emotion contorts your face and I can feel your seed spilling into me as I shatter, my own pleasure exploding low in my belly. I wrap my arms around you tight to ride out the last waves of orgasm. Releasing your hold on the hammock, you allow us both to sink farther towards the ground.

The rain continues at a steady pulse, washing over us, mixing with our sweat and our moisture before falling to the ground. Your body is heavy on top of me, but I don't want to move. I simply want to drift off into sleep. But summer storms are over as quickly as they begin, and we'll need to be inside when the sun comes out.