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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scandalous yes, but with class people...

Occasionally I'll visit my family's church. We live far enough away that it doesn't happen as often as my mom would like but, at least once a quarter, all of her girls are present with her on the front row. My sisters and I may be grown, but somethings don't change. I like to think God appreciates our humor and is glad we have such a close relationship. Nevertheless, we try to keep our conversation and laughter contained during services so as not to disturb the not-so-appreciative.

J. leans over, "Are you judging right now? Because I'm judging right now." I'd already seen it. A family of hooch. Mama, daughters, and yes... the grandchild.

Mama's got this wild clearly not-her-natural-color red hair and is wearing some tacky leopard print. Both daughters are in minis jacked high enough for a peep show. (one had the sense to at least add some tights) One of the girls was rockin' the snookie-bump and her inch long nearly black roots were on display against the platinum blonde that she probably paid too much for. While both daughters are tiny, with small boobs, it is clear that they wish they could make their ladies pop out of their tops. The baby is precious, beautiful even. She has rosy skin and thick brown hair that is already forming ringlets. But someone put her in one of those horrible little outfits that, did it come in adult sizes, would be appropriate for a working girl.

Granted, my ladies were not hidden away in collared floral print. I personally wore a v-necked black sundress. There was cleavage, but all bra straps were covered and you couldn't see the undercurve (you know when it's cut so low you see the downward curve? I get chastised for that occasionally at family stuff). The dress was not skin tight and I added jewelry and subtle make-up. Was the youth director studying for a test on my curves? Yes. Did I appear as though God called me off of a street corner? No.

I nudged M. to ensure she also had the opportunity to pass judgment. She looked over and of course this caught my mother's attention. She scolded as though we were still kids. *grin* Who knows, maybe I'm too judgy, maybe I shouldn't have drawn any attention to it, but come on. they came to a church service dressed that way, surely they realized they were going to catch some attention. In any event, dress the baby better. She isn't old enough to decide if she wants to be trashy.

Just sayin'.

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