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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Awards!

So I was so excited to log on today and see that I'd been given TWO, count 'em, TWO blog awards!

I figured because they came on the same day I'll combine them into one post. The first was a Sexy Blog Award from Nanny at Naughty Mommy.

So I have to nominate 5 other blogs, here they are :)

1. Sex n' Fries
2. a girl's gotta have options
3. always carried away
4. The Bipolar Diva
5. Mama Still Wears Gucci

The other came from Coffee Slut and it was the Versitile Blogger Award.

The rules for this one are 1) to thank the person who gave to you. 2) Share seven things about yourself. 3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers you've recently met and who are fantastic! 4) Contact the bloggers to let them know about the award.

Wow 15 people. That's alot. I don't think I even follow that many blogs at this point. Luckily the award has been deemed flexible.

So thank you Coffee Slut!

7 things about me:
1) I'm am an incredibly picky eater. I stopped apologizing for it a year ago.
2) I love Kesha. I bought her CD, I know most of the songs, and I make no apology for it.
3) I'm late... a lot. I do apologize for that on a very regular basis.
4) I have to wear matching underwear. If I don't have panties to match a bra, I go without. (Panties, not a bra. I'm very busty!)
5) I don't put my real name on my blog, but not because I care what people think about me. I worry about how it could potentially effect some of my family memebers. When I say I'm involved in church, it's no joke, there are pastors in my family.
6) I helped a friend take some sexy pics a while back and it spurred an interest in boudior photography. I'm hoping to get into that in the near future.
7) It is my goal to finish my manuscript this year and find an agent for it.

I'll work on letting people know about the awards today, though I doubt I'll do 15. Sorry :-/

Super excited about both of these awards. Thanks Ladies!



Tabatha said...

awww thanks for the award.. i'll have to get on top of that one :) and ive wanted to do those photos too :) just havent yet!
hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Gucci Mama said...

Ooh, thank you! I'll post about it soon. ;)

I hope you finish your manuscript and find an agent; I'm anxious to read!! ;)

The Bipolar Diva said...

Thank you! I'll be posting it in the morning I think, as long as all hell doesn't break out here!